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45rpm Record Turns Sixty-Two Today

written by Robert Benson

Happy Birthday to an old friend, the 45 rpm record officially turns 62 years old today!

The 45rpm record was initially introduced in 1949 by RCA Records as a smaller, more durable replacement for the heavy 78 shellac-based records of the time. The 45 was created by RCA as a competitive move against one their rival record companies, Columbia, which had just introduced the new microgroove 33 1/3 rpm LP. The number 45 came from taking 78 and subtracting Columbia's new 33 to equal the 45. Record companies and consumers alike faced an uncertain future as to which format would survive the 78rpm or the 45rpm; in what was known as the “War of the Speeds.” In 1949 Capitol and Decca started issuing the new LP format and RCA relented and issued its first LP in January 1950. But the 45 rpm was gaining in popularity and Columbia issued its first 45s in February 1951. Soon other record companies saw the mass consumer appeal the new format allowed and by 1954 more than 200 million 45s had been sold.

So On March 31, 1949, RCA Victor released "Texarkana Baby" b/w "Bouquet of Roses" by Eddy Arnold. The first 45 to hit the Billboard charts was "A -- You're Adorable" by Perry Como, listed on the charts on May 7, 1949. The next week, the year's biggest hit appeared on the Billboard charts -- "Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)” by Vaughn Monroe. The first 45rpm records were monaural and as stereo sound became more prevalent and popular in the 1960s, almost all 45rpm records were manufactured in stereo.

The historical and commercial significance of the 45rpm record has varied over time, the technological developments in recorded music and according to the audience of the particular artists and musical genres. In general, 45 records were more important to the music acts who sold music to the younger audiences (mostly teenagers) who tend to have limited financial resources and shorter attention spans. That said, the golden age for the 45 was in the 1950s and 1960s in early development of rock music. They were affordable and allowed artists the freedom of releasing a single song as opposed to a whole LP. Conversely, some singles helped to launch the sales of the albums that the musicians were promoting.

The length of the songs also evolved. In the 1950s, it was common for songs to be anywhere from two to two and a half minutes long and in the 1960s; the three minute single became the norm. This length was very convenient and fit the AM radio format very well. Millions of demo records were sent out to radio stations with specific instructions as to which song was supposed to be the ‘hit single,’ although there were some DJs that played the ‘B’ sides and those songs became hits. Elvis Presley was one of the first artists to release the ‘double-sided single’, meaning that both songs would ultimately end up on the charts. The Beatles followed suit and were also one of the first recording artists to push the envelope, so to speak and commonly had songs over the three-minute norm. In fact, there are some singles that had to be edited by radio stations and shortened to fit their particular formats. Don McLean’s 1972 hit “American Pie” is an example, the single was split up into two parts on the 45. The Beatles broke new ground in 1968 with their over seven minute epic “Hey Jude.”

The sales of the 45s were recorded on the record charts in most countries in a Top 40 format and these charts were often published in magazines (Billboard), television shows (American Bandstand) and radio programs often had the Top 40 countdown shows (Casey Casem). However, the 45 rpm record can never duplicate the sales figures from when the format was in its heyday because when the 45 was at its peak, it was the way to get music to the music consumer. Today there are too many other formats competing for the music dollar.

Nowadays, they still manufacture 45 rpm records, but on a much smaller scale than decades ago. Indie bands, r&b artists and punk bands love the format; it makes the music affordable for their target audience and, after all these years, 45 rpm records are still highly sought after by record collectors. Happy Birthday to an old friend, here’s for many more!

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Yes Reunite With Producer Trevor Horn for New Album

Quintessential prog-rockers Yes have announced that they have reunited with legendary producer Trevor Horn for their highly anticipated new album, 'Fly From Here.' The album marks the band's first studio album in ten years.

The album originated from a conversation between Horn and Yes bassist Chris Squire, who re-discovered the song 'Fly From Here' and realized that it had never been recorded in a studio.

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Sub Pop Releasing Record Store Day Exclusives

On this year's list from Sub Pop are limited-edition Record Store Day exclusive releases from Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes and Lower Dens, a free 19-track Sub Pop sampler, and in-store performances by Obits, Low and The Head and the Heart. Plus, the self-titled debut from The Head and the Heart comes out on CD and LP on April 16th as part of Record Store Day.

Record Store Day Exclusive Releases

Fleet Foxes — Helplessness Blues b/w Grown Ocean 12" single SP920 (limited edition of 3000)

Lower Dens — Deer Knives b/w Tangiers 7" single SP927 (limited edition of 1000)

Blitzen Trapper — Maybe Baby b/w Soul Singer 7" single SP929 (limited edition of 1500)

Record Store Day Release Date
The Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart CD/LP SP915

Record Store Day Sampler
Terminal Sales Vol. 4: Please to Enjoy CD SP932

Our 2011 label sampler, comes housed in an embossed, die-cut package, and includes 18 art prints with information about each of the artists and a folded poster.

1. Daniel Martin Moore “Dark Road” from the album In the Cool of the Day (SP860), available January 2011
2. Aurelio “Tio Sam” from the album Laru Beya (NXA002), available on Next Ambiance January 2011
3. The Twilight Singers “On the Corner” from the album Dynamite Steps (SP844), available February 2011
4. Mogwai “Slight Domestic” from the “Mexican Grand Prix” 7" single on Rock Action Records, available February 2011
5. Papercuts “Do What You Will” from the album Fading Parade (SP885), available February 2011
6. Dum Dum Girls “Wrong Feels Right” from the He Gets Me High EP (SP917), available March 2011
7. J Mascis “Not Enough” from the album Several Shades of Why (SP859), available March 2011
8. Obits “You Gotta Lose” from the album Moody, Standard and Poor (SP857) available March 2011
9. Low “Try to Sleep” from the album C’mon (SP905), available April 2011
10. The Head and the Heart “No One to Let You Down,” previously unreleased. The album The Head and the Heart (SP915) is available for Record Store Day, April 16, 2011
11. Blitzen Trapper “Maybe Baby” from the “Maybe Baby” 7" single (SP929), available for Record Store Day, April 16, 2011
12. Lower Dens “Deer Knives” from the “Deer Knives” 7" single (SP927), available for Record Store Day, April 16, 2011
13. Fleet Foxes “Helplessness Blues” from the album Helplessness Blues (SP888), available May 2011
14. Chad VanGaalen “Peace on the Rise” from the album Diaper Island (SP871), available May 2011
15. Shabazz Palaces “lost foundling.” This Shabazz Palaces track is not from the album Black Up (SP900), available May 2011
16. Memoryhouse “Sleep Patterns” from The Years EP (SP925), available at some as-yet-undetermined point in 2011
17. Mister Heavenly “Mister Heavenly” from the as-yet-untitled Mister Heavenly debut album (SP926), available August 2011
18. Niki and the Dove “The Fox” From “The Fox” 12" single (SP930), available June 2011
19. Blouse “Shadow” From the “Shadow” 7" single (SP939), available May 2011


interesting take on the seminal band!

Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Metallica's definitive 'Master of Puppets' album is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Yes, it's really been two-and-a-half decades since the album forcibly impacted, forever changed and wholly improved the heavy metal landscape with its power and speed.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the album's release, Noisecreep caught up with a "battery" of metal musicians from Sepultura to Arsis to Unearth to find out how, when and where they first experienced this most important of records

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vinyl record store doing well in the twin cities!

6 Questions
Treehouse Records celebrates another 10 years

By Loren Green

"Vinyl will always survive. Hopefully indie records stores can too." - Mark Trehus

It's been almost forty years since Oar Folkjokeopus first opened its doors on 26th and Lyndale. The storefront has outlived the 8-track, the cassette, and the cd as the dominant musical forms pushed by an industry whose focus has always been on moving units. As the record industry has promoted these varied formats, Treehouse has always kept space on their shelves for owner Mark Trehus' preference: the vinyl record. In 2001, then-manager Mark Trehus took ownership of the business and Dan Cote became manager, changing the name to Treehouse Records in the process. In April, the store will celebrate this ten year milestone with a live show at Hell's Kitchen downtown and a password sale for members of their email list.

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Black and white & blues

Fan crosses racial boundaries to learn everything about genre


George Mitchell was looking for Elvis.

Instead, the radio dial accidentally landed on a Muddy Waters song. And Mitchell’s life changed forever.

“I said, ‘What was that?’” recalls Mitchell, 67, sitting in his Fort Myers living room surrounded by blues records, blues art and an oil-can bass he uses to jam with blues musicians. “And I said, ‘Man, that sounds fantastic. I never heard anything like that.’”

He was an eighth-grader at the time, listening to the radio with a friend.

In the years and decades that followed, Mitchell dove headfirst into the blues. He collected rare vinyl records

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New Vinyl Split From Coliseum And Burning Love

Sound Study Recordings have just announced the details of the fourth volume of their “Live at the Atlantic” vinyl series. The latest offering will be a split from Coliseum and Burning Love

All tracks were recorded on June 27, 2010, live at the Atlantic in Gainesville, FL.

Ryan Patterson of Coliseum and David O’Connor of Burning Love have provided the artwork for the release and the pressing will be limited to 1,000 copies. It will be available from May 8th, as will a digital download. The record’s release coincides with Coliseum ‘ return to the Atlantic.


great story about vinyl on our college campuses!

Vinyl Revival

Caitlin Taylor

Vinyl records, popular back in the 1950s, have started to come back in popularity, especially to college students.

Bailee Claypool, sophomore in pre-med, started collecting records about a year ago and already has anywhere from 50-100 records in her collection.

"I randomly started collecting records," Claypool said. "I really like classic rock music, and instead of downloading illegally off the Internet, they (vinyl records) are pretty easy to get a hold of."

Claypool says she thinks vinyl records have become a lot more popular. At least seven people she knows collect them.

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Coldplay Almost Finished with New Album

Bryan Wawzenek

Coldplay are getting pretty close to putting the finishing touches on their new album, their first since 2008’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. A post on informed fans of the progress being made.

“Back in the studio, the songs are now very much pushing their heads above the soil and straining towards the light,” wrote Roadie #42 on the band’s official blog.

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Whitesnake to Release Live at Donington 1990 CD/DVD

Michael Wright

1990 marked the end of an era for David Coverdale’s hard rock band, Whitesnake. After a two-year run with the virtuosic lineup of guitarists Steve Vai and Adrian Vandenberg, bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Tommy Aldridge, the group called it a day at the end of their Liquor & Poker Tour. But before they walked away from their arena glory, the band co-headlined Britain’s legendary Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington. The show has long been requested by Whitesnake fans ( reports that it is far-and-away “the most requested product from fans of the ’Snake”), and at long last that request has been answered.

On June 3 in Europe (and June 7 in North America), Frontiers Records will release Live at Donington 1990 as both a DVD and a two-CD set.

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Bear vs. Shark Re-Release

UK based independent label Big Scary Monsters has recently announced plans to re-release Bear vs Shark‘s debut album, ‘Right Now, You’re in the Best of Hands. And if Something Isn’t Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know in a Hurry’ on 12″ vinyl for the first time in Europe, including two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The reissue is due out on May 9, 2011.

Bear vs Shark hailed from Michigan and lasted a mere four years between 2001 and 2005 and produced a unique mix of punk, post-hardcore and Midwest indie.

Limited to just 250 hand-numbered copies, the red/black colored vinyl comes in a cardboard sleeve showing a number of the drawings taken from the original CD release.


Grimey’s Vinyl Best Sellers 03/21-03/27/2011

Vinyl Top 25:

1. The Strokes – Angles
2. Paperhead – Paperhead
3. The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
4. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
5. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
6. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Scandalous
7. The National – High Violet
8. Sufjan Stevens – Illinois
9. Dodos – No Color
10. Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine
11. Middle Brother – Middle Brother
12. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F
13. Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans
14. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
15. The Beatles – Abbey Road
16. PUJOL – Bonedaddy 7″ Hey! Pujol’s on Daytrotter!
17. Jeff The Brotherhood – Mellow Out 7″
18. R.E.M. – Collapse Into Now
19. Soundgarden – Live On I-5
20. Various – Those Shocking Shaking Days
21. Mike Watt – Hyphenated Man
22. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Belong 7″
23. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening
24. T-Rex – The Slider
25. Davila 666 – Tan Bajo


and in music history for the day

 Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was released in 1958. It would enter the Billboard charts six weeks later and rise to number 8 on the Hot 100 and number two on the R&B chart. The song's original lyrics referred to Johnny as a "colored boy", but Berry later acknowledged that he changed it to "country boy" to ensure radio play.

The Shirelles' "Soldier Boy" was released in the US on Sceptor Records in 1962. The tune becomes the group's biggest hit, reaching number one, selling over a million copies and earning a Gold record.

In 1964, The Beatles set a recording industry record that may never be equaled. They held the top 5 positions on the US singles chart with "Can't Buy Me Love" at number 1, "Twist and Shout" at number 2, "She Loves You" at number 3, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" at number 4 and "Please Please Me" at number 5. In Canada, they had nine of the top 10 singles, while the Australian charts saw them occupying the first six places.

In 1967, on the first night of a 24-date tour featuring a bizarre combination of The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck, Jimi Hendrix sets fire to his guitar live on stage for the first time. (he suffered minor burns, however a legend was born!)

The Beatles Official Fan Club closed in 1972. The Beatles Monthly magazine, run in association by Sean O’Mahoney, had ceased publication three years previously.

In 1982, the Doobie Brothers announced that they were splitting up.

In 1986, O’Kelly Isley, of The Isley Brothers, died aged 48 of a heart attack. The trio were best known for their 1962 hit version of “Twist And Shout” (as covered by The Beatles), which had originally been recorded the previous year by The Top Notes.

Prince's "Sign O' The Times" LP was released in the US in 1987.

Guns N' Roses released their single "Patience" in 1989.

In 1995, Jimmy Page escaped being knifed when a man rushed the stage at a Page & Plant gig at Auburn Hills, Michigan, but was stopped by two security guards, whom he wounded instead. After his arrest, the assailant told police that he wanted to kill Page because of the satanic music he was playing.

Also in 1995, Mexican American singer Selena was murdered aged 23 by the president of her fan club Yolanda Saldívar. Warner Brothers made a film based on her life, starring Jennifer Lopez, in 1997.

In 2007, a new world record for the longest non-stop concert was set by hundreds of musicians in Japan. The performance began on the evening of 23 March in the city of Omi, with musicians aged between six and 96 taking turns with over 2,000 tunes being performed over 182 hours. Organizers praised the musicians, one of whom carried on despite a major earthquake during her piano piece. The previous world record was set in Canada in 2001 with 181 hours.  one question...why?

S.C.U.M Debut LP Out In Late Summer






“The cataclysmic pummelling of noise that accompanies them will turn people’s insides out.” – NME

The whispered name of S.C.U.M has quickly spread throughout London and has seen this careering quintet emerge as one of the most exciting acts in the underground at the moment.” – Artrocker

S.C.U.M are carrying the torch of rebel music into the 21st century.” – ARENA

“Incredibly daring and confident.” – ‘Sup

“With an immediately recognizable, yet characteristically diverse sound, S.C.U.M adds another layer to the current vibe coming from Britain’s thriving scene.” – SOMA

With a highly anticipated debut album due out late summer, the London based band S.C.U.M has signed to Mute. As a preview, the band is releasing a new track “Summon The Sound” which is featured on Mute’s exclusive Record Store Day vinyl release, Vorwärts.

S.C.U.M exploded onto the music scene two years ago with the release of their debut single ‘Visions Arise’. The single, together with their exciting and intense live shows, quickly grabbed the imagination of fans and critics alike. Since then the band has toured extensively across the UK and Europe to a growing fan base and released three exclusive digital download tracks entitled SIGNALS (‘PARIS’,‘BERLIN’ and ‘WARSAW’).

S.C.U.M are Thomas Cohen (vocal), Bradley Baker (machines), Samuel Kilcoyne (moog), Melissa Rigby (drums) and Huw Webb (Bass).


MARCH 29th - Antwerp, Trix
MARCH 30th - Amsterdam, Milkweed
MARCH 31st - London, Heaven
APRIL 2nd - Milan, Magazine Generally
APRIL 6th - Le Bataclan, Paris
APRIL 8th - Huxleys, Berlin

Wretches & Jabberers Soundtrack Being Released

i received an invitation to this event, however, i don't travel well and cannot fly to nyc (although i'd love to!) this vinyl release benefits the Autism Society of America, it will be interesting to hear.

here are some more details:

McIntosh Laboratory, a renowned manufacturer of fine audio systems, is proud to have worked with songwwriter/producer J. Ralph for the release of his Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which will debut on CD and vinyl LP April 5, 2011. A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of America and the Wretches & Jabberers Fund of the Institute on Communication and Inclusion at Syracuse University.


Music Accompanies Incredible Journey of Autism

Newsweek proclaims "And if Autism Were a Song, It Might Sound Like This..."
 "Wretches & Jabberers is one of the best original soundtracks from the year." - Denver Westword


"Like 'Taps' in its power, the film's closing song 'Hell and Back' is magnificently pitched by Willie Nelson, his voice cracking and soaring with full-dress honor."  -- The Hollywood Reporter

J. Ralph, the acclaimed singer, composer, songwriter and producer well known for his scores to the last two Academy Award-winning documentaries The Cove and Man On Wire, draws upon an astounding collection of voices, united in a harmony of purpose for the brilliant and expansive Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which will be released on April 5, 2011. Metromix said "This is unlike any soundtrack you've ever heard" and the "delicate, folksy tunes address the film's subject matter in ways that are subtle but evocative...highly recommended."

The prolific composer also wrote the music and lyrics and produced the end title song for "Hell and Back Again." The movie just won Sundance's prestigious Grand Jury Documentary and Cinematography Awards at this year's festival. The film's closing song is performed by renowned country singer, Willie Nelson, accompanied by J. Ralph on guitar.

Joining J. Ralph on the "Wretches & Jabberers" soundtrack are: Antony, Devendra Banhart, Paul Brady, Bonnie Bramlett, Vashti Bunyan, Martin Carthy, Judy Collins, Lila Downs, Vincent Gallo, David Garza, Ben Harper, Scarlett Johansson, Nic Jones, Norah Jones, Leah Siegel, Carly Simon, Stephen Stills, Ben Taylor, and Bob Weir.

The album kicks off with J. Ralph singing "The Reasons Why" and is soon joined by a complement of collaborators, including the unmistakable Norah Jones on "Change is Gonna Come," and Ben Harper, who lends raw emotion to "More Like You," singing "I can't speak /but I need you to listen."
"To me the story is about finding a voice, for those who've suffered so long without one of their own," says J. Ralph, referencing the inspiration for the album's 20 songs (all of them written or co-written by J. Ralph) borne from the namesake film by Academy Award winning director Gerardine Wurzburg. Wretches & Jabberers chronicles the global journey of a pair of men with autism, Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher, who set out to demystify their disability and reveal its intense isolation, ultimately demonstrating that "Autism is not abnormality of the brain as much as abnormality of experience," per Bissonnette.

But the musical journey that created the soundtrack is equally compelling, spanning multiple continents and iconic stars from five decades, in what's likely the most impressive gathering of talent in recent times.  J. Ralph saw the subjects of the documentary as strolling minstrels going from towns to continents, a parallel to folk music, and soon Ralph's journey became a modern day road story of its own.  Everyone J. Ralph reached out to was moved by the experience of the film's subjects. It started with a couple of phone calls to Ben Harper, and Scarlett Johansson, whose rich, smoky vocal evokes a 1930s Paris nightclub on "One Whole Hour." The stomp of "Lying Down Statues" with Devendra Banhart marks the album's rhythmic climax, while in contrast Bob Weir on "Breaking The Hold" evokes a Workingman's-era back porch session.

Ultimately the journey brought him to the elder statesmen of English folk royalty. Martin Carthy - a legend to the legends known for penning the first popular arrangement of "Scarborough Fair" - and Nic Jones, whose career was cut short in 1980 due to a tragic car crash, but was inspired to join on "Pretty Words Lie," his first studio recording in over 30 years, thanks to an in-person appeal.  A gifted artist and songwriter, J. Ralph set out to lend a voice through music to honor those who spent a lifetime searching for a voice of their own. And through sheer perseverance, and perhaps a touch of brilliance, has drawn upon an astounding collection of voices, and an album that stands as a musical masterwork.

Another key element in the collaborative effort for the soundtrack was J.Ralph's close collaboration with McIntosh, a world-renowned manufacturer known for its legendary performance that has defined the very best in sound reproduction for over 60 years.  McIntosh not only provided all the world-class audio gear used for critical listening during mixing, but also helped connect with J.Ralph with longtime McIntosh owner Bob weir and assisted with the creation and mastering of the limited edition CD’s and vinyl to ensure the highest possible listening experience.

Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack debuted on January 11th as part of an exclusive charity promotion with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Autism Society of America and the Wretches & Jabberers Fund of the Institute on Communication and Inclusion at Syracuse University. The wide release follows on April 5, 2011, with spectacular sounding limited edition CDs and vinyl thanks to J. Ralph's close collaboration with McIntosh, a world-renowned manufacturer known for its legendary performance that has defined the very best in sound reproduction for over 60 years. McIntosh not only provided all the world-class audio gear used for critical listening during mixing, but also collaborated closely with J. Ralph on the creation and mastering of the limited edition CDs and vinyl to ensure the highest possible listening experience.

Complete track listing including song title and featured singer:

1. The Reasons Why - J. Ralph
2. Change Is Gonna Come - Norah Jones
3. The Letter - Carly Simon
4. More Like You - Ben Harper
5. Killingly Hard - Antony & J. Ralph
6. Flower and The Lion - Vashti Bunyan
7. Given to Us - Ben Taylor
8. Breaking the Hold - Bob Weir
9. Lying Down Statues - Devendra Banhart & J. Ralph
10. Birdsong Judy - Judy Collins
11. Low Barefoot Tolerance - Stephen Stills
12. One Whole Hour - Scarlett Johansson
13. No Regard - Vincent Gallo
14. Four Brave Souls - David Garza
15. Breakers & The Wind - Bonnie Bramlett
16. Pretty Words Lie - Nic Jones
17. Fighters & Factitioners - Martin Carthy
18. Hello For The First Time (Four Words) - Paul Brady
19. Entenderse - Lila Downs
20. Birdsong Reprise - Leah Siegel

and in nyc, on monday, april 4th, rumor mill records is hosting a vinyl showcase of the music

McIntosh Presents an Intimate Pre-Release Vinyl Listening Experience

A special in-studio vinyl listening experience of the soon-to-be released Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, music from the documentary about autism.

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, Producer Josh Ralph will share his “behind the scenes” stories about the album’s creation and the importance of its release on vinyl. To ensure the highest quality J.Ralph used McIntosh audio equipment for critical listening during the mixing of the album the same McIntosh gear will be used for this pre-release listening session.

man, if i could only make it......