Tuesday, September 25, 2007

J P Corwyn- Fresh Modern Rock

J P Corwyn

On their first full-length disc, J P Corwyn and company explode onto the modern rock scene with a refreshing, inventive and a unique sound that will have the rock and roll world standing up to hear more.

With an articulate, passionate and engaging voice, J P’s instrument is thrust upon the listener without destroying the song structure and flows cohesively from one verse to the next. The rootsy honest and sincerity cannot only be heard in this voice, it can be felt. That is all any musician can hope for.

But J P Corwyn does not rest with just that attribute, instead the Washington DC-based rock and roll band led by front man J P Corwyn, bring an intoxicating music pallette into the mix, sung and played from the heart. The cut, “Dire” is a very accessible tune, with Pearl Jam like qualities and an unbridled acoustic guitar layered beneath the smooth rocking riffs and chords, to create their own distinctive stamp and a sound that they can call their own.

The songs on this release ooze with stalwart musicianship that not only should be played on today’s FM modern rock radio, but should be dominating the airwaves. Kudos to this consistently inventive and meat-and-potatoes rock and roll band....let’s hope that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.