Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Salazar-obsessed to deliver great rock'n'roll

As I continue to review bands for the Internet radio station, I have selected two bands that I thought you would be interested in hearing about. I will have more band reviews to come!


Hailing from New York, New York, is a unique rock band called Salazar. With infectious melodies and poignant lyrics that are perfectly blended in with the band’s total affliction and obsession for melody, mystery and passion, the CD is a must have for any fan of great rock and roll.

The band’s debut CD, “Cinematocracy,” reveals just how professional and complete their music is. The cut entitled “Don’t Fade,” is an infectious and expressive song, a song that you will pleasantly hear in your head hours after listening to it. With its James Blunt-Shannon Hoon like delivery, it is just the type of seductive pop that listeners clamor for and this acoustic rock song has “hit” stamped all over it.

Another cut called “Shake It Off,” is a pleasant, slow-tempo number with delicious strings complimenting the engaging vocals and piano work. The song takes you on a musical journey and mesmerizes the listener, as the acoustic setting is expertly transformed into a piano/strings and guitar masterpiece.

“Dark Corners” embellishes the band’s persistent creativity and is a profoundly rich ballad that is delicate, yet strong. The cut, “Electric Apology,” is easily digestible, with tight and structured guitar riffs; a sure toe-tapper.

Drawing from their influences such as Bowie, the Band, Wilco, the Allman Brothers and many, many more, Salazar’s debut CD, “Cinematocracy,” is full of creative melodies, musical passion and a delicious catchiness that will have the group’s fans eagerly awaiting more.

The Brothers Salazar:

Drums & Vocals - John Federico
Bass & Vocals - Jesse Greendyk
Vocals & Guitar - Nate Gowtham
Piano & Keys - Michael Kester

Visit the band at:

Seminole County-review

Seminole County

Having already finished a highly successful European tour, the rap-rock duo called “Seminole County” focuses on their sights on capturing audience’s ears with their impassioned rock-rap repertoire. This rocking duo, female rapper/singer JJ and her highly skilled band mate Byron J, have definitely gelled by mixing their unique talents in the release “Reasons.”

With cuts like the rapid-fire vocal delivery of the song “Memories”, which is perfectly blended with straight forward rock and roll and awe inspiring backing vocals, the song is a pivotal step for the up and coming duo. Complete with lush soundscapes, electronica and flat out rock, the band certainly captured exactly what they intended to with the cut. The song, “it’s okay,” is a perfect example of how two voices and introspective lyrics strike out at any love that’s gone bad.

“Simple Dark”, with its rap verses, gloomy guitar riffs, smart boy-girl lyrics and heavy rock chorus is bruised, yet in its own way, tender. The acoustic setting for the song “Playin’ Me” is the perfect prelude to the Evanescence-like rocker it ultimately becomes.

All in all, this is a rare collection of fresh rock melodies that is played with obvious zest, daring ingenuity and is the optimum vehicle to present the talents of both members of the duo. Already with an invitation from the Official Grammy Foundation and a performance for the official Grammy Showcase, Florida chapter, supporting the Backstreet Boys on their “Never Gone Tour,” and gigs at the Orange Bowl in Miami (2005 BCS Championship Game) as well as opening for John Legend, Seminole County is certainly headed for bigger and better roads ahead.

Seminole County are:

JJ- vocals
Byron J- keyboards