Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Email Question About Vinyl Value

I have had this albums for about 25 years. I purchased it as collectors item. It hasn't been played very often at all (in fact, not the in the last 20 years) Can you tell me what it may be worth?

'Muddy Waters at Newport 1960'

Chess CH1449 1977 Chess Records (1981 distributed in Canada by Quality Records Limited) MINT!

First and foremost, the condition is the most important element of any vinyl record up for resale. If the album is in Near Mint condition, this particular album could be sold at between $250-$300, so make sure, if you are selling them on eBay, to set a higher reserve. My source for the value is the "Rockin' Records Price Guide", 2007 edition (by Jerry Osborne)

Shadows Lie- NYC Rock Band Debut CD

As I continue to write about independent artists that are featured on www.ilike2rock.net I want to share a piece I wrote about Kira & company, and the band Shadows Lie. Expect to hear big things from this NYC-based band in the future!

Shadows Lie

The New York City-based rock duo “Shadows Lie” needs no prolonged introduction. With fresh concepts, persistent creativity and ghostly vocals, the song writing team of vocalist Kira Leigh and producer/band member CT, draw from a myriad of influences and have created a stunning debut CD that is worthy of those influences that include Staind, Portishead-like electronics, the crisp acoustics of Days of the New and the vocal style and wherewithal of singer Tori Amos.

But the band takes their music to new levels to include a Liz Phair-like sweetness, mixed in with the boisterous vocals of Evanescence as well as the intensity and aggression of Sinead O’Conner and creates a unique meld of precision electronica and power rock.

Originating from the New York City underground, their debut CD entitled “Echoes,” was written recorded and produced by Kira and CT. The title cut, with its angel-like vocal clarity and Tori Amos-like delivery is a beautifully sang and well crafted acoustic tune.

Other cuts include the award winning song called “Dead End” (which garageband.com awarded Track of the Day in Modern Rock on March 25, 2007, Best Female Vocals in Modern Rock for the week of March 19, 2007 as well as Best Production in Modern Rock). With one listen, this acoustic rocker, complete with tempered and sophisticated layers of piano, tells you why the song is creating such a buzz. The cut called “Blank” is another acoustic gem, with sincere backing vocals but then explodes into a pure heavy metal anthem for the ages. “Shadows” delivers more of the same previously mentioned elements and is a complex, yet simply delivered acoustic gem.

But the song that captured my attention was the cut “Keep Falling Down,” a cut that is “unplugged” in the beginning as Kira masterfully sings about the serene beauty of an autumn day. The lush lyrics perfectly compliment the soft sounds of the rain as she gracefully guides us through a fall thunderstorm.

For the band’s live shows, Kira and CT are accompanied by guitarist Frank Grullon and drummer Marco Britti. The CD has received critical acclaim from many players in the music industry including Apple iTunes, who calls the release “the greatest music from an independent artist ever” and from garageband.com who proclaims “no offense to Evanescence, but there’s no a raw quality in that music like this” as well as winning praise from the Director of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame who exclaims that Shadows Lie are “talented singer songwriters who fuse guitar rock with electronica.”

So as more listeners and music lovers are ‘turned on’ to the quasi-metal sounds that transect many different musical genres, this overpowering release has set a higher standard for the “chick-rocker” genre and Kira is certainly a voice to be reckoned with for years to come.

Band members:

Kira Leigh- vocals
CT- bass & guitar
Frank Grullon- guitars
Marco Britti- drums