Friday, December 7, 2007

Lisle Engle-Rock Veteran's Dream Come True

As I continue reviewing bands and artists for the Internet Radio Station, I had the pleasure of listening to an artist who has truly paid his dues and he has certainly captured the musical magic with his CD release "California Miles." Stop by and give it a whirl, I know you will like what you hear.

Lisle Engle has done it all in his music career. From fronting a cover band through high school to playing in a Boston-based band called The Promise and eventually moving west to conquer the big city of Los Angles. But mired and bogged down by managers, agents, A & R men and quite frankly corporate greed, the powers that be didn’t understand the musical vision that the band had. Subsequently, The Promise folded, but was reborn as a heavy-rock band formally called Head.

The band Head was supposed to be the break that Lisle and his band mates had worked so hard to achieve. But, again, the music wasn’t what mattered and was unappreciated and soon their “deal” was gone.

But, Lisle’s dream and conquest of creating compelling music still thrives and is thrust to the forefront with the veteran rocker’s collection of songs from the past ten years, a CD entitled “California Miles.”

Playing with some of L.A.’s finest session players, including Dorian Cheah on the violin, Giuseppe Patane on bass, Steve Holmes on drums and even a guest appearance by former band mate Pete Sjostedt (lead guitar on the cut “Open Wide”), these expert musicians capture Lisle’s raw emotions in song and spirit. The country-folk acoustics are inventively blended with lush violin work and are perfectly augmented by Lisle’s powerful and expressive vocals.

Other notable cuts like “Gonna Be Sure” and “Inside 4 U” (which incidentally has reached the number one position on Independent Internet Radio) only embellish Lisle’s talents as a master song writer and guitarist. Combining influences such as Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and U2, Lisle has formulated an emotional and musical connection with his listeners, and when you do that, it is all about the music, a trait that any musician strives to achieve. The CD “California Miles” is a winner and, so is Lisle Engle.