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DEAR JERRY: Over 45 years ago, a group of us teenagers saw “The T.A.M.I. Show” in a theater, though we could never have imagined what a great experience it turned out to be. Never before had a live concert film featured so many top acts.

Decades later, I bought a video of what I thought would be the same show we saw in 1964, but it was a huge disappointment. The quality was terrible, and the Beach Boys, one of the headliners, were missing.

Will the complete film ever be available?
—Dana Gibson, Waukegan, Ill

DEAR DANA: Yes! The 1964 theatrical release of “The Collector's Edition T.A.M.I. Show - Teenage Awards Music International” is now available wherever movies are sold or rented.

In an interview given at the time of its release, earlier this year, director Steve Binder provided the story behind the previously unexplained disappearance of the Beach Boys:

“The missing link in “The T.A.M.I. Show” has always been what happened to the Beach Boys. Now I will tell you what happened to the Beach Boys.

“When we did the movie, Murray Wilson, the father of Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, was the dictatorial manager of the group. He went to producer, Bill Sargent with a demand. I guess somebody told him that when Richard Burton did “Hamlet,” also with Sargent, that Burton's contract called for, once the first run theatrical release was completed, all the negatives or prints were to be destroyed.

“Fortunately, one print was found somewhere in later years, but to everyone's knowledge at the time there were no more prints of the “Hamlet” film. Reportedly, Burton, then married to Elizabeth Taylor, kept one in their garage.

“Murray told Sargent, as soon as “The T.A.M.I. Show” goes out into distribution — there were about 2,200 prints of the movie, I was told — he wanted the Beach Boys removed from the film and from the original print.

“Sargent by that time had lost the rights to the movie, so he really had nothing to say, but somebody made the decision to honor Murray's request to Sargent and took the Beach Boys out.

“There were tons of bootlegs, and I always asked whether or not the Beach Boys were in them, and they never were.

“Then, Quentin Tarantino (I think) gave his bootleg copy to a festival called Don't Knock the Rock, which played in 2006 at the ArcLight Theater on Sunset Boulevard [Los Angeles], to a standing room only audience — and the print was terrible.

“I was told he had the Beach Boys in it, but they were not! I was terribly disappointed.

“Murray had passed on by that time, but somebody told them we not only had no idea this was going to be a cult film but it was gonna cross over into the mainstream — and we'd like the Beach Boys put back in it.

“Sargent said he couldn't do it because he no longer owned the film.

“American International, famous for all those Frankie Avalon/Annette beach films and Vincent Price horror films, controlled the distribution and they didn't want to spend the money to put the Beach Boys back in. Yet, here they are and I am thrilled to death.

“Their's is just a phenomenal performance. It's amazing how their voices blend together, as well as the genius of Brian Wilson in putting the right arrangement together to get that sound.

“Here's a funny thing: It was from Dennis Wilson that I learned about the attraction to drummers from females. When I did the “T.A.M.I. Show,” I didn't know who the stars were, other than whoever was doing the lead on a particular vocal. But there was no question, the star [on stage] of the Beach Boys was not Brian or Carl Wilson. “Not Mike Love or Al Jardine. It was Dennis. The girls were going nuts over him sittin' up there playing his drums.”

Credit the Beach Boys themselves for getting their four-song segment restored for “The Collector's Edition T.A.M.I. Show.”

In 1964, their father demanded they be removed from the print. In 2010, the group asked that Murray's arrangement be set aside, and that they be rightfully included in the film. Their wish was granted.

For assistance with this piece, our gratitude is extended to Lauren Gaffney of Shout! Factory.

IZ ZAT SO? Surprisingly, “The T.A.M.I. Show” was a free concert. Tickets were distributed to local high schools, thus ensuring a full house of screaming teens.

This spectacular event took place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, with concerts filmed on October 28 and 29, 1964. The critically acclaimed film opened two months later.

In order of appearance, here are the T.A.M.I. headliners: Chuck Berry; Gerry and the Pacemakers; Smokey Robinson and the Miracles; Marvin Gaye; Leslie Gore; Jan and Dean; the Beach Boys; Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas; Diana Ross and the Supremes; the Barbarians; James Brown; and the Rolling Stones. Everyone performed live. There was no lip-sync.

If you think the Barbarians are miscast in this otherwise star-studded package, you're right. They are the only act on the bill without a Top 50 hit to their credit.

Their inclusion came about simply because they were a group being promoted by Bill Sargent.

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Music News & Notes

Interpol Reveal New Album Cover

Following the announcement that their fourth album is scheduled for release around September, New York indie dignitaries Interpol have now completed the puzzle by unveiling the new album’s cover and tracklist.

The album, simply titled Interpol, will be graced by the cover art above, and will now drop September 7, a week prior to the previously announced date September 14, courtesy of Matador.

Interpol is available now for pre-order. Orders taken at the Matador website will receive a free, Interpol-themed poster and 45 adaptor.


Behemoth Frontman Cleared of Anti-Religious Charges

Polish black metal scary guys Behemoth have been tearing up bibles onstage for a long time, so it wasn’t too shocking when lead gurgler Adam “Nergal” Darski was formally charged back in March for insulting Roman Catholics.

The band posted the following on their MySpace page on Monday (June 28):

The District Court for Gdynia has dismissed the investigation against Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Adam Darski (pseudonym/nickname Nergal), accused of an offence against religious feelings (sec. 196 of Polish Criminal Code).

During the preparatory proceedings the defender filled the application, which was entirely accepted by the Court. The defendant’s behaviour wasn’t recognized as a crime. Moreover the Court acknowledged no causal connection/cause-and-effect relationship between Adam Darski’s behaviour and the consequence in a form of outrage of religious emotions.

The charges stemmed from an incident that occurred in September of 2007 when Nergal reportedly referred to the Catholic Church as “the most murderous cult on the planet” and tore up a copy of the bible onstage. If found guilty, Nergal would have faced up to two years in prison.


Halcyon Way unveil cover art for “Building The Towers”, designed by Travis Smith

Nightmare Records recording artist Halcyon Way have unveiled the art for their sophomore release, “Building The Towers”. The design was handled by the legendary Travis Smith, known for his work with Opeth, Nevermore, Avenged Sevenfold, Overkill, and many others. The album is due for worldwide release late Summer 2010, and the release date will be announced in the coming days. Two advance tracks from the album can be heard on the band’s MySpace page.


Ozzy Osbourne Enters Billboard Top Five With New Album,"Scream"

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has entered the Billboard Album Charts at number four with his latest studio album, "Scream." The record sold around 78,000 copies in it's first week of release, ranking Ozzy behind Eminem, Drake and Miley Cyrus in the charts. The album is now available everywhere through Epic Records.

"Scream" is Ozzy's tenth solo ablum and is his first album since 2007's, "Black Rain." He recently released the first music video off the album for the single, "Let Me Hear You Scream."




Sweeping Catalogue Initiative Overseen by Yoko Ono and EMI Music Commemorates Lennon’s 70th Birthday

Eight of John Lennon’s classic solo albums and other standout recordings have been digitally remastered from his original mixes for a global catalogue initiative commemorating the music legend’s 70th birthday, which falls on October 9.

Overseen by Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth” campaign will launch on 4 October (5 October in North America) with the worldwide release of eight remastered studio albums and several newly-compiled titles.

Double Fantasy, 1980’s GRAMMY Award winner for Album of the Year, will be presented in a newly remixed 'Stripped Down' version remixed and produced by Yoko Ono and Jack Douglas, co-producers of the original mix with John Lennon. The new stripped down version of the album comes in an expanded 2CD and digital edition pairing the new version with Lennon’s original mix, remastered.

The campaign’s other new collections include:

• A hits compilation in two editions titled Power To The People: The Hits
• A 4CD set of themed discs titled Gimme Some Truth
• A deluxe 11CD collectors box with the remastered albums, rarities, and non-album singles, titled the John Lennon Signature Box

All of the remastered albums and collections will be available on CD and for download purchase from all major digital service providers

YOKO ONO said: “In this very special year, which would have seen my husband and life partner John reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering / reissue programme will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience. By remastering 121 tracks spanning his solo career, I hope also that those who are already familiar with John’s work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition. His lyrics are as relevant today as they were when they were first written and I can think of no more apposite title for this campaign than those simple yet direct words 'Gimme Some Truth'.”

The albums have been digitally remastered from Lennon’s original mixes by Yoko Ono and a team of engineers led by Allan Rouse at EMI Music’s Abbey Road Studios in London and by George Marino at Avatar Studios in New York. All of the remastered titles will be packaged in digisleeves with replicated original album art and booklets with photos and new liner notes by noted British music journalist Paul Du Noyer. The albums to be reissued are:

• John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)
• Imagine (1971)
• Some Time In New York City (1972)
• Mind Games (1973)
• Walls and Bridges (1974)
• Rock ‘n’ Roll (1975)
• Double Fantasy Stripped Down (2010) / Double Fantasy (1980)
• Milk and Honey (1984)

YOKO ONO added: “Double Fantasy Stripped Down really allows us to focus our attention on John’s amazing vocals. Technology has advanced so much that, conversely, I wanted to use new techniques to really frame these amazing songs and John's voice as simply as possible. By stripping down some of the instrumentation the power of the songs shines through with an enhanced clarity. Double Fantasy Stripped Down will be complemented by the original album in the 2CD format. It was whilst working on the new version of this album that I was hit hardest emotionally, as this was the last album John released before his passing."

Power To The People: The Hits gathers 15 of Lennon’s most popular songs, and will be available as a 15-track single-disc and digital package, and as an Experience Edition with additional content. Both versions will be packaged in digisleeves with booklets including a new liner note essay by Du Noyer.

Gimme Some Truth, to be packaged in a slipcase with rare photos and a new liner notes essays by respected American music journalist and author, Anthony DeCurtis, presents 72 of Lennon’s solo recordings on four themed CDs:

• ‘Roots’ – John’s rock ‘n’ roll roots and influences
• ‘Working Class Hero’ – John’s socio-political songs
• ‘Woman’ – John’s love songs
• ‘Borrowed Time’ – John’s songs about life

The John Lennon Signature Box is a deluxe 11CD and digital collection of the eight remastered albums, a disc of rare and previously unreleased recordings, and an EP of Lennon’s non-album singles. The CDs will be housed in digisleeves within a deluxe box including a collectible limited edition John Lennon art print and a hardbound book featuring rare photos, artwork, collages, poetry, and new liner notes by DeCurtis.

One of the world’s most celebrated songwriters and performers of all time, John Lennon was killed at the age of 40 on December 8, 1980. Lennon has been posthumously honoured with a Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award and two special BRIT Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Music, and he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked him in the Top 5 of the magazine’s “100 Greatest Singers Of All Time” list.

In celebration of his 70th birthday on 9 October, 2010, John Lennon’s life and music will be specially feted with a variety of commemorative releases and events around the world.

This Date In Music History - June 28


Glenn Shorrock - Little River Band (1944)

Andy Scott - Sweet (1951)

Stanley Clarke (1951)

Hal Lindes - Dire Straits (1953)

Adrian Wright - Human League (1956)

Doug Sampson - Iron Maiden (1957)

Julianne Regan - All About Eve (1962)

Peter James Camell - The La's (1967)

Philip Anselmo - Pantera (1968)

Tom Drummond - Better Than Ezra (1969)

Cheryl Cole - Girls Aloud (1983)

Fantasia Barrino - American Idol winner The first time in US history a debut single had topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (2004 US #1 single "I Believe") (1984)

T-Pain (Faheem Najm) (1985)

They Are Missed:

The late Lena Horne ("Love Me Or Leave Me") was born in 1917.

Born on this day in 1943, Florence Ballard, vocals, The Supremes. She died February 21, 1976.

Soul singer singer Phyllis Hyman committed suicide in 1995 by overdosing on pentobarbital and secobarbital in her New York City apartment (age 45). She was found hours before she was scheduled to perform at the Apollo Theatre, in New York.

In 2001, legendary guitarist and producer Chet Atkins died in Nashville (age 77). Recorded over 100 albums during his career, produced records for Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Don Gibson, Jim Reeves and Waylon Jennings. Was a major influence on George Harrison and Mark Knopfler.


Twenty-five people were hospitalized after a melee at a Bill Haley concert in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1956.

The Beatles played the first of three concerts at the Nippon Budokan Hall, Japan in 1966. The concert was filmed with The Beatles wearing black suits. The following day's first performance was also filmed; with The Beatles wearing white suits. There was a strict police presence with 3,000 police observing each concert played in front of 10,000 fans.

The Supremes made the studio recording of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" in 1966.

San Francisco's Fillmore West concert hall closed in 1971.

In 1973, George Harrison knocked Paul McCartney from the top of the US singles chart with "Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth" (his second US #1 hit) .

In 1975, Cher married Greg Allman four days after her divorcing Sonny Bono, the couple split after ten days, followed by a three year on and off marriage.

Also in 1975, the Jackson Five announced that they were leaving Motown Records for Epic Records. The brothers were forced to change their name to The Jacksons since Motown owned the other name.

Police raided the home of Neil Diamond in 1976 searching for drugs, however, they found less than one ounce of marijuana. Say it ain't so!

In 1976, Stuart Goddard, (Adam Ant), placed the following ad in the classified section of the Melody Maker, 'Beat on a bass, with the B-Sides.' Andy Warren answered the ad and the pair went on to form Adam and The Ants.

Marvel Comics published a Kiss comic book with a vial of their blood mixed into the ink in 1977.

In 1978, United Artists released The Buzzcocks single "Love You More," at 1 minute 29 seconds it was the second shortest single ever released. Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs 1960 hit "Stay" was the shortest hit at one minute 28 seconds. What about "Her Majesty" by the Beatles (not sure if it was released as a single, but I believe it runs for 43 seconds)

One hit wonder Anita Ward started a two week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1979 with "Ring My Bell," also a UK #1.

In 1983, the Everly Brothers announced plans for a reunion tour, ten years after they had split up.

Huey Lewis and the News went to #1 on the US album chart in 1984 with 'Sports'.

Madonna released the album "True Blue" in 1986.

Steve Winwood released "Back in the High Life" in 1986.

New Kids On The Block started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1990 with "Step By Step," the group's third US #1 hit.

In 1990, police raided Chuck Berry's estate and seized homemade porn videos, drugs and guns.

Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam testified at a congressional hearing concerning rising concert ticket prices in 1994.

Neil Young premiered his album, "Broken Arrow" via the Internet in 1996.

An Eric Clapton & Friends concert in 1999 with Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan at NY's Madison Square Garden raised $1 million for Clapton`s drug rehab clinic in Antiqua.

In 2000, nine people were crushed to death at a Copenhagen Pearl Jam concert. People push forward because they can’t hear due to broken speakers. Vocalist Eddie Vedder tells the audience to move back but to no avail.

In 2001, Beach Boys member Al Jardine went to court in a bid to sue his former band mates, claiming he had been frozen out of the Beach Boys. The $4 million suit was filed against Mike Love, Brian Wilson, the Carl Wilson Trust and Brother Records Incorporated in a New York Superior Court. In 1998 a US judge temporarily barred Jardine from performing under the name “Beach Boys Family And Friends” after representations from Mike Love and Brother Records. Jardine lost the case in 2003.

The Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee opened in 2001.

In 2004, Kinks founder member Dave Davies was left paralysed on the right-hand side of his body after suffering a stroke. The 57-year-old guitarist and brother of fellow Kinks star Ray Davies had been promoting his solo material when he collapsed.

In 2005, the record industry said Led Zeppelin has sold 107.5 million albums in the U.S. That secures the #3 spot on the all-time list. Only The Beatles (168.5 million) and Elvis Presley (116.5 million) have done better.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are honored in an exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland in 2006. "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Thirty Years of Rock and Roll," displays the flowered shirt Petty wore for the "Free Fallin'" video and a gray jacket from his time in the Traveling Wilburys.

In 2006, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are on hand for the premiere performance of Love, the Beatles-themed Las Vegas production featuring the Cirque du Soleil troupe. At the end of the show, McCartney takes the stage and declares, "This is for John and George!"

A long lost ’64 interview with John Lennon and Paul McCartney was broadcast on the BBC in 2008. In the interview McCartney expounds on their songwriting technique. “Normally, we sit down and try and bash one out,” says The Beatles' bassist. He adds that sometimes each writes a complete song on his own – though they both take credit for it.

U2’s 2009 worldwide stadium trek in support of "No Line On The Horizon" began in Barcelona, Spain. U2 360° features an innovative in-the-round configuration. The 90,000 in attendance hear a 22-song set that includes a two song-tribute to the recently deceased Michael Jackson. "We wrote this one for Billie Holiday but we are going to play it tonight for Michael Jackson," says Bono before the group performs “Angel Of Harlem.” "Unspeakable talent, that's all there is to say, really," concludes the singer. "Angel" morphs into Jackson hits "Man In The Mirror" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough."

Music licensing agency, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), determined in 2009 that Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was the most played song at NFL (football), MLB (baseball) and NHL (hockey) games during the previous 12-month period.