Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Beatles Story LP

I recently answered an email question as to the worth of the album called "The Beatles Story" from 1964. Apparently this record album set is still sealed. There are a few versions of this album (2-album set) and the one in question was STBO-2222. Now if you have this set in "monaural" it could be worth from $300-500 depending on condition. But if you have STBO-2222 in stereo/black label and it does NOT have "Subsidary of Capitol Industries" at the bottom, the set could be worth from $800-$1,200 again depending on the condition.

The Beatles have so many variables when trying to ascertain a price, it is best to make sure you check all of these (i.e.- color of label, year of release, record label, specific writing on the record label, and other factors) before putting a price on your record(s).