Saturday, February 7, 2009

Classic Rock Videos

Beatles- A Hard Day's Night

Rock & Roll Tidbits

Keith Moon, the drummer for the Who, developed his own unique language. In fact, here are some of his words that he used to describe male genitalia, they included: bacon assegai, beef torpedo, cobblers, cricket set, mutton javelin, plonker, wanger and last but not least, the pork sword.

The Ramones were well-known for their loud concerts. One time they performed so loud while in the recording studio that they actually destroyed several expensive pieces of audio equipment.

The Spice Girls once met Queen Elizabeth. But Ginger Spice refused to follow the proper protocol to curtsy when she was shaking hands with the Queen. Ginger Spice was terrified that her ‘old tired tits’ would come flopping out of her dress.

Tupac Shakur scored a big hit with his album 2Pacalypse. So he went out car shopping and bought his dream car. The next day, he totaled it.

On Aerosmith’s first tour of Britain, the American rockers rented a forty-five set private plane at a cost of 18,000 British pounds per day. Trouble was, the band was only bringing in about 2 to 3,000 pounds per show.

“I won’t be happy until I am as famous as god,” Madonna once quipped.

Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees once worked on a solo album called “We Are The Bunbury’s.” The LP was about a family of cricket-playing rabbits. Uh, don’t think I ever saw that one.

Near the end of Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” tour, the band spotted one of their fans wearing a homemade shirt that read : “Alcoholica, Drank ‘Em All.” They liked it so much that they ripped off the idea and had their own “Alcoholic” t-shirts made.

Back in 1965, James Brown’s manager circulated a rumor that the King of Soul was going to get a sex-change operation in order to marry his band mate, Bobby Byrd.

As a lad, Johnny Ramone was known as a bit of a thug, but not necessarily a smart one. He once was caught breaking into a Laundromat. Apparently, he thought that he was breaking into a drug store. Ooops.

In 1995, at the MTV European Awards ceremony in Paris, U@ front man Bono commented to the French: “What a city. What a night…what a wanker you have for president!”

Elton John was always known for his extravagant costumes. His least successful creation? A pair of wooden pants. “Not very good for moving about, I’m afraid,” said John.

At the end of a live television appearance in Paris, the Who ran out of the studio and into the streets, lined up against a wall and urinated. Trouble was, the group peeing session was broadcast to viewers in France and England.

Album Cover Art

I've always loved looking into a farmer's field and right in the middle of a field sits a lone tree, why they keep it there, I am not sure. But it's something that always grabs my attention, as so did this cover.

Shiny Toy Guns- We Are Pilots

Shiny Toy Guns is a Grammy-nominated American rock band originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma that formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. They have released three versions of their first studio album We Are Pilots, which featured three singles that peaked inside the top 30 in the U.S. Modern Rock Charts.

Shiny Toy Guns gained popularity in California as well as through their MySpace page. In January 2005, they released their first album We Are Pilots through record company Stormwest International. They began touring across America that summer in support of their album. We Are Pilots was re-recorded and re-released with a revised track list through record company SideCho in November 2005. Continuing to tour extensively, in June 2006 they signed with Universal Records and released a finalized copy of We Are Pilots on October 17, 2006.

Music News & Notes

ISIS - New Album Tracklisting, Cover Art Revealed

ISIS, the Los Angeles by way of Boston quintet, will release their fifth full-length album, Wavering Radiant, on May 5 via Ipecac Recordings.

The album, recorded over the late summer andfall of 2008 in Los Angeles, was produced by Joe Barresi (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, MELVINS) and will also see a vinyl release on April 21.

Aaron Turner recently discussed the new album with Billboard, saying "This is a better sonic representation of what the band actually sounds like. In the past I think some of the recordings were a little too clean in their final form. There was something about the energy that seemed to be lacking. It seems to feel more like us than anything else has."

"I feel a sense of completion with this record that I've never felt before,” Aaron Harris adds. “We spent more time creating this record than we have with any other, and I feel in my heart that this record is in many ways our best."

Cover art was once again created by Turner.

The track listing for Wavering Radiant is: 'Hall Of The Dead', 'Ghost Key', 'Hand Of The Host', 'Wavering Radiant', 'Stone To Wake A Serpent', '20 Minutes / 40 Years', 'Threshold of Transformation'.

Isis is currently planning extensive worldwide touring behind Wavering Radiant with more details to be announced shortly.


James Backs Out Of Statement

Etta James states that she was just joking when she told an audience that she hated Beyonce. She told the New York Daily News, "I didn't really mean anything. Even as a little child, I've always had that comedian kind of attitude... That's probably what went into it."

In reference to Beyonce's version of "At Last," James said she felt "left out of something that was basically mine, that I had done every time you look around. Nobody was getting mad at me in Seattle. They were all laughing, and it was funny."


Coldplay Doesn't Have To Hide At Grammy's

The members of Coldplay no longer have to try to avoid being seen at the Grammy's. A lawyer for the group has accepted papers from Joe Satriani's lawyers rather than have any embarassing incidents.

Satriani is suing the group, claiming that Viva La Vida was plagiarized from his I Just Wanna Fly. Lawyer Howard King told E! News, "We were going to attempt to serve them sometime this weekend while they were in Los Angeles, the Grammys being the most obvious time. We had also considered the MusiCares event. However, we had a very fine lawyer contact us and assure us there's no need to personally serve them. He will accept the papers on the band's behalf."


Jerusalem based extreme metal band Arallu has revealed the cover art for their upcoming album "Desert Battles - Descending To The Sands."