Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old Southern Moonshine Revival

I am still doing band and CD reviews for the independent online radio station www.ilike2rock.net and I have just listened to an inventive 'Southern Rock' band and want to share their music.

Old Southern Moonshine Revival

by Robert Benson

Itching for some fresh down-home ‘Southern Rock?’ You can’t go wrong with the North Carolina–based band called Old Southern Moonshine Revival who have released a compelling array of rootsy country sounds on their debut CD called “Old Southern.”
With interwoven harmonies, inventive melodies and a bit of Southern nostalgia, the band may remind some of the Marshall Tucker Band, Mason Profit or the iconic Allman Brothers Band.

But what Old Southern Moonshine Revival is able to accomplish is to bring these classic sounds into the 2000’s and add their distinctive stamp on the Southern Rock genre. In fact, the Revival are in the top 25 Unsigned Southern Rock Bands on MySpace, a hefty feat indeed!

The cut “2 Shells Gone Now,” is a classic ‘storytelling’ rock song that is expertly played and sung with artistic confidence. “Alabama” is an acoustic gem, a banjo laced lullaby of sorts about a man missing his home. The song “New pair Of Boots” is a tongue-in-cheek ditty about leaving your loved one and has a delicious catchiness to it. The alcohol silliness of “Sobered Up My Drunk” is another acoustic country gem about love gone wrong and is played with obvious zest.

But Old Southern Moonshine Revival really shines with the cut “Solo Whiskey Travelin' Blues,” with impeccable harmonies, fine acoustics and is the band’s signature song. “Kitchen Floor” is a mellow country gem with poignant lyrics and an intoxicating palette of piano work. The guys have fun and cut loose with the cut “Shouldn’t Have Fed Me The Whiskey Tonight,” a country-rock classic.

It is easy to see why the group is a popular destination on MySpace and this popularity has led the band to be named one of the top 50 Unsigned Country Bands. Years from now I am sure that they will be regarded as one of the top Southern Rock bands of all time.

Old Southern Moonshine Revival is:

Kenny Taylor-bass
The Kemist-electric/lead guitar/vocals
Brent Bennett-drums/percussion/vocals
Ryan Puckett-piano/organ

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