Monday, August 16, 2010

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Celtic Comedy Music Has a New Godfather, Marc Gunn Releases Kilted For Her Pleasure

Marc Gunn releases his latest CD, an all-out Celtic comedy music album for those who love to laugh by the undisputed "Godfather of Celtic Music Online"

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) August 16, 2010 - "Do you like kilts and Celtic music?"

That's the question Celtic folk musician, Marc Gunn, asks with his latest CD, "Kilted For Her Pleasure". The album is all-out Celtic comedy music for those who love to laugh by the undisputed "Godfather of Celtic Music Online". Gunn has offered more Celtic MP3 downloads free and legally than any other Celtic musician online. His latest CD is a testament to his dedication to the fun Celtic music he loves.

The album features fifteen tracks of sing-alongable Celtic songs that range from the traditional to the twisted. Traditional pieces include the popular Clancy Brothers' song "Beer, Beer, Beer" and the less-known but sprightly bawdy, song "Maid Went to the Mill".

Some of the more fun songs are originals penned by Marc Gunn. "A Drop of Vulcan Blood" is a parody of an old Sea Shanty that is rewritten about Star Trek. "Monahan's Mudder's Milk" is a Celtic tribute to the Sci Fi Western TV show "Firefly" by Joss Whedon. At it's base, it's a Woody Guthrie-style worker's rights song about a man trying to escape the oppression of a dead-end job. Then there's the title track, "Kilted For Her Pleasure", which explains just why Gunn loves the kilt.

"I love wearing a kilt," says Gunn dressed in his newest olive green Utilikilt, "but it's so much more than the love of my Scottish heritage. It's a love of my whole Celtic culture... Not to mention the looks I get from the ladies."

However, it is the contemporary songs that shine the brightest on this album. Comedy songwriter Spaff co-wrote the song "St. Patrick Never Drank" and satirically announces that the good Saint never touched alcohol, despite the fact that St Patrick's Day is probably the most-drunken day of the year. However, the funniest song by far is Daniel Glasser's comedic lullaby called "Close Your Eyes". The reason? "Because the demons in your bed are gonna eat you up."

The album is an exciting breakthrough into an untapped market for Celtic comedy music. "Celts love to laugh as much as anyone," Gunn begins, "I just thought I'd give them something for our contemporary Celtic culture."

In the spirit of the indie musician, Gunn paid for the album entirely through fan sponsorships. Thirty-eight fans donated various amounts of money, from $40 to $500, to help pay for this album. That includes the Executive Producer, a collectible toy store owner credited as "Lord and Master Larry Owens of". In just two short months, the album was paid for in its entirety by Gunn's passionate fans.

Track listing:

1. Kilted For Her Pleasure
2. A Drop of Vulcan Blood
3. Maid Went to the Mill
4. Close Your Eyes
5. Beer, Beer, Beer
6. To the Begging He Will Go
7. The True History of No Pants Day
8. Jock Stuart, A Man Who Wears a Kilt Every Day
9. St. Patrick Never Drank
10. Call of the Bodice
11. The Mower
12. The Widow and the Devil
13. Kitty Cat
14. The Sailboat Armada
15. Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk

Marc Gunn is available for interviews at (512)470-4866.  MP3 downloads of album songs are also available for review. Find out more at



Lloyd Set to Release First Single, 'Lay It Down,' for Polow da Don's Zone 4 Label

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- With cool crooner Lloyd newly signed to acclaimed songwriter/producer Polow da Don's Zone 4 joint venture with Interscope Records, the smooth singer's debut single for the label, "Lay It Down," will be released on Monday, August 16, 2010. The track, produced by Awesome Jones (aka Polow da Don), will lead the release of Lloyd's fourth album but first for Zone 4/Interscope, King Of Hearts, scheduled for early 2011.

"It feels good to start fresh with Polow and Interscope, making music is fun again. We took my sound to another level with "Lay It Down," commented Lloyd. Polow adds, "This is real music, real singing, classic."

Lloyd lays down the enticing "Lay It Down" after last year's collaboration with Lil Wayne, the track "BedRock" from Young Money, hit #2 Pop and #2 R&B/Hip-Hop. His most recent album, Lessons In Love, soared to #1 R&B and Top 10 Pop in 2008, as "Girls Around The World" featuring Lil Wayne scored a Top 15 R&B/Hip-Hop hit. Lloyd's second album, 2007's Street Love, debuted at #2 Pop and R&B, went gold, and spun off the #1 R&B/Hip-Hop and #10 Pop "You," again featuring Lil Wayne, as well as the #4 R&B/Hip-Hop and Top 20 Pop "Get It Shawty." New Orleans-born but now an Atlanta resident, Lloyd made his album debut in 2004 with Southside, whose title track duet with Ashanti charted Top 30 Pop and Top 20 R&B/Hip-Hop.

SOURCE Interscope Records


THE JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision® Limited Edition Collection to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Lennon's Birth

Pre-Order Now Underway For Collection Due This Fall

Includes First LP Size Book Of Complete Album Artwork And Storage For The Entire John Lennon, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono, CD Catalog

LOS ANGELES, Aug.16 /PRNewswire/ -- In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, THE JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision®, a limited edition individually numbered collection, is now available for pre-order at  for early October delivery, and will be available at retail this Fall through EMI Music Services. Officially licensed by Yoko Ono Lennon, the stunning new collection includes:

•A 166-page hard bound book containing all of John Lennon's, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's, LP artwork, brilliantly restored in pristine new LP-size art prints. This is the first time that all of this album artwork has been collected together in a single LP sized book. This book includes front covers, back covers, gatefolds and inserts arranged to create the feeling of holding and enjoying the entire LP collection in your lap. It includes the complete artwork from WEDDING ALBUM, arranged for the first time in book form, to be viewed as an actual wedding album would; the complete calendar artwork for LIVE PEACE IN TORONTO 1969; and the complete artwork for all of John's, and John and Yoko's, officially released studio LPs, worldwide compilations and live albums originally issued in the LP format.

•The "Catalography," a brand new, full color discography of John's, and John and Yoko's, album catalog, with an exclusive essay and textual guide; newly restored reproductions of classic Lennon album advertisements; John's handwritten "sound" notes to DOUBLE FANTASY and MILK AND HONEY; and more.

•The patented BoxOfVision CD storage system, built to store all of John Lennon's official CD releases, it can hold up to 32 different CD albums, in an expandable and adaptable format to accommodate any fan's collection. (CDs not included).

•In addition, this limited edition collection includes two (2) art-adorned recordable DVDs, and two (2) different art-adorned recordable CDs, intended for fans to record and store audiovisual and audio content they choose. Boxofvision has received permission from Yoko Ono to create these unique recordable discs using classic John, and John and Yoko, art elements.

Ideal for fans, collectors and holiday gift giving, the limited edition set (less than 7500 numbered copies will be made available worldwide) is the perfect complement to Lennon's remastered albums and new collections to be released October 5 by EMI Music. Housed in a unique "artist's canvas" oversized Box (measuring over 15 inches by 13 inches, and 4 inches deep), the set is wrapped in a stunning, silver-inked portrait of John Lennon, with a precise reproduction of John's original line drawing "Baby Grand" on the back. The retail list price is $124.99.

The JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision was conceived by Jonathan Polk, of Boxofvision LLC. "To mark the 70th anniversary of John's birth, we have created something special that we believe his fans will treasure, and we hope they will pass on to their children as a way of helping to preserve the legacy of John's music and ideals for future generations," said Polk. The JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision is being released in conjunction with the John Lennon Time Capsule project, three time capsules which will be sealed on October 9, 2010 to be unsealed in a worldwide ceremony on October 9, 2040.

Boxofvision LLC creates and distributes elegant products for fans to store and display the bodies of work of great recording artists, like last year's collectible THE BEATLES Box Of Vision and the upcoming BOB DYLAN "Archive."

For a "video tour" and more information on The JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision visit:

For more information on the JOHN LENNON TIME CAPSULE Project, please visit

SOURCE Boxofvision LLC


Ozzy Osbourne Might Try to Make Music Other Than Metal  

Say it ain't so! It's being reported that Ozzy Osbourne recently told the folks at VH1 that he would like to flex his creative pipes and perhaps record something that's not metal. While that may seem shocking, (he IS the 'prince of darkness') since his name is practically synonymous with heavy metal, it might do the former Black Sabbath frontman some good to try something new.

"Being Ozzy Osbourne is great, I mean it's been wonderful being the singer of Black Sabbath, having all those hits through Sabbath and then on my solo career is one thing," Osbourne admitted, "But then if I want to do anything branching away from the heavy stuff, people will go, 'Oh, he's sold out. Oh, he's not doing it. Oh, he's singing a love song. Oh, he's singing about the ...' or whatever."

Osbourne also said he'd like to form a fake band in order to be able to expand his creative horizons. He commented, "I would like to form a fictitious band just to make a different record but it's the time it would take. I mean, it takes me all my time just to do an Ozzy record. But I would dearly like to get a mini-supergroup together. Nothing like heavy rock, like a bluesy vibe."

A bluesy rendition of "Iron Man?" Go for it Mr. Oz ....


Slayer To Release Vinyl Box Set

American thrash metalheads Slayer have recently announced that they will be releasing a box set this year called, "The Vinyl Conflict" which, as the name suggests, features vinyl copies of all of their releases through American Recordings.

Ten albums on 11 discs, The Vinyl Conflict will feature the band's entire Def/American Recordings catalogue: Reign In Blood (1986), South Of Heaven (1988), Seasons In The Abyss (1990), the double-record Live Decade Of Aggression (1991), Divine Intervention (1994), Undisputed Attitude (1998), God Hates Us All (2001), Christ Illusion (2006), and World Painted Blood (2009). The Vinyl Conflict will be released on October 12th, 2010.

"Most longtime Slayer fans may not have these records at this point," said American Recordings' Dino Paredes, "or their copies are completely beat-up, so to have the complete catalogue in this first-class presentation is terrific. For the newer fans, this is their opportunity to really get into this band the way that they could have if they were born 20 years earlier."

"Everything about 'The Vinyl Conflict' - the look of it, the feel of it - is very strong, very powerful, very Slayer," added Paredes, "from the music to the dripping, bloody pentagram on the front of the box. It's perfect."

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales ~ Week Ending 08/14/2010

Vinyl Record Talk - 78's at the top two spots, as the resurgence of the 78 continues. A Vogue picture disc makes the #1. Robert Johnson, a frequent visitor to the list recently, makes the number two spot. And someone out there has unleashed some Vertigo prog rarities. One makes the list for the second week. This from a band called Ben, so obscure that neither Jane or I know this record. As the saying goes, "no one knows every record."

1. 78 - Art Kassel "Queen For A Day" / "End Of A Perfect Day" Vogue Picture Disc - $4,207.28

2. 78 - Robert Johnson "Kind Hearted Woman Blues" / "Terraplane Blues" Vocalion 03416 - $3,428.92

3. LP - Aphrodite's Child "666" Vertigo UK 1st Pressing - $2,634.03

4. 12" - Ardonus "Got To Take A Chance" / "Just Be My Lady" Lyon - $2,550.00

5. LP - Ben "self titled" Vertigo UK 1st Pressing - $2,415.83

More on this week's top 5 on Vinyl Record Talk with Norm & Jane every Tuesday 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific on Radio Dentata.  Tune In!