Friday, October 9, 2009

Music News & Notes

Carly Simon To Tour

Carly Simon has never been one to play to the masses, especially when it includes long plane flights over large bodies of water. The singer suffers both stage freight and fear of flying, so Europe has always been out of the question.

Simon told Reuters on Thursday that she's putting that behind her and will play a tour of small venues in Europe starting in January. She told reporters "I like to play small places, because I'm much better in an intimate setting than I am in a large hall where I can't see everybody. I really like to see the people that I'm singing to."

Also look for her on everything from the Today Show and Good Morning America to David Letterman and the Colbert Report promoting her new album Never Been Gone. The LP will be out October 27.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in New York City will be free on October 9 and 10 as a tribute to what would have been John Lennon's 69th birthday. Included in the Annex is a Lennon exhibit, put together with the cooperation of Yoko Ono, which includes rare artifacts and New York based items related to Lennon.


NRBQ Founder Dies

Steve Ferguson, one of the founding members of NRBQ, passed away Wednesday after a long battle with cancer at the age of 60. Ferguson was with the group for their first two albums, NRBQ and Boppin' the Blues, before going off to other projects.


Queen - Absolute Greatest

Preview: Queen - Absolute Greatest
Artist: Queen
Title: Absolute Greatest
Release Date: November 16, 2009 (Europe), November 17, 2009 (U.S.)
Label: Hollywood Records

•2-CDs with audio commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor
•Limited Edition Book Version with 2-CD set, 52-page book with unseen photos, memorabilia and handwritten lyrics, access to streaming of 20 live performances
•LP Box Set with 3 LP's, 16-page soft photo book, access to streaming live performances
•1-CD downloadable version
•2-CD downloadable version

Track List:

•We Will Rock You
•We Are The Champions
•Radio Ga Ga
•Another One Bites The Dust
•I Want It All
•Crazy Little Thing Called Love
•A Kind Of Magic
•Under Pressure (with David Bowie)
•One Vision
•You’re My Best Friend
•Don’t Stop Me Now
•Killer Queen
•These Are The Days Of Our Lives
•Who Wants To Live Forever
•Seven Seas Of Rhye
•Heaven For Everyone
•Somebody To Love
•I Want To Break Free)
•The Show Must Go On
•Bohemian Rhapsody


Vinyl Collective Restocks

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A LIFE ONCE LOST “A Great Artist” picture disc LP
BLACKLISTED “Heavier Than Heaven” LP blue/white burst vinyl
BOILING OVER “Trash City” 7″ clear vinyl
CEREMONY “Still, Nothing Moves You” LP grey/black marble vinyl
CEREMONY “Violence Violence” LP white/black splatter vinyl
CHINESE TELEPHONES “Single Series Volume 31″ 7″
COLISEUM “No Salvation” LP yellow w/ red splatter vinyl
CRIME IN STEREO “Is Dead” LP blue/white marble vinyl
DEAD SWANS “Sleepwalkers” LP purple vinyl
ELLIOTT “Song In The Air” LP
ENSIGN Direction Of Things To Come LP
FARSIDE “Monroe Doctrine” LP clear yellow vinyl
FLIPPER “Fight: Live” LP
GLOS “Harmonium” LP grey vinyl
IGNITE “Our Darkest Days” LP white w/ black vinyl
KEPI GHOULIE “Single Series Volume 38″ 7″
KILLING THE DREAM “Fractures” LP coke bottle vinyl
LA DISPUTE “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River” dbl LP
MODERN LIFE IS WAR “S/T” 7″ white vinyl
NATIONS AFIRE “The Uprising” 7″ clear vinyl
NEW FOUND GLORY “Tip Of The Iceberg” picture disc 7″
NO DOUBT “Tragic Kingdom” LP green vinyl
NORMAN BRANNON “The Anti-Matter Anthology” BOOK
PLASMATICS “Beyond The Valley Of 1984″ LP
POLAR BEAR CLUB “Chasing Hamburg” LP yellow vinyl
POLAR BEAR CLUB “The Redder, The Better” LP
RADIO FACES “Party at the Bushwick Hotel” LP
RUINER “Dead Weight” 7
RUINER “Hell Is Empty” LP
RUINER “Prepare To Be Let Down” LP orange/white/blue vinyl
SET YOUR GOALS “Mutiny” LP brown vinyl
SHAI HULUD “A Profound Hatred Of Man” LP pic disc
SHAI HULUD “That Within Blood/ Ill-Tempered” LP
SLOPPY SECONDS “Endless Bummer” LP green vinyl
SOUL CONTROL “Silent Reality” 7
STRIKE ANYWHERE “Iron Front EP” 7″ green vinyl
TEXAS IS THE REASON “Do Yo Know Who You Are?” LP
THE MEASURE (SA) “Single Series Volume 37″ 7″
TOUCHE AMORE “S/T” 7″ red vinyl
TRAP THEM “Sleepwell Deconstructor” LP
TRASH TALK “Plagues” 7″ grey vinyl
YOUTH OF TODAY “Canít Close My Eyes” LP
YOUTH OF TODAY “We’re Not In This Alone” LP


Cold Cave To Release New Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Leading up to the release of their debut album Love Comes Close, Cold Cave are set to release a limited edition 12? entitled ‘Death Comes Close’ on October 19th (20th in N. America) through Matador Records.

Limited to a pressing of 2,000, ‘Death Comes Close’ features the LP’s title track as well as three brand new and hitherto unreleased tracks.

Led by Wesley Eisold (publishing house head, esteemed poet and former frontman for eminent hardcore bands Some Girls, American Nightmare and Give Up The Ghost) and ably aided by ex-Xiu Xiu member Caralee McElroy and Dominick Fernow (aka influential noise artist Prurient), Cold Cave deliver the dark and discordant synthesized bleats of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle with a glossy pop sheen reminiscent of New Order and early Human League.

Cold Cave’s debut album Love Comes Close is out on November 2nd. To coincide the band will tour the UK in late October/early November.


Paul McCartney releases new concert CD/DVD artwork

Paul McCartney has released the artwork for the soon to be in stores Good Evening New York City CD/DVD on his official web site.

Taking Care Of The Music

This Date In Music History-October 9


Pat Burke - Foundations (1937)
Jackson Browne (1948)
Rock and Roll entrepreneur Sharon Osbourne (1952)
James Fearnley - Pogues (1954)
Thomas Wydler - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1959)
Kurt Neumann - BoDeans (1961)
Mat Osman - Suede (1967)
Polly Harvey - PJ Harvey (1970)
Terry Balsamo - Limp Bizkit/Evanescence (1973)

They Are Missed:

Born on this day in 1940, John Lennon, singer, songwriter, guitarist, The Beatles who sold over 20m singles worldwide, (1962-1970), and scored more UK & US #1 albums than any other group. 1967 'Sgt. Pepper's' is the UK's biggest selling album ever. He was shot dead in New York by Mark Chapman on December 8, 1980.

Born today in 1944, John Entwistle, bass, The Who. Entwistle died in Las Vegas on June 27, 2002.

Belgian singer songwriter Jacques Brel died of cancer in 1978 (age49). Artists who recorded his songs include, Ray Charles, Scott Walker, Alex Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, Nina Simone and Terry Jacks.


Eddie Cochran recorded "C'mon Everybody" in 1958.

Roy Orbison's "Crying" peaked at #2 on the pop singles chart in 1961.

Ray Charles started a two week run at #1 in 1961 with "Hit The Road Jack."

The Beach Boys recorded ‘Dance Dance Dance’ in 1964 with Glen Campbell playing the lead guitar intro. It would go on to become their twelfth US Top 40 hit.

In 1965, The Beatles started a four week run at #1 on the US singles chart with the Paul McCartney ballad "Yesterday," giving the group their tenth US #1.

John Lennon met Yoko Ono at a showing of her avant-garde art at a gallery in London's West End in 1966.

Van Morrison's "Wild Night" was released in 1971.

In 1971, Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells A Story” is the #1 album in the U.S. and U.K. Simultaneously, the single “Maggie May” is also at the top in the U.S. and U.K.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla divorced in 1973 after six years of marriage. Priscilla was awarded property, $725,000 cash and $4,200 a month support.

In 1970, John Lennon completed recording his album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.

In 1975, Sean Taro Ono Lennon was born, the only child of John Lennon by Yoko Ono. John Lennon retired from music for five years to become a house-husband. Sean went on to become a singer, songwriter, musician and actor.

John Lennon celebrated his 40th birthday in 1980 by releasing "Starting Over," his first record in five years. His wife, Yoko Ono commissions a sky writer to etch him a "Happy Birthday" message over New York City's skyline.

During a North American tour in 1981, the Rolling Stones played the first of two nights at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Support act was Prince, who dressed in his controversial bikini briefs and trench coat ran off stage after 15 minutes due to the crowd booing and throwing beer cans at him.

The Strawberry Fields garden portion of New York's Central Park was dedicated to the memory of slain ex-Beatle John Lennon in 1985.

In 1990, on what would have been John Lennon’s 50th birthday, "Imagine," was broadcast simultaneously in 130 countries.

Nirvana entered the US album chart in 1993 at #1 with 'In Utero.'

in 1999, Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z were at #1 on the US singles chart with 'Heartbreaker.'

Also in 1999, Eurythmics, George Michael, David Bowie, Robbie Williams and Bono all appeared at 'Netaid' an event to raise money for global poverty. The concerts in London, New York and Geneva were all broadcast live on the internet.

In 2000, on what would have been John Lennon's 60th birthday is celebrated with a new museum dedicated to him opening in Tokyo, reissues of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Double Fantasy, and the publication of the Beatles Anthology book.

Imagine Peace Tower was dedicated in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2007. Built in honor of John Lennon, it's unveiled on what would have been the late Beatle's 67th birthday. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr attend the ceremony. "I hope Imagine Peace Tower will give light to the strong wishes of world peace from all corners of the planet and give encouragement . . . in a world filled with fear and confusion," says Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow. The tower of light is illuminated through December 8th, the 27th anniversary of Lennon's death.

George Harrison's solo catalog was available via iTunes in 2007. He's the final member of The Beatles to have his music go on sale digitally.