Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Releases On Vinyl

NIN- New Album Pulls In $1.6M In First Week

The online release of the new Nine Inch Nails album, "Ghosts I-IV," resulted in just under 800,000 transactions in its first week, totaling $1.6 million in revenue, the band revealed.

Orders include free and paid downloads, as well as online orders for physical products like various limited-edition vinyl releases, CDs, and a dual-CD box set. NIN will not release traditional sales figures to SoundScan.


Grammatics to release a 10" vinyl single in April

On Monday, 7th April, Leeds four-piece Grammatics will release a new single on the Dance To The Radio record label. A double A-side release ('D.I.L.E.M.N.A' / 'Polar Swelling') the single is available both on limited-edition 10" vinyl and on Digital Download formats.

Two wildly different pieces of music, the tracks have one thing in common: they don't sound like they've been recorded by a new band still finding its feet; rather, they sound like the kind of ambitious, forward-thinking creations you'd expect from any of the bands that inspired Grammatics in the first place. Most importantly, they sound like they couldn't have been recorded by anybody else.


Legendary U.S. thrashers HIRAX release seven-inch single.

After being on hiatus for a couple of years, Sweden's Stormbringer Records is back with another release lined up for 2008 — a seven-inch single from legendary U.S. thrashers HIRAX. This will contain the very first recording the band did, the classic 1984 demo recording. The seven-inch will be on colored vinyl, come with an insert with photos from original HIRAX guitarist Bob Savage's own collection and include liner notes written by Laurent "I Love Atheist" Ramadier from Snakepit magazine.


Portishead To Release 'Third' Via USB Stick Format

Portishead have confirmed that they are releasing a very special USB stick version of their new album ‘Third.’

The limited-edition 1GB will feature the 11 album tracks as well as four films titled: 'Ade's House, Machine Gun', 'The Rip live @ Mr Wolfe's’, 'We Carry On' and ‘The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film.'

On top of the CD and USB stick there is a limited-edition double 12” vinyl version featuring special prints and etched vinyl. All three versions will be available on April 28.