Friday, June 15, 2012

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Green Day Reveal New Album Artwork

Green Day have recently unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album 'iUno!.' The pop-punk trio debuted the new cover, which features singer Bille Joe Armstrong's face, with his eyes crossed out, against a swamp green background, via a new YouTube clip.

Watch the official album trailer for Uno! Dos! Tre! by Green Day


Dinosaur Jr. Announces New Album Artwork, Tracklist

Dinosaur Jr. are set to release their new album called, 'I Bet on Sky,' on September 18 via Jagjaguarwar.  The 10-track effort marks the band’s 10th album to date and their third since reforming in 2005. In support of the release, the band will embark on an extensive North American tour starting September 24th in Toronto. 

1. Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
2. Watch the Corners
3. Almost Fare
4. Stick a Toe In
5. Rude
6. I Know It Oh So Well
7. Pierce the Morning Rain
8. What Was That
9. Recognition
10. See It on Your Side


Xibalba Reveals Album Cover Art, Tracklist

Southern California’s hardcore outfit Xibalba have recently confirmed the details of their sophomore album, 'Hasta La Muerte.' The following press release was issued:

"Xibalba’s debut LP Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias — released in 2011 via LP by A389 Records and later on CD by Southern Lord — combined with a relentless touring schedule for the past two years, have earned Xibalba the utmost respect from hardcore and metal fans worldwide. After officially signing with Southern Lord late last year, the time for the band’s first official release for the label to be unleashed grows near.

"Taking their down-tuned assault to iniquitous new dimensions, Xibalba’s ravenous breakdowns hit with the force of tsunamis and their riffs like mires of quicksand on Hasta La Muerte, showcasing more than ever how well the unit delivers such low-end savagery while remaining resilient, undeviating from their course of destruction. The album now confirmed for North American release on August 14th, the band recorded with Taylor Young (Nails), and outsourced the album’s powerful cover art concept to renowned death metal artist Dan Seagrave (Dismember, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, etc.)."

1. No Serenity
2. Soledad
3. Laid to Rest
4. Burn
5. Sentenced
6. The Flood
7. Hasta La Muerte
8. Mala Mujer
9. Stoneheart
10. Lujuria
11. Cold


album cover art of the day:

Frosttide Reveals Artwork & Track List

Finnish folk metal band Frosttide recently unveiled the album art and track listing for their new EP 'Our Journey,' which is slated for release at the end of the summer.

1. Enemy Is Back
2. Carefree Village
3. Face Your Demons
4. Assault (check out stream below)
5. No Turning Back


Asia To Release New Album

ASIA, featuring the original line-up of Geoff Downes (keyboards), Steve Howe (guitar), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (lead vocals and bass) celebrate their 30th anniversary (1982-2012) by
releasing their new album 'XXX' on July 2nd. Featuring artwork by Roger Dean, 'XXX' dovetails ASIA’s 30th Anniversary World Tour and the collectors box set edition of their eponymous debut album.

Their current single "Face On The Bridge," now in its sixth straight week on the A-list at Planet Rock; the UK’s premiere classic rock radio station, is also proving hugely popular on YouTube.
In 1982 their debut album topped The Billboard Top 100 Chart for nine weeks, and went on to become the biggest selling album of the year. The album spawned the hits "Heat Of The Moment," "Only Time Will Tell," and four other radio hits. The new album,' XXX,' produced by Mike Paxman, has been hailed ASIA’s best album since their classic early 80s releases. 'XXX' is released by Frontiers Records on Monday July 2nd on CD, special edition CD/DVD (featuring music videos, behind the scenes footage), and limited edition vinyl.

“We wanted to recapture the energy of the first album,” says ASIA’s guitarist, Steve Howe. “ASIA has always been about great songs, fantastic musicianship. Fans of the first album will fall in love with XXX.”


cool article from Hannah Gutenplan at

Album Cover Stars Then and Now 

There are some album covers that are just iconic (Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and U2′s ‘Boy’ are two that come to mind). Because the album art is the first part of the album to reach consumers, and is the visual representation of the band, artists are usually picky about what graces the cover of their album. Many times it’s a picture of the musicians themselves that is featured on the cover, or a piece of artwork.

But sometimes the band chooses a photograph that represents their sound or their image indirectly. They stage photo shoots with models, snap photos of people on the street, or choose from an old portfolio of photographs.

So whatever happened to the stars of these iconic covers?

Read the rest and see the updated images at