Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Iwori-a perfect blend of classic and progressive rock


Hailing from Richmond, California, is the constantly inventive rock and roll band called IWORI (IWORI- (ee-war-ee is a Nigerian word which loosely translated means, the fire at the center of the Earth). The band’s CD, entitled “Abandon All Plans,” is an innovative and refreshing mix of sounds influenced by iconic music artists such as Led Zeppelin, Santana, Leslie West, Hendrix, Wishbone Ash, Neil Young and Thin Lizzy, among many others.

What IWORI does so elegantly, is to take all these influences and meld them together to create a distinct sound of their own. With crunching guitars, unbridled rock riffs, inventive bass lines, stellar keyboards, poignant lyrics and stalwart drumming, IWORI creates an intoxicating palette of sound that is progressive as well as classic.

IWORI was conceived in 2006 by singer/song writer and guitarist Micah Charlot, whose vision is to write rock songs with a classic feel and meaningful lyrics. Charlot adroitly integrates into his music his ongoing love for African based rhythms as well as his deep admiration of the guitar tones of the golden era of rock and roll. Charlot is a San Francisco Bay Area native and has been exposed to and played an eclectic array of musical styles throughout his career. He has also studied guitar with Joe Satriani, spent many years studying and performing Afro Cuban percussion with great artists such as Changuito of Cuba, Mingo Lewis of Santana and Al Di Meola and has performed many styles of music, from punk and heavy metal to reggae.

One of the singles, the dynamic cut “Sirens,” may remind some of Grand Funk Railroad, yet to others, it may sound like vintage Traffic, but that is the beauty of their music. The song flows seamlessly into a seductive rocker, filled with imaginative guitar licks, echoing organ riffs, snappy drum work and it exudes phenomenal creativity. Another song, the Hendrix-like guitar work of “River Song,” is a march-like progression oozing with deft bass lines and passionate lyrics that all lead to an intense refrain.

All in all, the CD “Abandon All Plans” is a masterpiece of striking, well articulated music filled with disciplined and engaging rock and roll that will have an overpowering impact, as Iwori captures the essence of musical passion.

Visit the band and support them at http://www.ilike2rock.net/bands/i/iwori.html