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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


Last week (Mr. Music for July 30th 2012), Fred Bozeman, of Los Angeles, requested a list of the world's most valuable soundtracks and original cast records.

We then began and ended chapter one of our lengthy list, with 23 records in the $1,000 range.

For this go-round, we have 19 more, with values from $1,200 to $2,000.

Next week the final batch will be listed from the lowest ($2,500) to the highest ($10,000).

The format is as follows:

TITLE - Type of recording (Year issued) - Label name and number (Country where manufactured) Description or additional notes, if any
Artist(s) on the disc. Does not include film and show cast members — even famous stars pictured on the cover — unless they are heard on the record in some fashion (singer, instrumentalist, narrator, etc.)

Entries in the same price range are alphabetically by title.

$1,200 CUBA BAILA - Soundtrack (1963) - Icaic 1003 (Cuba)
Orquesta Folklorica

DIHASMOS - Soundtrack (1969) - Philips 630129 (Greece)
Yannis Markopoulos

GIRL IN THE BIKINI - Soundtrack (1952) - Poplar PLP 33-1002 (USA)
Brigitte Bardot

HEAD - Soundtrack (1968) - Columbia/Colgems 1361 (USA)
Full title is "Famous American Stars Series Presents a Musical Feature Special with Davy Jones Based Upon the New Columbia Motion Picture "Head." Includes five songs and an open-end interview with Davy Jones. Promotional issue only, made for radio station use
The Monkees: Davy Jones; Mike Nesmith; Peter Tork; Micky Dolenz

JURASSIC PARK - Soundtrack (1993) - MCA/BMG-10897 (USA)
Picture disc
Alexander Courage and Orchestra

KISSIN' COUSINS - Soundtrack (1964) - RCA Victor LPM-2894 (USA)
Black vinyl. Black label with "Mono Dynagroove" at bottom
Elvis Presley

Music and dialog from the first five Cinerama travelog films: "This Is Cinerama" (1952); "Cinerama Holiday" (1955); "7 Wonders of the World" (1956); "Search for Paradise" (1957); and "South Seas Adventure" (1958)

$1,500 BRIGITTE BARDOT SHOW - Soundtrack (1969) - Columbia AZ-XS 83-AZ (Japan)
Includes booklet plus a gold and violet Columbia obi. A reissue of YS-2007-AZ, the 1967 Columbia original, itself a $500 album
Brigitte Bardot with Francis Lai and His Orchestra

GET CARTER - Soundtrack (1971) - Odeon OP-80424 (Japan)
Includes Odeon obi. Promotional issue
Roy Budd

IL MONDO DI NOTTE NUMERO 2 - Soundtrack (1960) - Karim KLP-1001 (Italy)
Piero Piccioni and Orchestra

KISSIN' COUSINS - Soundtrack (1964) - RCA Victor LSP-2894 (USA)
Blue vinyl. Experimental pressing only
Elvis Presley

QUESTO SPOCO MONDO MERAVIGLIOSO - Soundtrack (1971) - Omicron LPS-0019 (Italy)
Piero Umiliani and Orchestra

SPECIAL BRIGITTE BARDOT - TV Soundtrack (1969) - Columbia XS-83-AZ (Japan)
Includes Columbia obi and eight-page booklet
Brigitte Bardot with Francis Lai and His Orchestra

$1,800 CANADA DRY RADIO PROGRAM (WJZ) - Radio Cast (1932) - Canada Dry (USA)
Picture disc with "Featured Artists on Canada Dry Radio Program, Monday and Wednesday Evenings on WJZ and Associated NBC Stations"
Jack Benny; Ethel Shutta; George Olsen

$2,000 EL CORRIDO DE PATTY HEARST - Studio Cast (1974) - Falcon FLP-4077 (USA)
Back cover shows title as "El Corrido de Patricia Hearst y Otros Corridos"
Los Del Bajio y el Conjunts; Los Magnifikos; Humberto Pedreza (narrator)

HARD DAY'S NIGHT, A - Soundtrack (1964) - United Artists UAL-3366 (USA)
White label. Promotional issue only
The Beatles

LIALEH - Soundtrack (1973) - Bryan BRS-102 (USA)
Sandi Hewitt and Bernard Pretty Purdie

PEARL JAM TWENTY (a.k.a. PJ 20) - Soundtrack (2011) - Columbia 886979603516 (USA)
Boxed set of three 180-gram vinyl discs. Known as the "Amazing Kornyfone Limited Edition," 100 were made for the band, as well as for friends and business associates. Most have "Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack" stamped on an otherwise plain cover. Includes 20-page booklet.
Pearl Jam

SCUSI, FACCIAMO L'AMORE? - Soundtrack (1967) - Poo 109 (Italy)
Bruno Nicolai and Orchestra

Next week, the final chapter …

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