Monday, November 26, 2007

Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho

I want to bring your attention to a new site and organization dedicated to the vinyl record. I hope you take the time and visit the site (although it seems to be a work in progress) and learn what the organization can do for our wonderful audio format.

The Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho was founded on the following principles and respectfully asks its members to adopt them and embrace them as their own.

The 10 Commandments

1) Honor the importance of music as an art form
2) Listen actively and with intention
3) Respect others and their musical choices
4) Maintain an open mind and a curious ear
5) Choose vinyl whenever there’s a musical choice to be made
6) Preserve our vinyl heritage by caring for and about vinyl records
7) Recognize your ownership of the Society by actively influencing its direction
and development
8) Evangelize the vinyl life and your role as an Ambassador for the Society at
every opportunity
9) Share your vinyl history, knowledge and passion
10) Support your local independent record merchants

I am extremely interested and anything that anyone can do to support this historical audio format gets my thumbs up! I will be learning more about the society and hopefully have more information very soon!