Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

this news from RiseRecords

Poison the Well Vinyl Re-Releases

Rise Records and Poison the Well are proud to announce the re-release of 'The Opposite of December' and 'Tear From The Red.'  These 2 classic albums (19 songs total) have been out of print for years and will finally get a proper re-release this summer which will include limited edition double 12" gatefold vinyl, deluxe CD and low-priced digital album. Both albums will be re-mastered as well.


Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius To Release New Album

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius' new album, THE NEXT WORLD is being released on May 24 through Steve Vai's Digital Nations and Joe's imprint D-Zone Entertainment. The band's acclaimed sound is a melodic mixture of progressive hard rock with jam band, funk, jazz, and Gypsy influences. The unique merging of these sounds can be heard on the album's fiery "Gods," the energetic power clash in "The Missing Link" and the glorious intro, "Release." The album's wide ranging instrumentals are the superfast "Road Rage" and the soulful "Ballad for Ding Bang," and the post-apocolyptic "Fleshbot." Joe & his band bend genres in the electronic/ska-inspired "Tech Support," the country rock ballad "Climbing," and the bluesy "The House Always Wins."

THE NEXT WORLD is chockful of dynamic musicianship, and creative energies of bandmates--leader Joe Deninzon on electric violin and lead vocals, French guitarist Aurelien Budynek (Cindy Blackman, Vernon Reid), bassist Jamie Bishop (The Syn, Francis Dunnery), and drummer Lucianna Padmore (praised by Modern Drummer Magazine for her “Deep grooves and serious fusion chops."

The album is dedicated to the memory of Bob Bowen, the bassist in both Stratospheerius and the Joe Deninzon Trio. Bob was killed in a bicycle accident in Manhattan in 2010. Bob's bass playing can be heard on "The House Always Wins." He was also a talented visual artist and drew the cover artwork for the album.


this is all over the place (news wise) and got to admit i like his creative ways to use vinyl.....

Will Jack White Play The First Vinyl Record In Outer Space?

Jack White has recently revealed he has an ambition to play the first ever vinyl record in outer space.

The former White Stripes man was speaking to astronaut Buzz Aldrin in a feature for Interview Magazine and told Aldrin, who was the second ever man to walk on the moon, that he is working on a "secret project" to get one of the songs on his Third Man Records label to be the "first vinyl record played in outer space".

Asked how he planned to do it, White said he was planning "to launch a balloon that carries a vinyl record player.  And figure out a way to drop the needle with all that turbulence up there and ensure that it will still play."

do balloons really get to 'outer space?'


this from our friends at VinylCollective

Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler Vinyl!

Asbestos Records is set to release Sum 41′s “All Killer No Filler” on vinyl June 15, 2012, which you can pre order now. The complete pressing is limited to 1,000 copies:

150 – Black (SOLD OUT)
300 – White (SRC Exclusive) AVAILABLE NOW!
550 – Blue (Sold OUT)

It would be a mistake to view Sum 41 as just another second-rate band cashing in on the early-'00s punk-pop boom, even if it did recruit Jerry Finn to produce All Killer No Filler. Just as Finn had done for both blink-182 and Green Day, he charges Sum 41's punk-pop with a razor-sharp edge, the sort of dynamic in-your-face sound that helps this music cross over to MTV and radio so well. Besides the notable production, a lot of credit should go to the band as well. Its songwriting is obviously more diverse here than it was a year earlier on its debut album, Half Hour of Power; for example, the group's rap and '80s metal influences rise to the surface more frequently here than on that first album and instill a fun sense of camp. "Fatlip" is perhaps the best example of how Sum 41 has made an effort to diversify the music with more than just power chords and melodic punk vocals.

Available for the first time ever on vinyl in North America, and contains the hit singles "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep"

Order HERE


interesting site, just found it today and looks like something i would like to learn more about, check it

Jubilee celebrations as Occupy movement to release ‘Folk the Banks’ album on 4 June

The upcoming Diamond Jubilee weekend is set to be a very special weekend as Occupation Records, a record label for the Occupy movement, releases its first album, Folk the Banks, with album artwork by Jamie Reid – famed for the iconic artwork of the Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save the Queen’ single released during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

The album features original and exclusive tracks from Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg, Chris T-T, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Peggy Seeger, Ryan Harvey and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger. An embeddable Folk the Banks ‘sneak peek’ is available

Jamie Reid said: “It was an honour to be asked to do this artwork for the Occupy movement. I have been involved with doing ‘protest’ visuals since the early 70′s, and I hoped with this image to incorporate ideas from this source, putting them into a modern context within the birth of a whole new form of protest and resistance, against the increasing corruption and corporate greed of current policies and economics. Learn from the past. Live in the present. Look to the future.”

With all profits from the record label donated to the Occupy movement, other artists on the Folk the Banks album include The Nightwatchman: Tom Morello, Martha Wainright, Anais Mitchell, Show of Hands, King Blues, Leon Rosselson, The Young-uns, Oysterband, Chumbawumba, Jim Moray and Eddie Morton.

Tom Morello said: “The wealthiest CEO’s reward themselves with million dollar bonuses while millions are out of work. What can we do about it? We can protest against it, fight back against it, and sing songs that do both.”

Folk the Banks will be available digitally from Bank Holiday Monday 4 June, including via the Occupation Records website on a pay what you want basis. From Wednesday 6 June, it will be in record stores across the UK on CD and on vinyl.


got a laugh with this album cover art:

TANKARD: 'A Girl Called Cerveza' Cover Artwork Unveiled

German alcoholic thrashers TANKARD will release their their 30th-anniversary album, "A Girl Called Cerveza", on July 27 via the band's new label home, Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Studio 23 in Frankfurt with producer Michael Mainx (ONKELZ, DER W, DISBELIEF, D-A-D).

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