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from our friend Tim at SunDazed

Sundazed March 2013 New Releases


Artist: Tandyn Almer
Title: Along Comes Tandyn
LP 5406  180 Gram Vinyl LP
SC 11222  Compact Disc


The late, great composer/pianist/producer/MENSA member Tandyn Almer first emerged in pop culture consciouness as the writer of the 1966 smash single by The Association, “Along Comes Mary.” Its seemingly innocuous lyric about a girl became a point of intense scrutiny as rumors of marijuana references wafted through a society fraught with generational conflict. One of those listeners on the far side of the gap, Leonard Bernstein, recognized the song’s musical sophistication and deft wordplay as something noteworthy. Consequently, Bernstein chose Almer as an interview subject for his CBS News documentary Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution, which aired on Tuesday, April 25th, 1967. It was a groundbreaking special, with Almer's cool media attitude working well to calm the controversial storm surrounding the movement that would soon blossom into the Summer of Love.

If this were a Hollywood film script, Almer would have then been catapulted to the upper echelons of pop stardom, rubbing elbows with hottest hitmakers of the day. Instead, while he released one single of his own, “Degeneration Gap,” and wrote and produced several more pop-psyche gems, Almer’s career path took a much more enigmatic route. He did collaborate with fellow melodic savant Brian Wilson, most notably as the co-writer of “Sail On Sailor,” and published a songbook of his new compositions. In service of these songs, a 15-track demo LP was recorded and pressed in a small quantity by his publisher, Davon Music, to distribute to potential recording clients.

Through the years, word of this LP spread through the collecting world, its legend increasing with each telling and its price increasing with each resale for those lucky enough to find a copy. Included within this demonstration disc is the nasty, buzzing fuzztone and haunting vocals of the Purple Gang's version of “Bring Your Own Self Down,” the engaging Pop feel of “Find Yourself,” the smooth groove of "Anything You Want" and “Victims of Chance” (recorded as an instrumental by L.A. jazz combo The Afro Blues Quintet), along with the straight-ahead Folk-Rock of “About Where Love Is” and “Sunset Strip Soliloquy” – the latter about the atmosphere which led to the demonstrations of late '66. At long last, Sundazed Music has rescued this “holy grail” album and presents the first-ever commercial release of Along Comes Tandyn. A stunning collection covering a wide stylistic range, it is a resounding confirmation Almer’s harmonic genius. After one listen, you’ll understand why Tandyn was always the smartest guy in the room.

1. Find Yourself
2. You Turn Me Around
3. Anything You Want
4. About Where Love Is
5. Everytime I Take You Back To Me
6. There’s Gotta Be A Way
7. Alice Designs
8. Face Down In The Mud
9. Where Will They Go
10. Escape
11. Victims of Chance
12. Bring Your Own Self Down (The Purple Gang)
13. I Get High
14. Menagerie of Man
15. Sunset Strip Soliloquy



Artist: Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers
Title: The Throwaway Age
LP 5450  - UPC 090771545015 – 180 Gram Vinyl LP

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As a renowned producer and the driving force behind the seminal reissue label Sundazed Music, Bob Irwin has been responsible for bringing a dizzying amount of vintage instrumental rock ’n’ roll to fans around the globe. Now, as lead guitarist and composer of the Pluto Walkers, the lifelong guitar obsessive and walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge adds his own distinctive creative vision to the pantheon of effortlessly cool instrumental combos.

On the Pluto Walkers’ debut album The Throwaway Age, the multitalented foursome delivers a dazzling dose of scintillating surf/drag/sci-fi/exotica nuggets that are as imaginative as they are catchy, looking to the future while conjuring up the playful warmth of the ’50s and ’60s instrumental classics that originally captured Irwin’s imagination as a fan. Indeed, the Pluto Walkers pull off the tricky task of channeling their far-flung influences into music that’s fresh and original, merging insistent guitar hooks with all manner of inventive arrangements and ear-tickling sonic embellishments. The resulting album delivers a one-of-a-kind musical experience that’s effortlessly fresh and original, yet firmly rooted in the unpretentious musical values that Irwin has consistently championed in his work with Sundazed.

Behind its snazzy faux-movie-soundtrack cover art, The Throwaway Age’s sonic smorgasbord encompasses dragstrip swagger, board-busting surf stylishness, swinging sitar-jangle, biker-flick punch and international intrigue. Also featured on the album are four memorable tracks by the Pluto Walkers’ mysterious alter-ego outfit El Futuro Sonidos, who offer moody, lilting acoustic textures with a Latin touch and a tropical twist.

Available both as a streamlined CD and a handsomely appointed 180-gram vinyl LP, The Throwaway Age is the perfect soundtrack for any space-age beach party, and the ideal accompaniment for your next interplanetary road trip.

1. Any Old Love (The Pluto Walkers)
2. Diamondback (The Pluto Walkers)
3. Fast Girl, Last Girl (The Pluto Walkers)
4. The Dollhouse Theme (El Futuro Sonidos)
5. Two-Timer (The Pluto Walkers)
6. Ticket to Anywhere—excerpt (El Futuro Sonidos)
7. Whirlcage (The Pluto Walkers)
8. The Throwaway Age (The Pluto Walkers)
9. Coffin Dragger (The Pluto Walkers)
10. Ticket to Anywhere—reprise (El Futuro Sonidos)
11. Vindaloo (The Pluto Walkers)
12. Like Stars, Like Dust (El Futuro Sonidos)
13. That’s It Baby! (The Pluto Walkers)


In a Special Arrangement with Spinout Records:

Artist: Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers
Title: Coffin Dragger / Arabesque
SPIN 027 - UPC 662222002776 – 7” Vinyl on Colored Wax!

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Think the true spirit and sound of the ’60s exists only in the ring-worn covers and greyed out grooves of your discs from 1967?!? “Coffin Dragger,” the second single by Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers, will change—and blow—your mind! Specially selected from the musicians’ new full-length album, The Throwaway Age, this disc is as perfect an encapsulation of a lost era as you will find—a stomping, fuzztone-infected tribute to the legendary biker film soundtracks of decades past, recorded with the same kinds of techniques and energy as the much-coveted originals...

“Arabesque” is an audio voyage into a kind of other world where Henry Mancini and Chocolate Watch Band might’ve made magic music together in a garage, combining a brilliant melody with a snarling, complex and distorted arrangement, prominently featuring layers of fuzz and a vintage Ace Tone Top-5 keyboard. This performance, a cover of a rare Ventures B-side, was conceived during sessions for a rarities-based tribute album to the group, and is available only on this 45.
Both sides of this single were recorded with the nearly forgotten artistry of true 1960s mic’ing and placement, and mixed to authentic monophonic sound. Slide it onto your changer somewhere between your Arrows and Zakary Thaks singles—you will not be disappointed... Fuzzboxes set to stun!

1. Coffin Dragger
2. Arabesque

Also Available from Sundazed/Spinout: Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers – 7” Vinyl SPIN 023 -
Joker’s Wild / The Throwaway Age



Artist: Hank Garland
Title: Move! The Guitar Artistry of Hank Garland
E 178- UPC 090771017826 - Double Compact Disc Set

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Growing up in Cowpens, SC, Hank Garland began playing guitar at age 6. Ten years later, this precocious talent led him to Nashville, where he quickly integrated himself into the city’s thriving live music and recording scene. Scoring a million-selling hit at age 19 with “Sugarfoot Rag,” Garland became a first-call Nashville session guitarist, recording with a “who’s who” of country stars and nascent rockers (including that Presley kid—it’s Garland playing the indelible riff on “Little Sister” and many more of Elvis’ Nashville sessions). His prowess caught the ear of Gibson Guitar Company president Ted McCarty, who enlisted Garland’s input in designing Gibson’s classic Byrdland hollow body electric guitar. This collaboration proved prophetic, as Garland’s true musical passion was jazz, for which the Byrdland was both named and designed. After being told by Chet Atkins that Django Reinhardt was “the greatest guitar player in the world,” Garland spent countless hours studying the Belgian master guitarist’s style and method.

Garland ventured beyond Nashville as a member of Eddy Arnold’s touring band. Whenever Arnold’s tour hit New York City, Garland took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Big Apple’s many jazz clubs and studied with jazz guitar virtuoso Barry Galbraith. Securing a recording contract with Columbia Records, Garland set the jazz world on its ear in the late ’50s and early ’60s with three landmark albums for the label. Move! collects every track from these sessions, including the entire Jazz Winds from a New Direction album and four previously unissued tracks. Come hear the ultimate Nashville cat!

1. All The Things You Are
2. Three-Four, the Blues
3. Move
4. Always
5. Riot-Chous
6. Relaxing
7. Call D. Law
8. It’s Love, of Course
9. Not For Me
10. (Tell Me) What Am I To Do?
11. You’re Here Again
12. Pop Goes the Weasel
13. Autumn Leaves
14. Why Not?
15. Ed’s Place
16. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
17. Like Someone in Love
18. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That, Baby
19. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
20. Tammy
21. Secret Love
22. Greensleeves
23. Blame It On My Youth
24. Unless You’re In Love
25. Just For Tonight
26. Close Your Eyes
27. Rainy Afternoon
28. Ed’s Place (early version)*
29. Polka Dots and Moonbeams (early version)*
30. Some of These Days*
31. Secret Love (early version)*

*previously unissued


such a wonderfully written article, it is book marked to be read again!

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GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 2/25 - 3/03, 2013

Vinyl Top 25:
1. Atoms For Peace - AMOK
2. Nick Drake - Pink Moon
3. Tame Impala - Lonerism
4. Jim James - Regions Of Light & Sound Of God
5. Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
6. The Avett Brothers - Four Thieves Gone
7. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
8. The Lone Bellow - The Lone Bellow
9. Mumford & Sons - Babel
10. The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism
11. Johnny Marr - Messenger
12. Mount Moriah - Miracle Temple
13. Iceage - You're Nothing
14. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
15. Shout Out Louds - Optica
16. Leagues - You Belong Here
17. Father John Misty - Fear Fun
18. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
19. Modern Lovers - Modern Lovers
20. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
21. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
22. Radiohead - OK Computer
23. The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow
24. Steve Earle - Burnin' It Down 7"
25. Cocorosie - We Are On Fire 7"


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