Friday, June 1, 2007

Album Cover

I recently found a product (software) that has been available online for more than two years and I thought it is worth sharing. I talked to the developer, Richard Nicol who is an album cover art enthusiast. The program is sure worth the 11 bucks he charges and here are some of the tools available to the user:

You can find the artwork from a particular album by artist name, the album title and song title

You can connect to iTunes and download the image and/or listen to selected cuts from the lp

You can save the images to your PC (see the image above)

There is an album review, artist bio, artist tour info (if applicable) and videos

This is a must have software program for anyone who loves music and album cover art, so go ahead and visit and splurge (the cost is $11)

Let me know how you like it!

The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side Of The Moon

I have always heard that the "Dark Side Of The Moon" release from Pink Floyd is somehow best listened to while watching "The Wizard Of Oz" and the music kind of goes with the movie. Well, here it be the judge- ENJOY!