Thursday, May 8, 2008

Andreas Templin plays Bach

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Andreas Templin's new work "Andreas Templin plays Bach" will premiere May 10th at this year's KunstVlaai A.P.I. Amsterdam. The artwork is a vinyl-record with music of Johann Sebastian Bach and is entirely whisteled by Andreas Templin.

At KunstVlaai a selection of tracks will be available to hear, the cover will be introduced in form of a display and pre-orders for the album will be taken from now on.

The album will be available in an edition of ten plus the album together with display in an edition of five.

The record-cover was photographed by Felix Broede. The album was recorded at the studio of Eric von Robertson in Amsterdam. It is produced with the kind support of Ingken Wagner. The mixing and pre-mastering will be conducted at the studio of Zoy Winterstein. The vinyl-record will be available from beginning June, a record-release party is being planned in Berlin. I would like to thank especially all of the above mentioned persons for their kind support.