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Produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, the soundtrack to the film Natural Born Killers (1994) was a downright smash in youngster's music tastes of the era. On his approach to compiling the soundtrack, Reznor told MTV: "I suggested to Oliver [Stone] to try to turn the soundtrack into a collage-of-sound, kind of the way the movie used music: make edits, add dialog, and make it something interesting, rather than a bunch of previously released music."

Some songs were written especially for the film or soundtrack, such as "Burn" by Nine Inch Nails. Other songs featured are by artists like Patti Smith, Cowboy Junkies, Leonard Cohen, Jane's Addiction, Dr. Dre and Juliette Lewis. The album has sold 500,000 copies in the United States, making it a Gold record.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • First pressing of 2000 numbered copies on blood red vinyl
  • At The Movies release: packed in sturdy Collector's PVC bag


This triple vinyl package includes the complete sessions that The Animals recorded with producer Mickie Most in 1964 and 1965. The 40 songs capture the band at their peak, including most of their best and biggest hits: "House of the Rising Sun", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", "Bring It on Home To Me", "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", "I'm Crying", "It's My Life" and "Boom Boom."

Many of these songs are covers of vintage R&B/rock tunes by Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and the like. The Animals produced some great album tracks, such as "I'm Mad Again" (originally by John Lee Hooker), "Worried Life Blues", and "Bury My Body".

After leaving Most, the group would maintain their peak for another year or so despite the departure of one of Rock's all-time finest organists, Alan Price. This compilation has everything that Price recorded with the group, including four previously unreleased cuts and the non-LP Eric Burdon original on the B-side of "It's My Life", "I'm Gonna Change the World."
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • First ever 3LP version of this Animals Best-Of


Joe Cocker Live is a superb live album by Joe Cocker, released in 1990. It was recorded on October 5th, 1989 at Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts with the exception of the last two tracks which were recorded in the studio.

The album features tracks by Dave Mason ("Feelin' Alright"), Randy Newman ("Guilty", "You Can Leave Your Hat On"), The Beatles ("With A Little Help From My Friends"), and the Dennis Wilson / Billy Preston penned hit "You Are So Beautiful".

The album went Platinum in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and achieved Gold status in France. This is the first ever reissue of this double LP set on 180 gram audiophile vinyl!
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Live album including 2 studio tracks


Singles Going Steady is THE definitive compilation album by English punk band Buzzcocks, first released in 1979. It was the first Buzzcocks album to be released in North America and intended as an introduction to the band for the American public, coinciding with a US tour. After healthy sales on import in the UK over the next two years, and following the group's split in early 1981, the album was belatedly released in the UK as a Greatest Hits album.

Side One features their eight UK single releases from 1977 up to 1979 in chronological order, while Side Two featured their corresponding B-sides, also in chronological order.

NME called it 'is the best Buzzcocks long-player to be realized' and signified the band as follows: 'Employing the most traditional of beat group formations and turning their attention to the most elemental considerations, Shelley and the Buzzcocks created pop of such intense truthfulness it literally hurts." Pitchfork listed Singles Going Steady as 16th best album of the 1970s.  180 gram audiophile vinyl


Kaleidoscope (originally The Kaleidoscope) was an American psychedelic folk and ethnic band who recorded 4 albums and several singles for Epic Records between 1966 and 1970. Kaleidoscope were one of the progenitors of World Music. Side Trips was the band's 1967 debut album. On the album each member played many instruments; for example, David Lindley played guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin, and Solomon Feldthouse played saz, bouzouki, dobro, vina, oud, doumbek, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, and vocals.

The group was founded on democratic principles – there was no "leader". The first single, "Please" was released in December 1966. It was produced by Barry Friedman (later known as Frazier Mohawk), as was their first album Side Trips, released in June 1967. The album showcased the group's musical diversity and studio experimentation. It included Feldthouse's "Egyptian Gardens", Darrow's "Keep Your Mind Open", and versions of Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher" and Dock Boggs' "Oh Death".   180 gram audiophile vinyl


from our friends at ExhibitRecords

NEW RELEASE! Trini Lopez - At PJ's

Special 50th Anniversary Numbered Limited Edition on 200g Vinyl

Hollywood, CA - Exhibit Records announces the release of a Special 50th Anniversary Numbered Limited Edition album of Trini Lopez, "At PJ’s." The 200 gram vinyl record is beautifully presented in a sturdy old style gatefold jacket featuring the original album art work and for the first time includes the lyrics to all the tunes. The back of each album is foil-stamped with its unique number.

With the release of this album in April 1963 Trini Lopez became one of the biggest singing stars of the Folk Revival. Trini Lopez, "At PJ's" made it to #2 on the Billboard charts and stayed in the Top 40 for over a year. The album included the chart-topping "If I Had a Hammer" which reached number one in 36 countries and was a radio favorite for many years. The hit single sold more than 4 million copies and the album sold over a million and was awarded a gold record.

This was the album that made Lopez an instant success and the live party-a-go-go atmosphere of the record did much to put Trini's likable energy over the top. What Lopez did, at the head of a trio was to make folk-pop swing. Other songs include "This Land Is Your Land," and "Gotta Travel On." It could be surmised that by treating such material in this fashion, Lopez had a tiny influence upon the subsequent folk-rock movement...though, Lopez was more the all-around entertainer with a Latin lilt than he was a pure folk singer, so you also get "America" (from West Side Story), "La Bamba," Ray Charles' "What'd I Say," "Volare," and "When the Saints Go Marching In."

The emergent Exhibit Records has rapidly curated an eclectic catalog of classic recordings and gaining notice for exquisite mastering, high quality pressings and detail to the fine art of exceptional package design.

"...raw, energetic, live music - this is Trini at his absolute best…Wonderful songs, brilliantly performed that STAND THE TEST OF TIME...”

Producer: Don Costa
Recorded at PJ's nightclub, West Hollywood, California
Mastered for this LP by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Pressed at Quality Record Pressings, Salina, KS

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Father John Misty 'I Love You, Honeybear' Pre-Order Details

“I Love You, Honeybear is a concept album about a guy named Josh Tillman who spends quite a bit of time banging his head against walls, cultivating weak ties with strangers and generally avoiding intimacy at all costs. This all serves to fuel a version of himself that his self-loathing narcissism can deal with. We see him engaging in all manner of regrettable behavior.

“In a parking lot somewhere he meets Emma, who inspires in him a vision of a life wherein being truly seen is not synonymous with shame, but possibly true liberation and sublime, unfettered creativity. These ambitions are initially thwarted as jealousy, self-destruction and other charming human character traits emerge.  Josh Tillman confesses as much all throughout.

“The album progresses, sometimes chronologically, sometimes not, between two polarities: the first of which is the belief that the best love can be is finding someone who is miserable in the same way you are and the end point being that love isn’t for anyone who isn’t interested in finding a companion to undertake total transformation with. I won’t give away the ending, but sex, violence, profanity and excavations of the male psyche abound.

“My ambition, aside from making an indulgent, soulful, and epic sound worthy of the subject matter, was to address the sensuality of fear, the terrifying force of love, the unutterable pleasures of true intimacy, and the destruction of emotional and intellectual prisons in my own voice.  Blammo.

“This material demanded a new way of being made, and it took a lot of time before the process revealed itself.  The massive, deranged shmaltz I heard in my head, and knew had to be the sound of this record, originated a few years ago while Emma and I were hallucinating in Joshua Tree; the same week I wrote the title track.  I chased that sound for the entire year and half we were recording.  The means by which it was achieved bore a striking resemblance to the travails, abandon and transformation of learning how to love and be loved; see and be seen.  There: I said it.  Blammo.” -Josh Tillman (A.K.A. Father John Misty)

PRE-ORDER DETAILS (Release Date: February 10, 2015)

•All customers who pre-order the limited-edition Deluxe LP version will receive the album on tricolor vinyl in   a Dioramic, Meta-Musical Funtime gatefold jacket with alternate cover artwork. 

•Orders for the standard LP will be in a gatefold jacket with black vinyl.  

•All CD and LP pre-orders will come with 8 demos on cassette (while supplies last). Digital pre-orders will     not receive the cassette. 

•All CD and LP formats will come with a fold-out poster, featuring a collage of Emma Tillman’s intimate      photos, designed by Alia Penner and an extensive “Exercises for Listening” written by Josh Tillman

•Customers who pre-order I Love You, Honeybear in any format will also receive an instant download of  the track, “Bored in the U.S.A.”, as well as a 2nd track before release day, which can be downloaded your account.

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Destroyer's 'Your Blues' Vinyl Reissue Details

On December 2, Merge will reissue Destroyer’s Your Blues on vinyl, marking its first appearance in that format in the US and Europe. Pre-order Your Blues on 180-gram vinyl in the Merge store now, and be sure to look for the many other records we’ve rereleased as part of our 25th anniversary reissue series.

On the occasion of the Destroyer LP reissue, Canadian music writer Michael Barclay wrote of the album:

Your Blues is luxurious pop presented as high drama, the ideal sonic setting for Bejar’s oft-arch, oft-parodied delivery. It’s here, not in front of a rock band, where his voice is actually most at home: in a world where nothing sounds real, and everything is possible and wondrous and exclamatory. Pity the poor believers in “purity” and “authenticity,” tired and meaningless words that should never be applied to any art form, least of all pop music. (“So, Great Pretender, pull a face!”) Bejar’s sloganeering—Your Blues contains some of his most memorable phrases, almost as many as Streethawk—is all the more powerful when presented in contrast to the synthetic veneer.

“People say, ‘They just didn’t want it enough.’ Oh, but we were the Music Lovers!” Destroyer doesn’t want what you think he wants; he doesn’t want what you think he should, as a so-called rock singer. He’s called Destroyer for a reason. On Your Blues, Bejar made it crystal clear that your blues are your business; they have nothing to do with his art or wherever he decides to take it. Dan Bejar never went back to Your Blues—not even while touring the record, which involved the B.C. band Frog Eyes pummeling these songs to the ground as only a Beefheartish art-rock band could. (You can hear the results on the Notorious Lightning EP, featuring six reworked versions of Your Blues songs; it seemed almost an apology to rockist snobs.) Your Blues sounds like nothing else in the Destroyer discography, which is exactly why it should be celebrated, cherished—and reissued on vinyl.

LP includes a coupon for a full download. Pre-orders will ship to arrive on or around the release date of December 2.

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Pre-Order Mouse On Mars '21 AGAIN' Limited Boxset From Monkeytown Records

Mouse On Mars turn 21 in fine style, opening up with a recording of sometime collaborator and leader of The Fall, Mark E. Smith claiming they have the "key of the door and are fucking useless as before" a few seconds into the second track 'Fertilized' you know for sure that they are far from useless and have the key to down right funky rhythms! Mouse On Mar's disco shoes are firmly on for the start of the celebrations while their electronic experiments take in everything from abstract glitch to mutant disco via almost prog breakdowns and funk-lead hip hop flippers all with the playful attitude we have come to love of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma. The LP is broken up with interludes from friends wishing them a happy 21 years strong.

Estimated Shipping 11/14/2014
  • 21 AGAIN Collaborations. A digipak double CD + booklet Peel Sessions 12” vinyl album
  • 21 AGAIN Archive. A digipak CD with unreleased material Paeanumnion. A digipak CD + booklet with orchestral pieces
  • 21 AGAIN book. A softcover, + 80 pages book Poster. A hand drawn poster (60x60cm) by Siriusmo
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Jan and Dean 'Carnival Of Sound' (CD/LP) From Rhino

Jan Berry and Dean Torrence rode a wave of popularity in the early ’60s that earned the So-Cal duo more than a dozen Top 40 hits, including the #1 smash “Surf City.” The group’s good fortune came to a tragic halt in 1966 when Berry suffered debilitating injuries in a car accident near Dead Man’s Curve, a treacherous road that, ironically, was the subject of one of the group’s earlier hits. As he battled tirelessly to recover, Berry spent the next three years recording songs for a new Jan and Dean album to be titled Carnival of Sound. Despite the quality of the music, the album was never released and became one of rock ’n’ roll’s lost treasures, until now.

Rhino Handmade offers two versions of CARNIVAL OF SOUND. The first is a single CD whose 29 songs include mono and stereo mixes of the album along with bonus tracks from the 1966-68 sessions.

The other is a deluxe edition that combines the aforementioned CD with a vinyl version of the album in mono presented in a gorgeous hardbound gatefold jacket. To present a clear and vivid picture of what Berry was up to during this transitional phase, the collection’s producer Andrew Sandoval spent three years carefully reviewing and compiling every tape Berry submitted to Warner Bros. for use on CARNIVAL OF SOUND.

Although Jan cut multiple LP-length acetates of his work at the time, he left behind no definitive track list or sequence for the songs to be included on the album,” he explains in the liner notes. “I created the sequence you hear … by grouping his post-accident tracks together and closing with his pre-accident masters. The two parts of this story have such different flavors that they seem to flow best in this manner.” CARNIVAL OF SOUND opens with “Girl, You’re Blowing My Mind,” an upbeat poppy track that kicks off with a guitar that sounds like a jet engine. It then moves into songs that expand Jan and Dean’s signature sound, including the sitar-infused “Mulholland,” the wild imagery of “Laurel And Hardy,” the poignant ballad “I Know My Mind” and the Indian instrumentation of the title track. To round out the album, a selection of oldies was brought in from sessions Berry cut prior to his accident. Maurice Williams & The Zodiac’s “Stay” was given a quick, 1:35 run-through. The Five Satins’ “In The Still Of The Night” displayed Berry’s new friendship with The Monkees’ Davy Jones, who gave the song some true bubblegum sincerity with a spoken interlude. Berry added horns and woodwinds to his ’66 tracking session for Rusty and Doug Kershaw’s 1961 swamp pop hit “Louisiana Man.”

Among the collection’s bonus tracks are “Don’t Drop It” and a demo for “Laurel And Hardy,” plus two versions of “Girl, You’re Blowing My Mind,” Berry’s final mix and another with an alternate backing track.

The CD contains Berry’s original mono mixes along with new stereo mixes that Sandoval says are meant to be more illustrative of Jan’s work, rather than a definitive statement. “On careful inspection, Jan’s mono mixes can’t be beat, but the new stereo versions afford the listener a bigger window into his production prowess,” Sandoval says. “Listen out for such anomalies as the longer coda on ‘Mulholland,’ or the vocal verse that later became a guitar solo on ‘Girl, You’re Blowing My Mind.’” More than four decades after Berry found solace in these sounds, they arrive for everyone to share as the Carnival finally comes to town.

Deluxe edition combines the aforementioned CD with a vinyl version of the album in mono presented in a gorgeous hardbound gate fold jacket.
  • 1st official release of the long lost and often bootlegged 1960s album 
  • CD features 29 songs including mono and stereo mixes of the album along with 15 bonus tracks from the 1966-68 sessions
  • 16 page full color booklet featuring rare photos and extensive liner notes from producer Andrew Sandoval
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Serengeti "Kenny Dennis III" Vinyl Pre-Order

Serengeti's newest LP "Kenny Dennis III" is coming out 11/11, and is now available for instant download with all physical pre-orders! You may be familiar with Chicago-based MC Serengeti from his collaborative project Sisyphus (with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux), or maybe you just pay way too close attention to Thom Yorke's twitter account. If you are unfamiliar with the saga of Kenny Dennis (Serengeti's outspoken O'Doul's-drinking alter ego), now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Featuring Anders Holm of Workaholics, KDIII chronicles the mid-life crisis and addiction-laden decline of our protagonist, backed by the production of Odd Nosdam.

The amazing neon splatter 2xLP vinyl pictured above is limited to just 1000 copies, and is nearly sold out

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Just when you think you know all about the late 60's/early70's scenes on the planet, along comes the second volume of the mind-broadening Working-Class Devils series to deliver unbelievable cuts and bands. The faves from volume 1 are all there including Krzysztof Klenczon & Trzy Korony's another prime freakbeat/psych fuzz rocker, Zdr—j Jana's trademark proto no-wave skronky-guitar weirdness or Niebiesko-Czarni horsing around again with a distortion pedal. The newcomers Wi lanie and Lancety take no prisoners with their crude US-style garage punk while Piotr Pastor & S o ce and Wi lanie 69 reveal more folk/hippie leanings thrown in for good measure; there's even a Nederbeat gem thatÉ turns out to be Polish and many, many more. These sides no doubt make for the ultimate in what could be tolerated in an Eastern Bloc country during the Cold War. Most of the tracks are excruciatingly obscure recorded during the cold war and then were shelved before excavated here in their juvenile glory. Non of these is re-issued on vinyl to date, which would spare you years of crate-digging. Couple all that with great band pictures and well-researched and exciting English-written liner notes and you have one hell of a disc including songs that could stand proud alongside anything released in the Free World at the time

LTD. ED. 500 VINYL ( 60s Poland psych etc ) - COMPILATION LP

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Various Artists - SCREAMING FISTS #1

18 blistering tracks of rare '70s punk, and liner notes on back cover.   featuring Lewd, Anti- Nowhere League, D.O.A., Jerks, Users, Lockjaw, Skinnies, Lowlife, Reruns, Victims, Nosebleeds, Unnatural Axe,Suicide Commandos, and U-Jerks. Kick out the jams,!

18 blistering tracks of rare '70s punk - COMPILATION LP

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FOWLEY, KIM - Technicolor Grease- Lost Treasures from the Vaults 59-69 Vol 4

The fourth excursion into the early career of the legendary Kim Fowley rounds up 16 rare productions, compositions and performances first issued on independent Southern California labels. From the crazed vocal hi-jinx of the pre-Rivingtons Crenshaws to the sultry doo-wop of Yolanda and the Naturals to the Zappa-esque lunacy of Vito and the Hands, each and every track bears the unique Fowley stamp!

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The Pains of Being Pure At Heart  Abandonment Issue 10" 

Five new studio recordings from the Days of Abandon recording sessions in 2013 are finally released including a newly mastered demo version of "Kelly." Limited run of 10" vinyl featuring lyrics insert.

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!K7 to reissue classic after-party compilation The K&D Sessions as huge vinyl box set


cool write up:

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Talking Bob Dylan, The Beatles And Classic Vinyl With Howard Kaylan Of The Turtles (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)


Inside Light in the Attic Records, the vinyl-loving crate-digger's favorite label


from the great state of new york:

Vinyl Forever - Last Vestige Music Shop owner Jim Furlong celebrates the store’s 25th Anniversary—and his prescient commitment to selling LPs


from the great state of florida:

Joe's Record Exchange in Fort Myers rides the vinyl trend


the vinyl revival made it into newsweek!

Two Numbers: Vinyl Records Are Back


this is cool:

Bruce Springsteen Auctions Off Guitar Lessons and a Lasagna Dinner - All proceeds from the auction at Stand Up For Heroes Wednesday went to veterans


album cover art of the day:

BLIND GUARDIAN To Release 'Beyond The Red Mirror' In January


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 10/27 - 11/02, 2014

Vinyl Top 25

1. Ryan Adams - Vampires 7"
2. sElf - Super Fake Nice 10"
3. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
4. Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
5. The Flaming Lips & Fwends - With A Little Help From My Fwends
6. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams
7. Modest Mouse - This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
8. Modest Mouse - White Lies, Yellow Teeth 7"
9. Wild Cub - Colour 10"
10. Flying Lotus - You're Dead
11. Hozier - Hozier
12. Alt-J - This Is All Yours
13. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
14. Jason Isbell - Southeastern
15. Rancid - Honor Is All We Know
16. Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen: 21st Anniversary Edition
17. The Budos Band - Burnt Offering
18. Allman Brothers - Brothers & Sisters MFSL 1/2 Speed Edition
19. Arctic Monkeys - Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys
20. Spoon - They Want My Soul
21. Justin Townes Earle - Single Mothers
22. Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus 7"
23. Iron Maiden - Trooper 7"
24. Mac Demarco - Salad Days
25. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds