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Ask Mr, Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: In the 1950s and '60s, I usually bought my favorite records as soon as I became aware of them. As a result, I have a number of hit songs on independent labels, that made it big after being picked up by a bigger company.

Will you list some examples of generally unknown first labels and the ones on which they sold well nationally, with values?
—Kim Zumwalt, Boise, Idaho

DEAR KIM: You got it! By setting the minimum value for first label discs at $100 leaves us with a manageable total of about 80 entries. Otherwise, there are too many to complete by my deadline.

Not included are labels having original versions that are not the same recording as the hit. For example, “Only You,” by the Platters, on Federal is not the same track as the Mercury hit, and does not qualify here.

Alphabetically by artist, here is the title, year, first issue, and value, followed by the commercial first pressing 45 for the hit label:

Lee Andrews and the Hearts “Long Lonely Nights” (1957): Main Line ($750) / Chess 1665 ($30)
Lee Andrews and the Hearts “Tear Drops” (1957): Argo 1000 ($500) / Chess 1675 ($25) (Argo value is only for the 78 single.)
Lee Andrews and the Hearts “Try the Impossible” (1958): Casino 452 ($600) / United Artists ($25)
Beach Boys “Surfin” (1961): X 301 ($700) / Candix 301 ($200)
Belmonts “Tell Me Why” (1961): Surprise 1000 ($100) / Sabrina 500 ($20)
Rod Bernard and the Twisters “This Should Go on Forever” (1958): Jin 105 ($100) / Argo 5327 ($40)
Big Bopper “Chantilly Lace” (1958): D 1008 ($200) / Mercury 71343 ($30)
Jimmy Bowen with the Orchids “I'm Stickin' with You” (1957): Triple-D 797 ($2,000) / Roulette 4001 ($35) (For the other side of the Triple-D single (“Party Doll”), see Buddy Knox with the Orchids)
Jan Bradley “Mama Didn't Lie” (1962): Formal 1044 ($200) / Chess 1845 ($25)
Jerry Butler and the Impressions “For Your Precious Love” (1958): Vee Jay 280 ($5,000) / Abner 1013 ($100)
Capris “There's a Moon Out Tonight” (1959): Planet 1010 ($1,300) / (1961) Old Town 1094 ($40)
Bruce Channel “Hey! Baby” (1961): Le Cam 953 ($100) / Smash 1731 ($15)
Lou Christie “The Gypsy Cried” (1962): C and C 102 ($175) / Roulette 4457 ($25)
Sanford Clark “The Fool” (1956): MCI 1003 ($200) / Dot 15481 ($30)
Cupids “Brenda” (1963): Aanko 1002 ($250) / KC 115 ($50)
Danleers “One Summer Night” (1958): Amp 3 Records 2115 ($100) / Mercury 71322 ($25) (Amp 3 mistakenly credits the Dandleers)
Danny and the Juniors “At the Hop” (1957): Singular 711 ($500) / ABC-Paramount 9871 ($40)
Dell-Vikings “Come Go with Me” (1956): Fee Bee 205 ($450) / (1957): Dot 15538 ($40)
Del Vikings Feat. Krips Johnson “Whispering Bells” (1957): Fee Bee 214 ($800) / Dot 15538 ($30)
Duals “Stick Shift” (1961): Star Revue 1031 ($350) / Sue 745 ($45)
Dubs “Don't Ask Me to Be Lonely” (1957): Johnson 102 ($700) / Gone 5002 ($100)
Edsels "Lama Rama Ding Dong" (1958): Dub 2843 ($125) / Twin 700, in 1961 as "Rama Lama Ding Dong" ($25)
Scott English “High on a Hill” (1963): Sultan 4003 ($100) / Spokane (4003)
Falcons “You're So Fine” (1959): Flick 001 ($350) / Unart 2013 ($40)
Five Satins “In the Still of the Nite” (1956): Standord 100 ($500) / Ember 1005 ($50)
Fleetwoods “Come Softly to Me” (1959): Dolphin 1 ($100) / Dolton 1 ($25)
Frogmen “Underwater” (1961): Scott 101 ($250) / Candix 314 ($40)
Bobby Fuller “I Fought the Law” (1964): Exeter 124 ($250) / (1965): Mustang 3014, as by Bobby Fuller Four ($30)
Gallahads "Lonely Guy" (1960): Donna 1322 ($250) / Del-Fi 4137 ($25)
Gentrys “Keep on Dancing” (1965): Youngstown 601 ($125) / MGM 13379 ($15)
James Gilreath “Little Band of Gold” (1963): Statue 600 ($225) / Joy 274 ($15)
Larry Hall “Sandy” (1959): Ever Green 1001 ($150) / Strand 25007 ($25)
Heartbeats "A Thousand Miles Away" (1956): Hull 720 ($300) / Rama 216 ($100)
Jill & Ray “Hey Paula” (1962): Le Cam 979 ($100) / Philips 40084, as Paul & Paula ($10)
Marv Johnson “Come to Me” (1959): Tamla 101 ($250) / United Artists 160 ($25)
Carole King “It Might As Well Rain Until September” (1962): Companion 2000 ($100) / Dimension 2000 ($20)
Kingsmen “Louie Louie” (1963): Jerden 712 ($150) / Wand 143 ($40)
Buddy Knox with the Orchids "Party Doll" (1957): Triple-D 797 ($2,000) / Roulette 4002 ($35)
Matt Lucas “I'm Movin On” (1963): Renay 304 ($100) / Smash 1813 ($15)
Robin Luke “Susie Darlin'” (1958): International 206 ($350) / Dot 15781 ($35) (International value doubles if with picture sleeve)
Mello-Tones "Rosie Lee" (1957): Fascination 1001 ($400) / Gee 1037 ($50)
Miracles Featuring Bill Smokey Robinson “Bad Girl” (1959): Motown G1 ($5,000) / Chess 1734, as “The Miracles” ($75)
Monotones “Book of Love” (1958): Mascot 124 ($500) / Argo 5290 ($40)
O'Kaysions “Girl Watcher” (1966): North State 1001 ($100) / ABC 11094 ($10)
(North State value doubles if with picture sleeve)
Pastels “Been So Long” (1957): Mascot 123 ($600) / (1958): Argo 5287 ($35)
Pentagons “To Be Loved” (1960): Fleet International 100 ($125) / Donna 1337 ($40)
Phil Phillips with the Twilights “Sea of Love” (1959): Khoury's 711 ($600) / Mercury 71465 ($30)
Pips “Every Beat of My Heart” (1961): HunTom 2510 ($800) / Vee Jay 386 ($20)
Playboys “Over the Weekend” (Martinique)
? (Question Mark) & Mysterians “96 Tears” (1966): Pa-Go-Go 102 ($700) / Cameo 428 ($30)
Quin-Tones “Down the Aisle of Love” (1958): Red Top 108 ($100) / Hunt 321 ($60)
Rays “Shilouettes” (1957): XYZ 102 ($125) / Cameo 117 ($25)
Rebels “Wild Weekend” (1960): Mar Lee 0094 ($125) / (1962) Swan 4125, as Rockin' Rebels ($25)
Regents "Barbara-Ann" (1961): Cousins 1002 ($400) / Gee 1065 ($35)
Rick & the Keens “Peanuts” (1961): Austin 303 ($100) / Smash 1705 ($20)
Robins “Smokey Joe's Cafe” (1955): Spark 122 ($200) / Atco 6059 ($50)
Rock-A-Teens “Woo-Hoo” (1959): Doran 3515 ($100) / Roulette 4192 ($40)
Royal Teens “Short Shorts” (1957): Power 215 ($125) / ABC-Paramount 9882 ($30)
Rumblers “Boss” (1962): Downey 103 ($125) / Dot 16421 ($20)
Sam the Sham & Pharaohs “Wooly Bully” (1965): XL 906 ($225) / MGM 13322 ($30)
Shields “You Cheated” (1958): Tender 513 ($200) / Dot 15805 ($25)
Shirelles “I Met Him on a Sunday” (1957): Tiara 6112 ($500) / Decca 30508 ($35)
Troy Shondell “This Time” (1961): Goldcreast 161 ($100) / Liberty 55353 ($15)
Silhouettes “Get a Job” (1957): Junior 391 ($450) / (1958) Ember 1029 ($50)
Spaniels “Baby, It's You” (1953): Vee-Jay 101 ($600) / Chance 1141 ($250)
Strawberry Alarm Clock “Incense and Peppermints” (1967): All-American 373 ($175) / Uni 55018 ($15)
Students “I'm So Young” (1958): Note 10019 ($750) / (1961): Argo 5386 ($20)
Surfaris “Wipe-Out” (1963): DFS 11 ($4,000) / Dot 16479 ($40)
Carla Thomas “Gee Whiz” (1960): Satellite 104 ($100) / Atlantic 2086, as “Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)” ($20)
Tico and the Triumphs “Motorcycle” (1961): Madison 169 ($100) / Amy 835 ($50)(Written and sung by Paul Simon.)
Bobby Vee and the Shadows “Suzie Baby” (1959): Soma 1110 ($100) / Liberty 55208 ($25)
Ventures “Walk-Don't Run” (1959): Blue Horizon 101 ($1,000) / Dolton 25 ($40)
Virtues “Guitar Boogie Shuffle” (1958): Sure 501 / (1959) Hunt 324
J. Frank Wilson “Last Kiss” (1964): Tamara 761 ($100) / Josie 923, as J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers ($10)
Link Wray and the Raymen “Jack the Ripper” (1961): Rumble 1000 ($275) / (1963) Swan 4137 ($35)
Rusty York “Sugaree” (1959): P.J. 100 ($100) / Chess 1730 ($30)

This is what I came up with on fairly short notice; however, we'd love to add more to the list. Please do not be concerned as to what does or does not fit the parameters (when issued, value, different versions, etc.), we'll research all of that. Just send an e-mail.

IZ ZAT SO? Though not a commercial issues, special colored vinyl singles exist of these two singles:

Jerry Butler and the Impressions “For Your Precious Love” (Vee Jay 354) silver vinyl: $1,000
Robin Luke “Susie Darlin'” (Dot 15781) red vinyl: $1,500

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column. Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368 E-mail:   Visit his Web site:  

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2011 Osborne Enterprises- Reprinted By Exclusive Permission

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

in central illinois, some great news, a new record store has opened!

Vinyl records making a comeback

Bad Kitty Vintage Vinyl opens

By Lainie Steelman The McDonough County Voice

Macomb, Ill. - Long before the digital age and the iPod, buying music was a tangible and visual experience: flipping through stacks of vinyl LPs, admiring the art on an album cover, placing a record on a turntable. The old-fashioned record store also provided a place for music fans to gather, converse and listen together.

John Gorlewski, of Macomb, is looking to revive the experience of buying a vinyl record and on Nov. 26 he opened Bad Kitty Vintage Vinyl at 233 E. Carroll St.

A collector and online dealer of vinyl records for the past 10 years, Gorlewski, who has a day job at Western Illinois University’s admissions office, moved to Macomb several years ago from Chicago.

Read the rest at


interesting video and story - hang in there, vinyl 's coming back!!

Bills Records Refuses to Shut Down Despite Dismal Music Sales

Store Remains One of North Texas Last Vinyl Record Retailers

Before iTunes, if you wanted to get your hands on Lady Gaga’s latest single, you would’ve had to actually go to the store and buy it.

Those days may be over, but one Dallas institution is refusing to close its doors.

Bills Records first opened a super store in North Dallas back in 1981. They’ve been in a smaller location on South Lamar for the past 4.5 years. Bill says his music sale are horrible, but he’s still holding on.

See the video and the rest of the story HERE


making the rounds lately

Unreleased Metallica Song "Hate Train"

An unreleased track from the 'Death Magnetic' sessions has just surfaced on the web. A rough mix of the song was originally sent to Metallica fan club members via email. Metallica performed the track at the Fillmore in San Francisco on December 5, 2011 as part of a week long celebration of the band's 30th Anniversary.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Laura Nyro, Small Faces/Faces & Donovan Are In!

Athough the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame originally had intended that they would announce the inductees on December 15; the list was released early to the public. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 14th 2012 and will be broadcast live on HBO. Nominated this year, but not making the cut were the Cure, Eric B. & Rakim, Heart, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan and the Spinners.

This year's inductees are:

* Beastie Boys
* Donovan
* Guns N' Roses
* Laura Nyro
* Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Small Faces/Faces


Neurosis Reissuing Seminal LPs On Vinyl

On February 14, 2012, Neurosis will be reissuing 1992’s groundbreaking 'Soul At Zero' and 1993’s classic 'Enemy of the Sun,' both via Relapse Records. Available on LP for the first time in nearly two decades and for the first time ever in their full form on vinyl. The influence that both of these albums had over the entire world of heavy music cannot possibly be overstated.

These are ESSENTIAL for anyone who owns a turntable and considers themselves to be a fan of heavy music. Fully remastered and presented with newly expanded artwork, both LPs will be available in multiple vinyl colorways. The initial pressing for ‘Souls At Zero’ will be 1000 180 gram black 2XLPs and 1000 180 gram grey marble 2XLPs and the initial pressing of ‘Enemy Of The Sun’ will be 1000 180 gram black 2XLPs and 1000 180 gram red/black marble 2XLPs.

Pre-order your copies HERE


Rush Rush to Fix Production Flaws

Fans gobbled up the release of three Rush box sets, but it turns out that there is a problem with discs in both the Sector 1 and Sector 2 boxes. Issued just last month, the ‘Sector’ series contains remastered editions of the band’s entire Mercury Records catalog. Sector 1 features the band’s first 4 studio albums as well as the classic live recording ‘All The World’s A Stage’. Sector 2 covers all the ground from 1977 through 1981, including the landmark breakthrough ‘Moving Pictures’, while Sector 3 wraps things up from ‘Signals’ up through their 3rd live release,’A Show Of Hands.'

A statement issued on the band’s website states:

“We are aware of some slight technical issues surrounding the CD of ‘Fly By Night’ inside the Sector 1 box set release and the DVD for ‘A Farewell To Kings’ inside the Sector 2 box set that some fans are experiencing. It stems from a production flaw and it is currently being addressed. As soon as production is completed a formal announcement of how to replace the discs will follow shortly. Please be aware that there may be a time delay in shipping and receiving the disc and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience – Geddy, Alex & Neil”

cool that they are going to make it right!


been a long time since i heard this guy's name, should be interesting.....

Mitch Ryder to Release First New Studio Album in 28 Years

Mitch Ryder, the man who put Detroit on the rock-and-roll map, is about to release his first new studio album in the U.S. since 1983.

The Promise, due out February 13, 2012 on his own Michigan Broadcasting Corporation label, finds him in prime form. The disc’s dozen tracks feature eleven full-bodied originals plus a live cover for the Motown classic What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.

Read more at our friends at


intriguing cover art:

Lvcifyre New Album Coming In January

London chaos-horde Lvcifyre will unleash the debut full-length, "The Calling Depths," via Pulverised on January 2nd, 2012. The effort was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Poland’s Factory Studio and features album art by Alexander L. Brown (Mitochondrion, Corpsessed, Witchrist, Wodensthrone, etc). Said the band in a collective statement:

“LVCIFYRE raises a black flag salute to the ancient powers of Chaos! Our creation is a scream heard in the deep abyss!”


AKPHAEZYA Unveil Cover Artwork

French avantgarde metallers AKPHAEZYA have unveiled the cover artwork for their brand new album Anthology IV: The Tragedy Of Nerak,' which is scheduled to be released March 2012 on Code666.

The album was recorded and mixed by Sylvain Biguet (KLONE, TREPALIUM, COMITY) and mastered by Brian "Big bass" Gardner (DOWN, LAMB OF GOD, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE). The album was also produced and directed by Stephan H. (N-VOX).

The artwork was created by Laurent Box.


an artistic look at some album cover art (some i have not seen before)

30 Offbeat Albums’ Artistic Covers


i see the usual suspects, but there are a couple i haven't seen, so for shits and giggles (and to be reminded of just how silly some of the cover art was) check out for

40 Worst Album Covers of All Time


this is a cool freaking idea, but what's next, paint by number album covers?

Iconic heavy metal album covers turned into coloring book for kids

German artist Christopher Tauber created this fantastic heavy metal children’s coloring book just in time for the holidays.


Jimi Hendrix Memorial Park Opens Next Year

The Jimi Hendrix Park is set to open in Seattle in 2012. The 2.5 acre park will honour the city's former resident and the park will be shaped like a guitar. It will also contain "lyrical stepping stones, rain drums, a sculpted butterfly garden, performance area, sound garden and a green space" as well as a fretboard shaped bridge. The park is slated to open in 2012, to coincide with what would have been Hendrix’s 70th birthday.

Jimi Hendrix died aged 27 in 1970 in London.


i have many fond memories of this man and how he brought, what was then, mainstream music to our TV sets:

Legendary Music Impresario and Star Maker DON KIRSHNER Will Be Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary and iconic music impresario Don Kirshner, who passed away on January 17, 2011, was posthumously selected today for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Don Kirshner will receive The Ahmet Ertegun Award, a non-performer classification that in the past has been awarded to Clive Davis, Berry Gordy Jr. and David Geffen.

Kirshner was the Chief Creative Officer at ROCKRENA, the parent company of at the time of his death, a company he helped shape with noted entrepreneur and promoter Jack Wishna and the legendary performer Michael Jackson.

Jack Wishna, CEO of Rockrena, called Kirshner "one of Rock and Roll's greatest treasures" and noted that he was a "giant among his contemporaries, unwavering in his commitment to talent and excellence."

"While we will miss him and his quick wit and infectious laugh, his footprint on and the world of music will remain forever. We are so happy for his wife Sheila and his family that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes our friend and partner with this incredible honor," Wishna added

A widely respected music icon, Don Kirshner is synonymous with Rock and Roll, having started the careers of more Rock and Roll bands and vocalists then anyone on the planet. Don Kirshner was named by Time Magazine "The Man With The Golden Ear."

Don Kirshner promoted, discovered, or produced Olivia Newton-John, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Phil Collins, Abba, Heart, Queen, Kiss, Cher, Elton John, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and The Who.

"Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" ran for ten years on ABC and featured for the first time artists that Kirshner helped launch, such as Prince, Ozzy Osbourne, Lionel Richie and The Eagles, among others. "Perhaps Kirshner's most formidable asset was a discerning eye and ear for talent," added Ron Dante, an early protege of Kirshner and currently Executive Director, Talent Acquisition for


this is just the right thing to do, i applaud all involved!

UNITED ROCKERS 4U To Release 'One Family' Single To Benefit The American Red Cross

An all-star lineup of musicians has come together under the banner UNITED ROCKERS 4U to record a heartfelt song called "One Family" that will benefit the American Red Cross.

UNITED ROCKERS 4U includes the following artsits:

* Eddie Money
* Bobby Kimball (TOTO)
* Jimi Jamison (SURVIVOR)
* Don Dokken (DOKKEN)
* Terry Ilous (GREAT WHITE, XYZ)
* Phil Lewis (L.A. GUNS)
* Richie Kotzen (POISON, MR. BIG)
* Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT)
* Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol)
* Jeff Paris (hit songwriter for MR. BIG, VIXEN, LITA FORD)
* Robert Sarzo (HURRICANE)

Get more information at our friends at Blabbermouth


lovely colors and art!

EARTH Announces New Album Details

The second half of Seattle drone icons EARTH's "Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light" is being prepared for release on Southern Lord in North America this February 14 on CD, LP and digital download formats.

Recorded in the same two-week session as 2011's lauded "Angels Of Darkness, Demons of Light I" by Stuart Hallerman at Avast and mastered by Mell Detmer, "Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II" carries on in the freely and folkloric vein of the last release and invokes even more improvisational and unrestrained energy than its predecessor.

Read the rest at at Blabbermouth


album cover art of the day:

XANDRIA: 'Neverworld's End' Track Listing Revealed

German female-fronted symphonic metallers XANDRIA will release their new studio album, "Neverworld's End", via Napalm Records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy: February 24, 2012
Spain, Finland, Sweden: February 22, 2012
Rest of Europe: February 27, 2012
USA, Canada: March 6, 2012

Read more and get the tracklist at Blabbermouth


Two Undiscovered Christmas Songs Recorded in 1981 by the Late Famed Clarence Clemons Arrive Just in Time for the 2011 Holiday Season

"I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead" -- Clarence Clemons

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Two newly discovered Christmas songs recorded in 1981 by the late great saxophonist Clarence Clemons have arrived just in time for the holidays. The special CD entitled There's Still Christmas features Clarence singing tenderhearted lead vocals on the poignant title track "There's Still Christmas" (co-written by Dennis Bourke and the late Stevie Betts), while the second track showcases the Big Man on sax on the holiday classic "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)." There's Still Christmas (Oceangate Records) is currently available on iTunes, and all premium online download destinations as well as through the websites or

Producers Dennis Bourke and Jim Nuzzo helmed the recording session that produced the two never-before-released tracks. Armed with the support of the Clarence Clemons Trust and his son Clarence Clemons III (a.k.a. Nick Clemons), the producers are honored to be a part of this celebrated legacy with this unique release. Bourke and Nuzzo recall, "We were blessed to have the opportunity to share some time with Clarence and record these marvelous Christmas tunes. He poured himself into the project, wearing Santa gear and capturing the essence of the season.

"With his passing in June 2011, we were all saddened to lose this American rock icon. One of the beauties of recorded music is its eternal power to play on long after the artist is physically gone. Clarence has a parting Christmas gift to us all with these soon-to-be holiday classics. Open up your hearts and listen to the Big Man say Merry Christmas to the world."

The Nick Clemons Band recently headlined the sold-out "Clarence Clemons Christmas Songs" CD release party held at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park on November 18, and will make two special appearances at the legendary Stone Pony, with a Christmas concert on Friday, Dec. 23, and the "Light Of Day" tribute concert for the "Asbury Angels" honoring the musicians and other members of the Asbury Park music scene who have passed on in recent years on Friday, January 13. Honorees include Clarence Clemons, Danny Federici, Kevin Kavanaugh, Donnie Bertleson and John Luraschi.

Best known for his contributions to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Clarence Clemons recorded with many other artists including Jackson Browne, Aretha Franklin and most recently Lady Gaga and released a number of solo musical projects over his illustrious career.


a man with true soul.....

Dobie Gray (1940 - 2011)

Dobie Gray, the man who scored an enduring hit in 1973 with Drift Away, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 71.



GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 11/28 - 12/04, 2011

Vinyl Top 25:

1. The Civil Wars - Tracks In The Snow 10"
2. She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas LP
3. Amos Lee - Live At Grimey's 7"
4. Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas LP
5. Brendan Benson - Upstairs At United 12"
6. The Rolling Stones - No Spare Parts 7"
7. Tom Petty - Kiss My Amps LP
8. Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire LP
9. Smashing Pumpkins - Gish LP
10. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream LP
11. Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel 7"
12. Phish - Party Time LP
13. The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow LP
14. Phish - The White Tape LP
15. The Features - The Wilderness LP
16. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Soul Time! LP
17. Feist - Metals LP
18. Bon Iver - Bon Iver LP
19. Gorillaz - Singles Collection 2001-2011 LP
20. Tom Waits - Bad As Me LP
21. The Beatles - 7-Inch Singles box
22. Bob Dylan - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window 7" box
23. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto LP
24. PUJOL - Nasty Brutish & Short 10"
25. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago LP


in music history for december 7th:

In 1842, the New York Philharmonic gave its first concert.

In 1954, Marty Robbins becomes the first major artist to cover an Elvis Presley tune when he records the Arthur Crudup composition "That's All Right" for Columbia Records. Robbins' effort will pay off in a Top Ten hit on the Billboard Country chart.

In 1962, the Rolling Stones auditioned bassists including Bill Wyman

In 1963, the Beatles’ second album With the Beatles started a 21-week run at #1 on the UK album chart. It replaced their first album 'Please Please Me,' which had been at the top of the charts since its release 30 weeks previously.

In 1963, "Dominique" by The Singing Nun was the number one record in North America, edging out The Kingsmen's "Louie, Louie". The song would eventually sell over 1.5 million copies and win a Grammy Award for the year's best Gospel song. Her given name was Jeanine Deckers and she would leave the convent in 1967 before taking her final vows, partly to pursue a recording career, but never repeated her earlier success. In 1985, the center for autistic children in Belgium that she helped to found had closed due to lack of funds. In despair over this failure, the 51 year old Deckers and her friend Annie Pescher committed suicide.

Also in 1963, the Beatles appear on a UK show called Juke Box Jury, where host David Jacobs presided over a panel of four celebrities who rendered their judgments on the latest Pop record releases. John, Paul, Ringo and George turned thumbs down on Bobby Vinton's "There, I've Said It Again", which was currently number one in the US. They predicted that Elvis Presley's "Kiss Me Quick" would be a hit, but it stalled at #34 in America the following summer.

In 1963, the Murmaids, an Los Angeles teenage trio consisting of sisters Carol and Terry Fischer along with Sally Gordon, enter the Billboard chart with "Popsicles and Icicles", which will rise to #3.

In 1967, Otis Redding went into the studio to record “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” The song went on to be his biggest hit. Redding didn’t see its release; he was killed three days later in a plane crash.

In 1967, the Beatles' Apple boutique opened in London. It closed seven months later and all the goods were given away free to passers by.

In 1968, Eric Burdon announced he would break-up the Animals after a December 22 concert at Newcastle City Hall. His intention was to go to California and start an acting career.

In 1968, although its real name is "The Beatles", the LP that fans call "The White Album" tops the UK chart. The effort marks the first time that John, Paul, Ringo and George worked separately on different tracks.

In 1971, Paul McCartney's new band, Wings, released their first album 'Wild Life.'

In 1974, Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" led the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold, eventually selling 11 million copies. Oddly enough, the song was recorded in just 10 minutes and started out as a B-side. His follow-ups, "Dance The Kung Fu" and "Blue Eyed Soul" would be a total flops and Douglas would be relegated to "one-hit-wonder" status. After leaving the music business, he started a publishing company that coordinates films, documentaries, and advertisements.

In 1974, Barry Manilow's first hit, "Mandy" enters the US chart on its way to number one. The song was originally written by Scott English and Richard Kerr as "Brandy", but was changed by Manilow when a group called Looking Glass had a hit with that title six months before. Manilow's version reached #11 in the UK.

In 1976, Bob Seger's fortunes are about to change when he releases the LP "Night Moves". The record would turn out to be his breakthrough album and took him from being a local Detroit favorite to an internationally known Rock star. "Night Moves" reached #8 on the US album chart and sold over 5 million copies.

In 1977, Peter Goldmark, developer of the LP (long playing) 33 1/3 rpm record and the first commercial color television system, was killed in a car accident at the age of 71.

In 1984, Michael Jackson testified in Chicago, IL, that he wrote the song "The Girl is Mine," not an Illinois man. Jackson won the case.

In 1987, the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal by a Kentucky teacher who had been fired for showing the film Pink Floyd - The Wall to a group of grade 9 to 11 students on the final day of school. what torture!!

Also in 1987, Richard Taylor of the R&B vocal group, the Manhattans, died at the age of 47.

In 1987, in New York City, Bruce Springsteen, Judy Collins, and Paul Simon, were among those who took the stage at Carnegie Hall to pay tribute to Harry Chapin on what would have been his 45th birthday. That same day, Chapin posthumously received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his work in fighting hunger.

In 1990, 52 year old Dee Clark, most often remembered for his 1961 million-seller, "Raindrops", passed away following a heart attack. The singer, born Delectus Clark, could never match the success of "Raindrops" and as The British Invasion arrived, his career took a downward spiral. By the 1980s he was performing on the oldies circuit and spent some time living in a welfare hotel in Toccoa, Georgia. Although he had suffering a stroke in 1987 that left him partially paralyzed and with a mild speech impediment, he continued to perform until his death.

In 1991, George Michael and Elton John were at #1 in the U.K. with a live version of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” (a hit for Elton in 1974). All proceeds from the hit went to AIDS charities.

In 1991, 'Achtung Baby' by U2 debuted at #1 on Billboard's pop albums chart.

In 1992, Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged EP became the first Sony Minidisc to be released in the U.S.

In 1993, Guns N' Roses announced they would keep the tune written by Charles Manson "Look At Your Game, Girl" on their album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" The decision to keep the song came when the band learned that the royalties would go to the son of one of Manson's victims.

In 1999, the Recording Industry Association of America launches a lawsuit against the on-line, file sharing company Napster, seeking $100,000 in damages for each song copied.

In 2003, Britney Spears was at #1 on the US album chart with 'In the Zone,' the singer’s fourth US #1 album. The singer broke her own record from being the first female artist to have three albums enter the US chart at #1 to being the first female artist to have four albums enter at #1 consecutively.

In 2005, the MBE medal that John Lennon returned to the Queen was found in a royal vault at St. James’ Palace. Lennon returned his medal in November 1969 with a letter accompanying saying, “Your Majesty, I am returning my MBE as a protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against Cold Turky [sic] slipping down the charts. With Love, John Lennon.” Historians were calling for the medal to be put on public display.

In 2008, Dennis Yost, lead singer of the 1960s Soft Rock group, The Classics IV, died of respiratory failure at the age of 65. He had been in a nursing home since suffering a brain injury in a 2005 fall. The Classics IV's hits included "Spooky", "Stormy" and "Traces of Love".

birthdays today include (among others): Tom Waits (62), Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz) (57), Craig Scanlon (Fall) (51), Dominic Howard (Muse) (34) and Tim Butler (Psychedelic Furs) (53)