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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

I am often humbled by the internet, trying to keep up with all the vinyl releases out there an impossible task. I have been lucky enough to learn about many vinyl sites, retailers and record labels and have made many, many friends online whose products and releases are featured here at the CVR blog.  

That said, I have run across a new site that I found very compelling and caught my eye the moment I went to their site.  They are called Bomp Records and I ask you to visit their site and read more about the story and the products they offer.  I am not affiliated with them in any way, but their selection of music is as diverse as it is interesting.

The label has featured punk, pop, powerpop, garage rock, new wave, old school rock, neo-psychedelia among other genres The Bomp roster has included artists such as The Modern Lovers, Iggy & The Stooges, Stiv Bators & The Dead Boys, 20/20, Shoes, Devo, The Weirdos, The Romantics, Spacemen 3, The Germs, SIN 34, Jeff Dahl, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Lips; just to name a few.  

Visit the site HERE

here is one sample of one of their products 

RADIO MOSCOW - Magical Dirt

With a powerful, crunching Sabbath-style chords and fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian, Iowa power trio Radio Moscow plants its flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock, cranked-up blues, and metal meet. The sound is unabashedly retro (specifically, FM radio from around 1973), so it’s easy to see how it caught the ear of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced its 2007 self-titled debut. Like the Keys, Radio Moscow updates an old-school style with pure passion and a refreshing lack of irony. – Christopher Bahn / The ONION (A.V. Club – Minneapolis)

THEIR NEW LP  IS AVAILABLE with two covers (blue or yellow) with two different starburst vinyl colors, and two color vinyl versions.


Pre-Order at the BompStore


Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus! 

After a short run of albums that found Super Furry Animals exploring their slower, more ponderous side, Hey Venus! sees Wales's heady psychedelic explorers revisit the bright melodies and glammy bounce that powered earlier albums like 1999's Guerilla and their fondly remembered debut, Fuzzy Logic. While a vague sort of concept album, following the narrative of a character, Venus, as she moves from a small town to a great metropolis, Super Furries know enough about songcraft not to let the backstory overshadow the melodies. "Run-Away" comes on like Queen and the Beach Boys jamming on a Christmas Top of the Pops, "Neo Consumer" is a pile-up of infectious vocal melodies, singalong choruses, and electronic blips that stubbornly refuses to outstay its welcome, and as is customary these days, Bunf gets a chance on the microphone for the profoundly odd "Battersea Odyssey." And to play counter to all this cheer and exuberance, there’s a pair of late-doors slowies, "Suckors" and "Let the Wolves Howl at the Moon," that usher the album to a serene close. Eight albums in and we're still waiting for Super Furry Animals to deliver a dud album; at this rate, it's never going to happen.

Buy at RoughTrade


Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull (2xLP)

This version of The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull 2XLP comes packaged in a BROWN faux leather cover-gatefold jacket that emulates a old bible. Inside this book is another Stoughton gatefold jacket. Black vinyl limited to 2500 copies.

*This is a pre-order item which will ship on or around June 9th 2014. If other in-stock items are part of the same order they will ship simultaneously with the pre-order item(s)

Pre-Order at SouthernLord


from our friends at AudioFidelity

For Immediate Release

Disney’s TRON Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Wendy Carlos To Be Released On Limited Edition 180g Translucent Blue Vinyl Double-LP

Camarillo, CA - Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is proud to announce the release of Disney’s TRON Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The 1982 film score was composed, performed and produced by the pioneer electronic musician, Wendy Carlos.

The Audio Fidelity release will contain two 180g translucent blue vinyl records packaged in a distinctive gatefold jacket. The album includes colorful photos from the popular cult film and generous and informative liner notes written by the composer as well as music maven, Michael Fremer. The album was mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

Disney's 1982 video game crossover movie TRON was a notable landmark in the synthesis of electronic and traditional orchestral music. Carlos created a brilliant orchestral recording with symphonic backgrounds by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the UCLA Chorus which was later enhanced and upgraded with an electronic score. The result is an impressive soundscape that successfully and seamlessly fuses organic and electronic music.

The multi-Grammy award winning Wendy Carlos best-known for her popular “Switched on Bach,” series of albums also composed and performed on the soundtracks of two Stanley Kubrick cinema masterpieces, “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Shining.”

The TRON album includes two additional tracks (“Only Solutions” and the rock guitar-driven instrumental, “1990's Theme”) provided by Journey, one of America's best selling and most beloved bands.

Double LP on two 180g translucent blue vinyl records!  Gatefold package includes colorful photos and extensive liner notes!

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

For more info visit AudioFidelity


new releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl


Preservation Hall Jazz Band's new album That's It! re-focuses on the group's mission: keeping alive the traditions of New Orleans jazz. While That's It! is their first ever album of all original compositions in the band's 50+ year history, PHJB manages to preserve the infectious joy of New Orleans' traditional music. The memories of Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, George Lewis and other New Orleans greats feel fresh and dynamic in these new tunes.

Co-produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, the songs on the album by this heritage act from the Preservation Hall in the French Quarter of New Orleans stay true to the swinging blues and gospel-oriented traditions of New Orleans jazz. Though some traditional jazz purists may be surprised, the broader public might find this music engaging, enthralling and irresistibly danceable.

That's It! is an eclectic album that draws on the collective experience of players nurtured in the New Orleans tradition but determined to build something fresh and exciting on that foundation.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Includes 60 x 90 cm poster
  • Printed innersleeve


Rare Groove enthusiasts worldwide will welcome the first ever vinyl release of this essential Casey & The Pressure Group compilation, sometimes referred to as the Dutch equivalent of Booker T & the MG's. A selection of tracks from the albums The Beast And I (1967), Powerhouse (1970), Lazybones (1970) and Memphis Revisited (1972) are featured here on 180 gram vinyl, including a download code.

Casey's influence on Dutch Pop music history cannot be underestimated, having featured on 2800 (!) recordings. Organist and keyboardist Cees Schrama rose to fame in the late Sixties as a session man for various Dutch international stars like Shocking Blue (that's his catchy piano-lick on the 1970 U.S. chart topper "Venus"), he played keys on several early Golden Earring tracks as well as Mouth & MacNeal's "How Do You Do", which reached the American top ten in 1972. The renowned Nederbeat movement, with acts like The Shoes, The Haigs, Sandy Coast, Earth & Fire and many others (check out the Dutch Rare Masters compilation on a double 10" [MOV10010]) all used Schrama as a session man.

He was also doing his own thing with his combo Casey & The Pressure Group. On his first solo-album The Beast And I (1967) he was billed as Crazy Casey, with The Golden Earrings as his session men. After many years in the Pop music business he slowly but surely managed to return to his first and greatest love: Jazz music! Dutch broadcasting company VARA asked Schrama to assemble a hip and swinging orchestra. Schrama came up with Casey & The Funky Eight, including the horns that also played on his Powerhouse (1970) album. Schrama also became the host of music RTV programme TROS Sesjun for 32 years, the longest running live Jazz show in the world!
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Insert  with liner notes written by Sjeng Stokkink
  • Includes download code
  • Brand new compilation on vinyl!


The Common Linnets are Ilse Delange (World Of Hurt [MOVLP938,] After The Hurricane [MOVLP1011]) and Waylon. Together they found a new and exciting challenge in expressing their love for Country music. Their mission was writing real Country music, stripped of all unnecessary trappings, and inspired by such greats as Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash, but also West coast stars like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and James Taylor.

Writing brought Ilse and Waylon to the epicenter of Country music, Nashville, where both Ilse and Waylon feel very much at home. American songwriters Rob Crosby, Matthew Crosby and Jake Etheridge soon came on board, after which Dutch singer-songwriter Daniel Lohues and Dutch producer JB Meijers rounded out the team.

The album consists of thirteen emotional songs that deal with hurt and misfortune, but also with hope, comfort and love. In their purity and sincerity, expressed in heavenly harmonies.

The Common Linnets will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest this year with the song "Calm After The Storm". This song has already reached the number 1 spot in the Dutch charts and gained popularity in various European countries like Sweden, Estonia, Norway among others, selling 10.000 copies in the process.

Check out for more information.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert with lyrics sheet
  • Brand new album!


Just A Story From America is the fourth studio album from the American singer-songwriter Elliott Murphy. For Just A Story From America Elliott traveled to London to record with a band including Genesis drummer Phil Collins. Robin Geoffrey Cable produced and engineered the album. He also came up with the idea to work with Phil as he previously worked with him. It turned out a great match. A bluesy solo on "Rock Ballad" is played by former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor.

Elliott insisted on that David Bailey would shoot the cover shots. Bailey also had done great early Rolling Stones' covers.  Originally released in 1977, Just A Story From America is a new addition to the classic albums re-issued on 180 gram audiophile vinyl.


Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1, originally released in 1993, is one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with hip hop production and rapping. Guru had a vision and brought together a diverse group of jazz cats both old and new school; Lonnie Liston Smith, Branford Marsalis, Ronny Jordan (check out his solo on the track "No Time To Play"), Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers and vocalists like Carleen Anderson, N'Dea Davenport (of the Brand New Heavies) and French rapper MC Solaar have cooperated on this classic album.

Jazzmatazz proved to be a highly influential album and a huge commercial success.  On 180 gram audiophile vinyl


Wilson Pickett's first album on Atlantic (1965) includes singles from as far back as 1962. Three of these tracks were actually issued as singles by The Falcons (for whom Pickett sang lead) before he started his solo career; others were issued as singles before Pickett broke through as a national star with the title track. The all-time classic "In The Midnight Hour" was composed by Pickett and Steve Cropper at the historic Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King, Jr. would later be killed. The song reached #1 on the R&B charts.

The album includes other surefire hits such as "Come Home Baby", "Don't Fight It," which reached the R&B Top Ten in late 1965; "I'm Gonna Cry," a 1964 single Pickett wrote with fellow soul legend Don Covay; and "I Found a Love," a Falcons single that made the R&B Top Ten in 1962. The record features the first recordings he made with the Stax rhythm section in Memphis, a combination that would yield much fine soul music throughout the rest of the '60s.  On 180 gram audiophile vinyl


Carey's Cold Spring (Pre-order) - Frog Eyes


VINYL BOX - includes limited edition purple vinyl + 'Clouds of Evil' book + signed limited run poster + t-shirt

Paper Bag Records will release Frog Eyes' Carey’s Cold Spring on vinyl and compact disc worldwide on June 17th. The label will also be releasing Carey Mercer’s book called Clouds of Evil, a collection of essays compiled for his son Ivan. Essay titles include: A Story about the Time I Broke Up Wolf Parade, a Popular Independent Rock Band, by Starring in Their music Video and accepting One Thousand of Their Dollars and a Few recollections of the Time my Band Frog eyes Went to Moscow.

Just two days after Carey Mercer completed the final mixes for the he received a call from his doctor telling him that he had throat cancer. He had been working on the album since 2010 and chose to self-release the record through Bandcamp.

News like this has a way of understandably overshadowing the music itself, and, thankfully, Mercer's cancer seems to be departed, leaving us the opportunity to appreciate the record without such a dire context. The joy here is tripled: he's not going to die, and, as a bonus, the record is awesome. And these victories are made even sweeter with the addition of tour dates.

Mercer explains that Carey’s Cold Spring is not only built from personal experiences but also from what he saw over the last three years of recording: riots, storms, mass protests, the dissolution of any collective faith in our political and economic institutions. But it's not all doom and gloom: He describes the record's duality: “deeply fearful, almost paranoid, the sound of a person grinding his or her teeth in the night. But just a part of it. It’s also the sound of the birds in the morning, I hope”.

Pre-Order HERE


WHY? - Ezra Benus Flexi-Disc

A few months ago WHY? cyber-stalked their fans, writing various "theme songs" informed by fan's social media accounts. These songs were released on the Golden Tickets EP, which itself contained one last golden ticket... And a promise that WHY? would compose a song for and about the winner of that golden ticket.

The winner of that final Golden Ticket is a gentleman by the name of Ezra Benus. WHY?'s ode to Ezra is one of the most fucked up songs in the band's catalog, and is now available exclusively on this limited edition flexi disc.

Flexis are limited to just 525 hand-numbered copies, and include an instant digital download in both WAV and MP3. This track will never be released on any other format, and digital will not be available apart from the flexi (no iTunes, Spotify, etc.). So get it now, or you'll never hear this craziness!

Fewer than 250 copies are currently available, so don't delay!

Available from JoyfulNoiseRecordings


from our friends at SlyVinyl (look for their feed in the left margin!)

an album to buy, just for the cover art!

Earthless meets Heavy Blanket - In a Dutch Haze // Limited to 300 Purple Sky 2 LP

Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Reissue Limited to 500 Transparent Red LPs

Mikal Cronin / Wand Lamc #11 // Limited to 500 Milky Clear with Aqua Blue Swamp Green Splatter Vinyl 7"


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