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Artist: Albert King
Title: The Big Blues
LP 5429 - 180 GRAM VINYL LP

Standing well over six feet and weighing in at around 250 pounds, it’s no surprise that Albert King earned the nickname “The Velvet Bulldozer.” Standing on stage with his Gibson Flying V, named Lucy, King cut an imposing visual figure. After a few abortive recording attempts, King scored a #14 R&B single on King Records with “Don’t Throw Your Love on Me So Strong” in 1961. The song captured the distinctive call-and-response style between King’s voice and guitar, a direct extension of his gospel roots and it was included on his debut album, The Big Blues. Backed by a razor sharp band, which included Ike Turner on piano, King showed an authoritative command of ballads, rumbas and mid-tempo shuffles. It was a sound honed in countless club gigs, a “vivid sound” as the LP jacket rightly proclaimed. To restore this sound to its royal splendor, Sundazed sourced this reissue from the original King mono master tapes. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Record Technology, Inc. (RTI) in Camarillo, CA, this resurrected LP boasts breathtaking sound. Nothing less would have been worthy of one of the most important albums in the blues pantheon. All hail King Albert!

1. Let’s Have a Natural Ball
2. What Can I Do to Change Your Mind?
3. I Get Evil
4. Had You Told It Like It Was (It Wouldn’t Be Like It Is)
5. This Morning
6. I Walked All Night Long
7. Don’t Throw Your Love on Me So Strong
8. Travelin’ to California
9. I’ve Made Nights By Myself
10. This Funny Feeling
11. Ooh-Ee Baby
12. Dyna Flow

Also Available from Sundazed: Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign LP 5031



Artist: Freddy (Freddie) King
Title: Freddy King Goes Surfin'
LP 5423  - 180 GRAM VINYL LP

Syd Nathan, impresario of Cincinnati’s King Records, was the epitome of the old-school indie record label owner. Always hustling, Nathan regularly beat the odds to release hit after hit in multiple genres. He’d try anything if he thought it might work, or more precisely, if he thought it would make money. After issuing the hit album Let’s Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King, Syd sensed untapped potential in the LP. Inspired by the West Coast surf scene, he conjured a little marketing magic...GET A NEW COVER WITH SOME SURF KIDS! THROW SOME CROWD NOISE OVER TRACKS SO IT SOUNDS “LIVE”! CALL IT...ERR...FREDDY KING GOES SURFIN’! PRESS IT AND HAVE IT ON THE SHELVES BY NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

While it may not have happened EXACTLY like that, King Records did release the album containing the very same songs (in precisely the same running order) as Let’s Hide Away...with crowd noise dubbed over the music. And it WORKED! Fellow Lone Star blues maven Billy F. Gibbons later picked it as one of his Top Ten Favorite Blues Albums of All Time. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Record Technology, Inc. (RTI) and sourced from the original King/Federal analog tapes, Sundazed is proud to present Freddy King Goes Surfin’ in magnificent mono fidelity. Cowabunga!

1. Hide Away
2. Butterscotch
3. Sen-Sa-Shun
4. Side Tracked
5. The Stumble
6. Wash Out
7. San-Ho-Zay
8. Just Pickin’
9. Heads Up
10. In The Open
11. Out Front
12. Swooshy

Also Available from Sundazed: Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals - LP 5365 & Let’s Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King - LP 5364



Artist: The Missing Links
Title: The Missing Links LP w/ The Links Unchained EP
LP 5422  - VINYL LP + EP

Though they have different approaches, a common thread runs through Australian bands like the Saints, Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil and AC/DC: an aggressive, take-no-prisoners posture designed to grab audiences by the throat. This direct crowd–band interaction is essential on the rough-and-tumble Oz pub circuit, where if the group doesn’t deliver the goods, they’re likely to go down in a hail of lager cans. Whatever it is that puts the raw in Antipodean rawk, it’s been there from the beginning. For proof, check the wild, outrageous sounds of the Missing Links. Formed in Sydney in 1964, a series of personnel changes eventually replaced all original members, leaving vocalist Andy Anderson, guitarist Doug Ford, drummer Baden Hutchens, bassist Ian Thomas and Chris Gray on keyboards. It was this lineup that recorded the band’s 1965 debut album, The Missing Links. An instant garage punk classic, The Missing Links took the UK R&B combo model and drenched it in attitude and feedback, making contemporaries like the Troggs and the Who appear tame by comparison. The sonic guitar meltdown at the end of “You’re Drivin’ Me Insane” presages Jimmy Page’s Zeppelin liftoff by a full three years while “Wild About You” defies description, except to say it still sounds shocking nearly 50 years on.

This slice of vigorous vinyl became one of the most prized acquisitions for garage punk fans the world over, with each successive wave of Down Under musical malcontents spreading its legend. The globe-trotting team at Sundazed has now restored the album in all its magnificent MONO glory! What more could you want? Well, how about the IMPOSSIBLY rare EP, The Links Unchained, featuring four more cuts of mid-Sixties madness!?! For a limited time, Sundazed is offering both of these audacious aural artifacts in one convenient package!

1. Wild About You
2. Hobo Man
3. Bald-Headed Woman
4. Not To Bother Me
5. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
6. Some Kinda Fun
7. You’re Drivin’ Me Insane
8. Nervous Breakdown
9. Speak No Evil
10. On The Road Again
11. All I Want
12. H’tuom Tuhs

1. I’ll Go Crazy
2.Don’t Give Me No Friction
3. One More Time
4. Wooly Bully



Artist: Simo
Title: Shake It / AOH
S 257  -  7” Vinyl Single

Not long ago, Nashville-based “guitarists’ guitarist” J.D. Simo accepted an invitation from bassist Frank Swart and drummer Adam Abrashoff to join an informal jam session and, at the end of a 3-hour improvisation, SIMO was born! A power trio for the new millennium, SIMO harkens back to the days when bands built followings not online, but on stage. Together, these three master musicians conjure a sorcerous sound that assaults your senses in all the best ways and leaves you wanting more. This aural alchemy has been captured on their debut single, “Shake It” b/w “AOH.” Just listen to the urgency of “Shake It,” a track that practically COMMANDS you to get up and move! Flip the platter and marvel at players’ prowess on “AOH”! After hearing this single, two things are certain: 1) you will want to hear it again (and again), and 2) you will frantically search your local listings to see if you can catch SIMO live. They may be coming to your town, and in the meanwhile treasure this slice of timeless vinyl and tell your friends that SIMO is the cream of the new musical crop!

1. Shake It
2. AOH



Artist: The See See
Title: The Rain & the Snow / Snowdrop
S 263  - 7” Colored Vinyl Single

In the zillions of things that come across our desks here at Sundazed, occasionally there is a band that really makes our hearts pump. It is in this spirit that we can’t WAIT to tell you about The See See! Coming together in London from points across the globe, Richard Olson, Pete Greenwood, Kevin Peyok, Paulie Cobra, Phil Anderson and Sam Ferman formed The See See to pursue a personal musical vision. Young men with old souls, or at least old record collections, The See See blend the best of the past and present in a timeless psychedelic pop swirl. Recognizing them as fellow travelers, both The Raconteurs and The Brian Jonestown Massacre chose The See See to support their European tours. An incredibly prolific ensemble, they have released a series of sold-out singles and two LPs full of melodies that make you drift and bliss. As a champion of quality music, Sundazed is proud to present their debut U.S. single, “The Rain & The Snow” b/w “Snowdrops,” on beautiful 7” vinyl. A Sundazed anthology LP is coming soon, combining their finest UK releases with new tracks, but grab this single NOW and hear hear The See See!

1. The Rain & the Snow
2. Snowdrops

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Fleetwood Mac are back with Expanded and Deluxe versions of Rumours in celebration of its 35th anniversary.

The Expanded edition's three CDs include the original album and the b-side "Silver Springs," an entire disc filled with unreleased takes from the album's recording sessions, and a dozen unreleased live recordings from the group's '77 Rumours world tour. The disc of 12 unreleased live recordings from the tour features performances from concerts in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Nashville and Columbia, S.C. and includes album tracks like "The Chain," "Oh Daddy," and "Songbird" as well as "World Turning" and "Rhiannon," two tracks from the group's 1975 eponymous release. Producers have also compiled a selection of 16 unreleased recordings from the album's sessions featuring early takes of "Go Your Own Way," "I Don't Want To Know," and the popular b-side "Silver Springs" as well as several demo recordings, including one for the outtake "Planets of the Universe," plus an instrumental version of "Never Going Back Again."

The Deluxe edition of Rumours includes all of the music from expanded version, plus an additional disc of outtakes originally released in the 2004 reissue of the album. It also features a DVD of "The Rosebud Film," a 1977 documentary by Michael Collins that includes interviews, rehearsal footage, and live performances, and the album on 140-gram vinyl.

product description:

Fleetwood Mac, one of rock s most enduring, beloved and successful bands, circulate another round of Rumours with expanded and deluxe versions of the album in celebration of its 35th anniversary. Rumours made the band one of the most iconic bands of the 1970s and garnered wide critical praise, earned the Grammy® for Album of the Year, and has now sold more than 40 million copies worldwide since its 1977 debut.

Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks recorded Rumours against a backdrop personal turmoil, chronicling their raw emotions in songs like "Go Your Own Way, " "Gold Dust Woman" and "Dreams, " the latter becoming the band s first number one smash.

The deluxe edition includes the original album and the b-side "Silver Springs, " a dozen unreleased live recordings from the group s 77 world tour, an entire disc filled with unreleased takes from the album s recording sessions, an additional disc of outtakes, a DVD that features The Rosebud Film, a 1977 documentary about the album, and the album on vinyl.

The disc of 12 unreleased live recordings from the band s 1977 Rumours tour features performances from concerts in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Nashville and Columbia, S.C. The songs include album tracks like "The Chain, " "Oh Daddy" and "Songbird" as well as "World Turning" and "Rhiannon, " two tracks from the group s 1975 eponymous release.

Producers also have compiled a selection of 16 unreleased recordings from the album s sessions including early takes of "Go Your Own Way, " "I Don t Want To Know" and the popular b-side "Silver Springs. " There are also several demo recordings, including one for the outtake "Planets of the Universe, " plus an instrumental version of "Never Going Back Again. "

The deluxe edition of Rumours also features the 18-track compilation of session outtakes originally released in the 2004 reissue of the album, the original album on 140-gram vinyl, and a DVD with "The Rosebud Film. " This 1977 documentary by Michael Collins includes interviews, rehearsal footage and live performances of "World Turning, " "Rhiannon, " "Say You Love Me, " "Go Your Own Way, " "You Make Loving Fun" and "I m So Afraid."

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album cover art of the day:

Stone Sour Unveil Artwork for Upcoming Album ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2′


Record Store Day Does MIDEM


Top Five Super Bowl Halftime Show Performances


Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Can you give me a list of reasonably famous vinyl era pop stars who never had a Top 10 song?

I know of two, Jimi Hendrix and Rick James, but there are bound to be others.
—Chubby in Cancun, Mexico

DEAR CHUBBY: Yes, but who is and isn't famous is a bit too subjective, not to mention expansive.

Quantifying the research, by equating fame to record sales, narrows the scope while retaining the core of your question.

Your mention of Jimi Hendrix and Rick James is interesting in that it provides the perfect framework for the task.

Hendrix is the top-selling LP artist (1948 through 1989) to not have a Top 10 single. His highest charting single, "All Along the Watchtower," only reached No. 20. Like several others in this exclusive gathering, Jimi was far more successful with albums than singles.

Rick James is much further down on the LP sales list, far enough for there to be over 300 total names between him and Hendrix, the majority of whom had at least one Top 10 hit (not counting specialized charts).

Twixt the Hendrix-James bookends are 56 familiar stars from nearly every music genre, each one owing their success more to long-play vinyl than to the 7-inch format:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Nancy Wilson
3. Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention
4. Enoch Light and the Light Brigade
5. Elvis Costello
6. Dave Matthews Band
7. Bob Marley and the Wailers
8. Hank Williams Jr.
9. Waylon Jennings
10. B.B. King
11. Bill and Gloria Gaither
12. Black Sabbath
13. Emmylou Harris
14. Jimmy Smith
15. Bob James
16. Harry Connick Jr.
17. Poco
18. Mannheim Steamroller
19. Miles Davis
20. Iron Maiden
21. Pat Metheny
22. Lou Reed
23. Robert Goulet
24. Peter Nero
25. Crusaders (a.k.a., Jazz Crusaders)
26. Dwight Yoakam
27. Judas Priest
28. Vince Gill
29. Spyro Gyra
30. Earl Klugh
31. Herbie Mann
32. Herbie Hancock
33. Stevie Ray Vaughan
34. Emerson, Lake & Palmer
35. Jerry Vale
36. Teddy Pendergrass
37. Chet Atkins
38. Ted Nugent
39. Boston Pops Orchestra
40. Sammy Hagar
41. Leon Russell
42. Megadeth
43. Kris Kristofferson
44. John Gary
45. Charley Pride
46. John Mayall
47. Merle Haggard
48. Traffic
49. George Winston
50. Jack Jones
51. Nine Inch Nails
52. Blue Oyster Cult
53. Stephen Stills
54. Marshall Tucker Band
55. Al Jarreau
56. Robert Plant
57. David Sanborn
58. Rick James

Though not on the list of top album sellers, here are three R&B stars whose significant singles sales, without reaching the Pop Top 10, qualifies them for inclusion: Bobby Bland; Solomon Burke; and Chuck Jackson.

DEAR JERRY: I'm writing about the music in the 1969 western comedy, "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys," starring Robert Mitchum and George Kennedy.

It begins with some pretty dramatic orchestration, and some singing about "a man grown old." I have asked music stores for the theme for "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys," but was told no soundtrack record exists for that film.

If I ever hear it again, it will have to be with your help.
—Claudette Jefferson, Evansville, Ind.

DEAR CLAUDETTE: I can help, only because you said "hear it" rather than "find the record."

The actual title, "The Ballad of Marshal Flagg," makes no mention of guys, good or bad. The singer of this Ned Washington tune is Glenn Yarbrough.

While there is no soundtrack for this Warner Bros. film, I expected to at least find this cut on one of Yarbrough's records, specifically among the five he made for W.B. (1968-1971). I could not. It may not have been issued apart from the soundtrack.

However, "Marshall Flagg," Robert Mitchum's character, is easily enjoyed on YouTube. Keywords: glenn yarbrough flagg

IZ ZAT SO? From the prolific pen of lyricist Ned Washington came dozens of impressive and award-winning songs. Here is just a sampling of Ned's more memorable titles:

1932: "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You"
1932: "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"
1932: "Smoke Rings"
1933: "A Hundred Years from Today"
1938: "The Nearness of You"
1940: "When You Wish upon a Star"
1944: "Stella By Starlight"
1947: "Green Dolphin Street"
1950: "My Foolish Heart"
1952: "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)"
1954: "Hajji Baba (Persian Lament)"
1954: "The High and the Mighty"
1956: "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"
1956: "Wild Is the Wind"
1957: "The 3:10 to Yuma"
1958: "Rawhide"
1960: "The Unforgiven"
1961: "Town Without Pity"

In 1972, Ned Washington (1901-1976) was appropriately enshrined in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


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