Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mr. Completely .....complete mastery!

As previously mentioned, I write band bio's for indie bands for http://www.ilike2rock.net and I have hit the jackpot...I actually have spent a very enjoyable afternoon with a splendid band from Canada called Mr. Completely. Check them out ASAP at: http://www.ilike2rock.net/bands/m/mr_completely.html

Mr. Completely

Hailing from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada, the aptly named dynamic rock and roll band, Mr. Completely adeptly mix classic rock/pop sounds with a blues swagger on their consistently inventive CD “Twice On Sundays.”

With songs like the classic rock sound of “Walk Away,” an everyman song of love gone bad that anyone can relate to (blended with a rootsy refrain we have all felt) that is set smartly to a melodic accompaniment, a funky riff and lead singer’s Jamie Robertson’s distinctive voice, the cut has all the elements of a hit single.

Another moving cut is the stripped down acoustics that evolve with musical emotion as the lyrics tell the story of the song “Without Warning.” The authorative singing of “Never Be The One,” with its wish-like lyrics echoed by emotional guitar work, is powerful and expressive.

Robertson is quoted as saying, “music fills my soul with energy” and he proves this with the slowed down acoustic precision of the cut, “Before Too Long,” an expressive song that says all the things you wish you could say-or should have said, accompanied by an intoxicating melody and a lead guitar that expresses the lyrics elegantly and with a keen passion.

Other cuts like “Rich Man Poor Man,” a heavy blues-rocker with sophisticated guitar work reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan (funky, rhythmic and lead). The straight up, no frills harmonic sound of “Never See You Again,” only tells you that the best is yet to come from Mr. Completely, because as the name implies, all four members are complete musicians and play not only from the heart and soul, but with immeasurable passion that a listener can actually feel within their music. That means, they get it, and are experts at passing it along (the music can give the chills). It would be a shame for you to miss out on their musical mastery.

Mr. Completely are:

Jamie Robertson - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Richard Spencer - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rod Campbell - Drums/Vocals
George Milutinovic - Bass

Stop By For A Visit: http://www.mrcompletely.ca/