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New Vinyl Record and Music Releases - May 1, 2012

ABBA - Visitors (2 CDs)
Ad-Libs - The Complete Blue Cat Recordings
Airiel - Kid Games (EP)
Allo Darlin' - Europe
Anders Osborne - Black Eye Galaxy
Ane Brun - It All Starts With One
Archie Powell & the Exports - Great Ideas in Action
B.o.B. - Strange Clouds
Ben Sollee - Live at the Grocery on Home
Bobby Conn - Macaroni
Brian Wilson - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (reissue) (vinyl)
Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors (reissue) (vinyl)
Bright Eyes - There Is No Beginning to the Story (reissue) (vinyl)
Burial - Street Halo / Kindred
Callaghan - Life In Full Colour
Carina Round - Tigermending
Carrie Underwood - Blown Away
Cheap Time - Wallpaper Music
Climax Blues Band - Flying the Flag
Climax Blues Band - Lucky for Some
Climax Blues Band - Real to Reel
Climax Blues Band - Sample & Hold
Climax Blues Band - Shine On
Cradle of Filth - Midnight in the Labyrinth
Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Twenty Dozen
Dot Hacker - Inhibition
Eddie Rabbit - 13 Original #1 Hits
Factories - The Supreme Cosmic Consciousness Births a Star Child into Negative Space at Absolute Zero
Father John Misty - Fear Fun
Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury - DROKK
George Harrison - Early Takes Volume 1: Music From The Martin Scorsese Picture Living In The Material World
Girlyman - Supernova
Gojira - L’Enfant Sauvage
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol. 30: Academy of Music, New York City, NY, 3/25 and 3/28/72 (4 CDs)
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol. 31: 8/4-5 Philadelphia Civic Center PA 8/6/74, Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ (4 CDs)
Gravenhurst - The Ghost In Daylight
Hey Rosetta! - Seed 
Hope For Agoldensummer - Life Inside the Body
Howth - Newkirk
Hurt - The Crux
J. Blackfoot - Very Best of J. Blackfoot
JK Flesh - Posthuman 
Jenny Berkel - Here on a Wire
Kwes - Meantime (EP)
K’Naan - Country, God or the Girl
LL Cool J - Icon
Lazersword - Memory
Lee Hazlewood - LHI Years: Singles Nudes & Backsides 1968-71 (remastered)
Light Asylum - Light Asylum
Little Hurricane - Homewrecker
Lost Sounds - Lost Lost Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes & Unused Sounds
Lower Dens - Nootropics
Marilyn Manson - Born Villain
Marriages - Kitsune
Mel McDaniel - Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On His Original Capitol Hits
Melechesh - Mystics Of The Pillar II
Mitch Ryder - Never Kick a Sleeping Dog
Moby - Destroyed Remix
Monkees - The Birds, the Bees & The Monkees (reissue)
Naama Kates - The Unexamined Life
Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts
Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyards
Paul Brady - Dancer in the Fire: A Paul Brady Anthology (2 CDs)
Pennywise - All Or Nothing
Portland Cello Project - Homage
Ramona Falls - Prophet
Ravens and Chimes - Holiday Life (vinyl)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - We Salute You (EP) 
Reptar - Body Faucet
Rufus Wainwright - Out of the Game
SMASH Cast - Blown Away
Santigold - Master of My Make-Believer
Sea of Bees - Orangefarben
Serj Tankian - Figure It Out 
Siddhartha - IF IT DIE
Skip The Foreplay - Nightlife
Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos
Soso - That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China
Spinto Band - Shy Pursuit
Swans - The Burning World (reissue)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben
The Lumineers - The Lumineers
The Mowgli - Sound The Drum
The Rapid Whole - Refuge
The Spinto Band - Shy Pursuit
The Spring Standards - Yellow//Gold
Thin Lizzy - Fighting: Deluxe Edition
Thin Lizzy - Nightlife: Deluxe Edition
Todd Snider - Time As We Know It: Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker
Various Artists - NOW 42
Various Artists - Avengers Assemble (soundtrack)
Various Artists - Yes Family Tree
When Tigers Fight - Death Songs
Wild Hunt - Before The Plane Of Angles

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Audiophile Audition Vinyl Reviews

B.B. King – Singin’ The Blues – Crown Records (1957)/ Pure Pleasure Records vinyl

The early career of the King Of Blues is captured on audiophile vinyl.

Published on April 26, 2012

B.B. King – Singin’ The Blues – Crown Records (1957)/ Pure Pleasure Records (2011) CLP 5020 180-gram audiophile mono vinyl ****1/2:

(B.B. King – guitar, vocals; Red Callender – bass; Maxwell Davis – tenor saxophone; Jewel L. Grant – alto saxophone; Billy Hadnot – bass; Ralph Hamilton – bass; Lorenzo holden – alto saxophone’ Willard Mc Daniel – piano; Jack McVea – tenor saxophone; Bumps Meyers – tenor saxophone; Jake “Vernon” Porter – trumpet; Jesse Price – drums; Jesse Sailes – drums; Maurice Simon – tenor saxophone; Floyd Turnham – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone; Charles Waller – tenor saxophone)

It is difficult to fathom the breadth of B.B. King’s legacy. Widely considered to be one of the most influential guitarists of all time, he is the embodiment of the blues connection to modern music. In the forties, he began his recording career with none other than future Sun Records founder Sam Phillips. His legend is steeped in historical and anecdotal contexts.  (As a dance hall was burning, King rushed back into the blaze to rescue his beloved guitar, which he then named Lucille after the woman who inspired the incident.). During the 1950s he became a fixture on the R&B circuit with a succession of hits including “Everyday I Have The Blues”, “Sweet Little Angel” “3 O’clock Blues”, You Know I Love You” and “Woke Up This Morning”.

King became a legitimate crossover success with the release of “The Thrill Is Gone” (off his 1969 album, Completely Well. The single charted on both the pop and R&B charts. That year he opened for the Rolling Stones, and everyone became familiar with King. He was an icon to the rock and roll establishment, recording with U2 (Rattle and Hum) and Eric Clapton (Riding With The King). He has recorded and performed with the finest of jazz, blues, folk and world musicians. Not surprisingly, he was inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame (1980) and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (1987). At eighty-six years of age…he still performs!

Singin’ The Blues, originally released (on Crown records) in 1957 is a compilation of King’s early rhythm and blues career. More than a retrospective, it is a glimpse into the golden age of this unique hybrid genre. The opening track, “Please Love Me” introduces the jagged guitar and high pitched vocals that define blues. The relation to jump music is evident on “You Upset Me Baby”. Reminiscent of Louis Jordan or Ray Charles, the musical flow swings, and is augmented by a saucy tenor saxophone run. King’s signature fluid string-bending solos established a template for most guitar players over the next twenty years. There are plenty of horns on the arrangements. “Woke Up This Morning” has a latin or calypso groove. The horn chorus could be from a piece by Ellington or Basie.

There are slower vamps like “3 O’clock Blues” which manifests a mournful New Orleans vibe. The sole cover, Memphis Slim’s “Everyday I Have The Blues,” is gritty with a barrelhouse piano and nasty guitar licks. This is jukebox music…concise and dynamic. “Blind Love” is indicative of the urban context of the music. Again King delivers a blistering solo.  It is easy to see the emergence of an important musical figure.

As with many blues artists, there is a mysterious, shared writing credit (Most likely, this is attributable to label executives angling for royalties). Pure Pleasure Records has maintained the grainy tone of the original mono recordings. But King’s passionate singing and vibrato-laced guitar work is preserved. Singin’ The Blues is more than an album…it is an historical document!

 Side One: Please Love Me; You Upset Me Baby; Every Day I Have The Blues; Bad Luck; 3 O’Clock Blues; Blind Love
 Side Two: Woke Up This Morning; You Know I Love You; Sweet Little Angel; Ten Long Years; Did You Ever Love A Woman; Crying Won’t Help You

–Robbie Gerson


The Sound of Jazz – Soundtrack from 1957 CBS-TV Special – [TrackList follows] Columbia/ Pure Pleasure Records vinyl

The stereo soundtrack version of the most perfect hour of jazz ever carried on national TV.

Published on April 27, 2012

The Sound of Jazz – Soundtrack from 1957 CBS-TV Special – [TrackList follows] Columbia/ Pure Pleasure Records 180gr. audiophile mono vinyl CL 1098 *****:

(Henry “Red” Allen All-Stars, Billie Holiday with the Mal Waldron All-Stars, Mal Waldron solo, Jimmy Giuffre, Pee Wee Russell, Count Basie All-Stars with Jimmy Rushing)

In early December of 1957 the most perfect hour of jazz ever on TV was telecast. Four days before that, all the musicians (except Gerry Mulligan, who reneged because he wasn’t paid extra for it) assembled in Columbia’s 30th Street studios in NYC to record, in early stereo, the same selections that would be featured on the live TV show four days later. It was such an excellent hour of jazz TV because CBS had the good sense to leave everything to two jazz experts: Whitney Balliett and Nat Hentoff. They decided from the start to concentrate on the music and forget about the usual TV show trimmings. Everyone dressed casually, the cameras, mikes, lights and wires were visible. Media critic John Crosby was the relaxed host, who only introduced the hour and gave credits at the end of it. The way Billie looks at Lester Young during closeups in her tune is priceless; within two years both were gone. (The DVD is available; get it!)

I wish I could be more positive about this audiophile LP.  A number of times in the past I had identified and complained about CD reissues (mostly on the Fantasy label) which were only released in mono and yet I owned perfectly fine actual stereo LPs of the same material. This one is the reverse—there is a fine Columbia/Legacy stereo CD reissue of The Sound of Jazz. Not only does it add an eight-minute double-length alternate take of “Wild Man Blues,” but it is also burned as a CD-R, which if done right can sometimes be superior fidelity to a pressed CD. Audiophile vinyl reissue labels request the best possible master from whomever they are licensing the material from, and both Pure Pleasure and myself deduce that Sony Music must have found some damage—dropouts, for example—on the original stereo tapes. (But that seems strange because Sony Music has supposedly archived all their analog masters to DSD—that’s what they invented it for in the first place—and surely the stereo version of the best hour of jazz on TV ever would be one of the first things to be so preserved.)

Anyway, what I had to compare was this mono audiophile vinyl with the Columbia/Legacy stereo CD. Switching back and forth, the vinyl sounds a bit rolled off in the treble compared to the more distant-sounding but more harsh and somewhat metallic stereo CD. Mal Waldron’s solo piano on “Nervous” (misidentified at Wikipedia as Thelonious Monk—though he does sound a lot like Monk here) actually sounds better on the mono vinyl. More natural and placed at dead center of the soundstage of course. The stereo CD suffers from the too-wide-piano mike pickup which so many piano recordings suffer from. (And the first few years of jazz stereo recordings generally suffer from this “hole-in-the-middle” miking.)

However, on nearly everything else the early stereo adds a tremendous impact and boost to the sonics—especially of the Allen and Basie Bands. Hearing the brass on one side answer the winds on the other is a kick. Even on intimate tracks such as the Jimmy Giuffre Trio, it is a pleasure to hear the guitar on the left, doublebass in the center and Jimmy’s clarinet on the right—rather than all coming out of the center speaker in mono. Both vocals with the bands’ backing—by Billie and by Rushing—are a delight and probably the highlights of the hour. Considering not only stereo but the price difference, the CD reissue gets my vote here. Both formats reprint the original liner notes by Eric Larrabee, which originally appeared in Harper’s Magazine.

 Wild Man Blues; Rosetta – Red Allen, Fine and Mellow – Billy Holiday with Waldron All-Stars, Blues – Giuffre & Russell, I Left My Baby – Jimmy Rushing with Basie All-Stars, The Train and the River – Giuffre Trio, Nervous – Mal Waldron, Dickie’s Dream – Basie All-Stars

—John Sunier


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Special thanks to John at for the exclusive rights to reprint this material.

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Michael Fremer Album Review

Cult item resurrected for good reason?

Homemade Ice Cream (reissue)

Tony Joe White

  • Warner Brothers/Analogue Productions APP-2708 200g LP
  • Produced by: Tom Dowd and Tony Joe White
  • Engineered by: Stan Hutto
  • Mixed by: Stan Hutto
  • Mastered by: Kevin Gray and Zan Zanev at Cohearent Mastering





White's Sixth Chosen For AAA Reissue 

by Michael Fremer
March 01, 2012

I’ve heard and read complaints about the unadventurous reissues coming from Analogue Productions, especially now that the parent company Acoustic Sounds owns its own pressing plant, Quality Record Pressing.

Yes, they are doing many titles previously issued by Classic Records, along with the titles from the Blue Note, Verve and Impulse jazz catalogs among others, so here’s one that doesn’t fit into that ungrateful narrative.

Oak Grove, Louisiana native Tony Joe White is best known for his oddly titled hit “Polk Salad Annie” as well as “Rainy Night in Georgia.” Both have been well-covered and no doubt White lives comfortably off of his songwriting royalties.

But White’s mainly a performer who’s also recorded numerous albums, first for Monument and then three for Warner Brothers, with this highly underappreciated one coming last.

Perhaps it was bound for commercial failure because record store owners couldn’t figure out what bin to put it in. It’s country, but it’s also kind of hippie-folk too. Then again, it’s got country soul all over it too!

While the opener “Saturday Nite in Oak Grove, Louisiana” gives you as fine a sense of what it must have been like coming of age there in the early ‘60s, and so would appeal to the Southern pick-up truck country crowd, White’s ecological plea “Ol Mother Earth” that makes Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” line “paved paradise and put up a parking lot” sound shallow and uncommitted in comparison, probably wasn’t what the country boys wanted to hear.

“For Ol Times Sake” moves the usual country break-up “poor me” complaint to a higher, more sensitive and introspective level of personal pain that would have made the country audience even more uncomfortable, but would have been fine for the sensitive singer-songwriter crowd that bought Warner Brothers product, were they able to get past the opener!

“For Ol Times Sake” like “Takin’ The Midnight Train” are two of the most sensitive, heartfelt songs about personal pain you’re likely to ever hear in any musical genre.

White looked back then something like Elvis and he kind of sang like him too, minus the bravado and over the top drama and tendency towards the operatic. In fact White often sounds here as if he’s ready to break down and cry, which makes it that much more compelling.

He plays guitar and harmonica, backed on this exceptionally intimate sounding recording by a dream team of Southern musicians: Reggie Young on guitar, Crazy Horse producer David Briggs on keyboards, Norbert Putman on bass and Kenny Malone on drums.

Not a song on this album is less than compelling and some are downright searing. White’s vulnerability and ability to convey heartbreak and hurt put him in Roy Orbison’s class, though he expresses these feeling less bombastically.

The production is intimate and direct, the sonics warm and "you are there" “analog-y” so it’s no wonder Louisiana born Chad Kassem would want to reissue this little known gem. The sound starts out really good but just gets better as it goes, with side two's final four tracks being astonishingly transparent and intimate-sounding—as if you're sitting on the other side of the microphones.

So to those who accuse the label of only reissuing the tried and true, here’s one that’s anything but yet very easy to recommend. Put this on late at night and you’re sure get way involved in the music and the sound. This is an easy one to recommend as is packing some Kleenex in your pocket when you first listen!

The Quality Record Pressings pressing quality is state of the art.

Thanks to Michael over at  for the exclusive rights to reprint this material.  Stop by for more reviews and features.

©2012 & Michael Fremer - - All rights reserved

Reprinted by Permission

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this hot off the presses...(i mean in my email box)....from Patrice Fehlen over at September Gurl

“Moments of genuine groove…Soundly in the realm of chamber music…A very cerebral piece of music…- Hymie’s Vintage Record Blog

Brooklyn, NY, 6 April 2012 - Liminal Phase, a collective of Minneapolis musicians, releases their debut album, LP, on Simon Recordings.

Weaving avant garde tonalities and captivating melodic ideas into expansive improvised soundscapes that are informed by ambient, jazz, psychedelia and West African musical ideas, Liminal Phase features deVon Gray (Heiruspecs) on bassoon, flute and keys, Adam Levy (Honeydogs) on guitars, Lisa Hirst-Carnes on oboe and harmonium, Joey Van Phillips (Mystery Palace, Dessa) on drums, Dan Zamzow (Cloud Cult, Deep Soul Deities) on cello and experimental electronic musician Nathan Brende adding diverse electronic textures.

Liminal Phase takes their name from the anthropological concept that describes a period of transition during which traditional limits on thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed, a fitting name for the experimental project focused on composing and performing in an intuitive, collaborative manner. "There's a lot of similarities between what we're doing now and what Miles Davis was doing in '69," pianist deVon Gray comments. "He would just get up on onstage and play. 'What was that called?' Call it whatever you want. Often the material determines when it's done. The music has these natural breaks. You can pick up on a where a new movement begins or the definitive end. We look around and smile at each other...we'll look at our drink situation."

"As a musician, one of the cool things I would say about this project is surrender," says guitarist Adam Levy. "A lot of times in bands there is a sense of a leader and someone who is calling the shots. In this band, for me, it's about saying, 'Look at all these other ideas. Where is that going to make you go?' and allowing this band to create a sort of living animal every time we play a song.”

The band approached the recording of LP with little advance planning or existing compositions; the idea was that they would create in the studio and in the moment. Someone would introduce a musical idea, the others would respond and the songs would develop a short evolutionary life as they played. Deviating from the traditional process of recording a part multiple times, the band was able to relieve some of the pressure and just enjoy themselves. In the end, they had hours of recordings that cellist Daniel Zamzow sifted through to find the right pieces, resulting in eleven songs ranging from roughly one and half minutes to an almost fourteen minute track.

Drummer Joey Van Phillips commented, “This was really fun, just to keep that kind of passion alive longer.”

For further information or to request music, photos or an interview, please contact, Patrice Fehlen at September Gurl Music, 718.768.3859,

For more information about Simon Recordings, please contact Michael Simon at

Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: In 1960s and '70s, I made many cassettes of songs played by our Top 40 stations. Now I'm converting those to CDs.

Most titles and singers were identified by the jocks, but not all. From those that aren't, I have tracked down all but the singer of one.

What still has me stumped is "Beg, Borrow Or Steal," the song popularized by the Ohio Express. But it definitely is not them on the tape. Who is it?

They sound a lot like Manfred Mann, if that is of any help.
—Lenny Bradford, Philadelphia

DEAR LENNY: I agree, this nifty garage band probably resembles Manfred Mann more than any of the other well-known '60s bands. However, this version is by the Demotrons (Cameo 456), a name you probably do not know.

Their somewhat slower rendition of "Beg, Borrow, and Steal" is the second of three different releases, and is the only one where the singer switches the lyrics to "beg, borrow OR steal." Regardless, the Cameo label correctly shows the title as "Beg, Borrow, and Steal."

With Cameo-Parkway based in Philadelphia, it is not surprising the Demotrons got some local spins, but they never charted nationally.

Then again, neither did the first release of the original version.

When first issued, in May 1966 by the Rare Breed (Attack 1401), "Beg, Borrow and Steal" didn't get much attention outside of a few scattered New York and Pennsylvania markets.

In January of '67, Cameo gave the Demotrons a shot at having the hit single of "Beg, Borrow, and Steal," but it was not to be. Perhaps they just had a one-record deal, because this turned out to be their only Cameo release.

The company's belief that "Beg, Borrow and Steal" was a hit just waiting to burst out finally paid off. The third time was the charm.

In September, Cameo repackaged the Rare Breed's 1966 original, even changing the group's name to the Ohio Express, reflecting their Mansfield, Ohio roots.

Whether that made the difference is not known, but "Beg, Borrow and Steal" (Cameo 483) quickly worked its way into the Top 30, becoming the first of nine hit singles for the Ohio Express.

Best known among those are "Yummy Yummy Yummy"; "Down at Lulu's"; "Chewy Chewy"; and "Mercy."

As for "Beg, Borrow and Steal," here are some noteworthy tunes with very similar titles: "Beg, Borrow Or Steal" by Jim Photoglo (1980), then by Glenn Hughes & Pat Thrall (1982). Also, there is "Beg, Steal Or Borrow," by the New Seekers, a minor U.S. hit but one that reached No. 2 in the UK in April 1972.

DEAR JERRY: Last month you indicated Adele's "21" held the No. 1 album spot for 19 weeks. Has that number changed since then?
—Bernice Moreland, Medford, Ore.

DEAR BERNICE: Yes, and here is an update:

On April 22, Billboard reports "Adele's titanic-selling "21" album is looking likely to return to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for a 24th week."

That would further increase what is already a total unmatched by any female in music history!

Of millions of albums since 1948, only two by solo artists are ahead of Adele in this department: "Thriller" (Michael Jackson) (37 weeks) and "Calypso" (Harry Belafonte) (31 weeks).

The impending success of "21" will put Adele in a tie with "Purple Rain" (Prince and the Revolution), both with 24 chart-topping weeks.

We will report on this again soon.

IZ ZAT SO? Turning from LPs to singles, three of Billboard's Top 10 songs in early March belonged to Adele: "Set Fire to the Rain"; "Rolling in the Deep"; and "Someone Like You," making her the first female ever to do so, and putting her in some mighty exclusive company.

Propelled by "Saturday Night Fever" fever, three Bee Gees songs from that soundtrack ranked among the Top 10 in February 1978: "Stayin' Alive"; "Night Fever"; and "How Deep Is Your Love."

Two decades earlier, October-November 1956, four Elvis hits dominated the Top 10: "Love Me Tender"; "Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)"; "Don't Be Cruel"; and "Hound Dog."

Then, in April 1964, the Beatles raised the bar even higher. Not only did they have five of the Top 10, but they held the top five of the Top 10: "Can't Buy Me Love"; "Twist and Shout"; "She Loves You"; "I Want to Hold Your Hand"; and "Please Please Me."

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column. Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368 E-mail:   Visit his Web site:  

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2012 Osborne Enterprises- Reprinted By Exclusive Permission

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 04/23/2012

The flying flexi-disc did not top the list this week, being beat out by one of psych's ultimate treasures, the Israeli band The Churrchills' self titled LP from 1969.  This leaves Jack White's first 7" from 1999 as the most recently released record to top the Top 5.  The test pressing of "Love Buzz" was first for the list, as was The Fly-Bi-Nights 45.

1. LP - The Churchills "self titled" Hed Arzi Israeli Pressing Promo - $5,200.00

2. 45 - Jack White "Freedome At 17" flexi-disc by balloon - $4,238.88

3. 45 - Nirvana "Love Buzz" Test Pressing - $3,999.99

4. LP - Led Zeppelin "I" Atlantic Turquoise UK Pressing - $3,626.33

5. 45 - The Fly-Bi-Nites "Found Love" / "Come On Up" Tiffany - $3607.89

Vinyl Record Talk is Live on Radio Dentata on Tuesdays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT at


heard this while watching and listening to Mike & Mike on odd platform to debut the song....

The Beach Boys Launch New Single and Announce New Album Details: 'That's Why God Made The Radio' to be Released June 5 by Capitol/EMI

Legendary Band's 50th Anniversary Celebration Includes New Album, a Major International Tour, and Commemorative Catalog Releases

National Television and Radio Appearances Confirmed

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The founding members of The Beach Boys, one of the world's most legendary bands in popular music history, have reunited for a global 50th Anniversary celebration, including a new album release, a major international tour, and commemorative catalog releases.  Today, The Beach Boys announce details about their new studio album, That's Why God Made The Radio, to be released June 5 by Capitol/EMI.

Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks recently completed their recording sessions at Los Angeles' Ocean Way Studios for That's Why God Made The Radio, the band's 29th studio album (including 2011's The SMiLE Sessions), the first in decades to feature all of the band's surviving original members.  Produced by Brian Wilson and executive produced by Mike Love, the album's 11 new songs illustrate The Beach Boys' unique and evocative West Coast story with the band's timeless signature sound. 

The album's lead single, "That's Why God Made The Radio," showcases The Beach Boys' soaring harmonies in an upbeat, beaming ode to music's radio champions around the world.  Beginning today, the song is available for download purchase from all major digital service providers, and it makes its national radio premiere today on "Mike & Mike In the Morning" on ESPN Radio and ESPN 2 (6 AM-10 AM ET/PT, check local stations).  A new lyrics video for the single has been launched today on VEVO and The Beach Boys' YouTube channel, where a video about the making of the song is also available for streaming.

"Radio was my whole education," says Brian Wilson.  "Chuck Berry, Rosemary Clooney, The Four Freshmen, Phil Spector, Little Richard ... To hear 'That's Why God Made The Radio' on the radio would be a thrill beyond belief, it really would.  It would be a thrill beyond belief."

"I got a lot of my appreciation for all of the creativity in the world, in terms of music, through the radio," says Mike Love.  "For all of us who grew up in the '50s, '60s, '70s and beyond, the radio has played such a huge, important part in our lives.  When we were kids, we'd sneak out of the house and go and sit in Brian's car and listen to the local radio stations on his car radio."

The album's other new songs include "Think About The Days," "Isn't It Time," "Spring Vacation," "Private Life Of Bill And Sue," "Shelter," "Daybreak Over The Ocean," "Beaches In Mind," "Strange World," "My Life Suite," and "Summer's Gone." 

The Beach Boys' collaborative approach to writing and recording their new music is evidenced throughout the album, with all of the band members participating to create its glorious harmonies, lyrics, and arrangements.

"We've come full circle," says Al Jardine.  "Sharing our memories and our present in the studio has been really remarkable.  I can especially feel it when we're all singing around the mic together, because we all hear each other and we really lock in."

"We have reunited as a band, but we never 'un-reunited' as friends," says Bruce Johnston.  "To be back in the studio with these guys is like a prayer that's been answered and I am thrilled to be sharing it with everybody."

"This is more like a family reunion than anything," says David Marks.  "When we're together, we get along great.  The chemistry always works the same as the last time we were together, and the five of us become a single element."

The Beach Boys' 50th Anniversary tour, the band's first major outing to include Brian Wilson in more than two decades, began this week in Tucson, with other North American stops including their first concert at the Hollywood Bowl since 1965, headlining performances at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ("Jazz Fest") and Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, and concerts in major cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Toronto, and Montreal.

The Beach Boys have also confirmed concerts throughout Europe with additional European territories to be announced shortly.  The Beach Boys will also perform shows in Japan, and concerts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia will be announced soon.  All confirmed tour dates can be found on

Starting May 1, a custom 72-page Beach Boys 'ZinePak magazine, bundled with an exclusive CD featuring 11 of the band's classic hits and their 2012 version of "Do It Again," will be available for purchase in the music department at Walmart stores nationwide.  For more information and to purchase the 'ZinePak online, visit

The Beach Boys are scheduled to head to QVC Wednesday, May 16 to unveil their much-anticipated new release with a special hour-long live performance at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. During The Beach Boys' QSessions Live broadcast, fans will have the opportunity to order the new album, which has been specially packaged just for QVC shoppers with a greatest hits bonus CD, nearly a month before the new album's release date. The QVC-exclusive album package with bonus CD will be available starting May 16 at or (800) 345-1515, while supplies last.

The Beach Boys have confirmed several other national television appearances, including an interview on "CBS Sunday Morning" to air this Sunday, April 29, a multi-song performance and interview on NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on May 7, a performance on NBC's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on June 6, and more to be announced.

Special radio events have also been confirmed, including a SiriusXM "Artist Confidential" performance and Q&A special to air Saturday, May 26 at 12 PM ET within the satellite network's "Beach Boys Endless Summer Weekend," a four-day Memorial Day Weekend tribute airing on '60s on 6, channel 6.  Also during Memorial Day Weekend, Cumulus Radio Networks will premiere an exclusive, hour-long Beach Boys 50th Anniversary special on more than 150 Classic Hits/Oldies and AC stations across the U.S.

The Beach Boys and Capitol/EMI have also partnered for 50th Anniversary commemorative releases celebrating the band's entire catalog, with a new hits collection and a career-spanning box set planned for later this year.

For five decades, America's first pop band to reach the 50 year milestone has recorded and performed the music that has become the world's favorite soundtrack to summer.  Founded in Hawthorne, California in 1961, The Beach Boys were originally comprised of the three teenaged Wilson brothers: Brian, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and school friend Al Jardine.  In 1962, neighbor David Marks joined the group for their first wave of hits with Capitol Records, leaving in late 1963, and in 1965, Bruce Johnston joined the band when Brian Wilson retired from touring to focus on writing and producing for the group. 

The Beach Boys signed with Capitol Records in July 1962 and released their first album, Surfin' Safari, that same year. The album spent 37 weeks on the Billboard chart, launching the young group known for its shimmering vocal harmonies and relaxed California style into international stardom.  The Wilson/Love collaboration resulted in many huge international chart hits, and under Brian Wilson's musical leadership, the band's initial surf-rock focus was soon broadened to include other themes, making The Beach Boys America's preeminent band of the 1960s.

In 1966, The Beach Boys were one of the first bands to found its own record label with the launch of Brother Records, Inc. (BRI), with the band's members as its shareholders and Capitol Records as its distribution partner.  BRI continues to manage The Beach Boys' intellectual property, including the band's catalog with Capitol/EMI and other label partners, as well as its name, logos, image and likeness.

The Beach Boys continue to hold Billboard / Nielsen SoundScan's record as the top-selling American band for albums and singles, and they are also the American group with the most Billboard Top 40 chart hits (36).  'Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys' has achieved triple-Platinum sales status, and 'The SMiLE Sessions,' released to worldwide critical acclaim in November, has been heralded as 2011's #1 Reissue of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine.
Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and recipients of The Recording Academy's Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, The Beach Boys are an American institution that is iconic around the world.



Track Listing Revealed For Forthcoming Heart Box Set

The upcoming Heart box set ‘Strange Euphoria’ will deliver an embarrassment of riches for both hardcore fans and casual fans alike, thanks to the inclusion of a number of previously unreleased or hard to find tracks.

‘Strange Euphoria’ is set for a June 5 release and a newly released tracklisting reveals that the set will feature 56 tracks on four CDs plus a DVD of the rare 1976 ‘Dreamboat Annie’ television performance.

The audio will be spread across three discs, with exciting news that an additional fourth bonus disc titled ‘Heart Zeppish,’ available only on the Amazon edition of the collection, will contain five of the legendary Led Zeppelin covers that have become a staple of the Heart live shows.

Read what Heart has to say and the rest of the article at

Disc 1:

 1. “Through Eyes And Glass” (by Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks)
 2. “Magic Man” (demo)
 3. “How Deep It Goes” (demo)
 4. “Crazy On You” (demo)
 5. “Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)” + “Dreamboat Annie Reprise (edit)”
 6. “Love Alive”
 7. “Sylvan Song”
 8. “Dream Of The Archer”
 9. “White Lightning And Wine” (live at the Aquarius)
 10. “Barracuda” (live from BBC Radio Concert)
 11. “Little Queen”
 12. “Kick It Out”
 13. “Here Song” (demo)
 14. “Heartless” (demo)
 15. “Dog & Butterfly” (acoustic demo)
 16. “Straight On”
 17. “Nada One”

Disc 2:

 1. “Bebe le Strange”
 2. “Silver Wheels II”
 3. “Even It Up”
 4. “Sweet Darlin”
 5. “City”s Burning”
 6. “Angels”
 7. “Love Mistake”
 8. “Lucky Day” (demo)
 9. “Never” (live, with John Paul Jones)
 10. “These Dreams”
 11. “Nobody Home”
 12. “Alone”
 13. “Wait For An Answer”
 14. “Unconditional Love” (demo)
 15. “High Romance” (demo)
 16. “Under The Sky” (demo)
 17. “Desire Walks On” (“Beach demo” version)

Disc 3:
 1. “Kiss” (by The Lovemongers)
 2. “Sand” (live) (by The Lovemongers)
 3. “Everything” (live) (by Nancy Wilson)
 4. “She Still Believes” (live)
 5. “Any Woman”s Blues” (demo) (with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns)
 6. “Strange Euphoria”
 7. “Boppy”s Back” (demo)
 8. “Friend Meets Friend” (live) (by The Lovemongers)
 9. “Love Or Madness” (live)
 10. “Skin To Skin”
 11. “Fallen Ones”
 12. “Enough”
 13. “Lost Angel” (live)
 14. “Little Problems, Little Lies” (by Ann Wilson)
 15. “Queen City”
 16. “Hey You”
 17. “Avalon” (Reprise)

“Heart Zeppish” Bonus Disc
 1. “Going to California”
 2. “Battle Of Evermore”
 3. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
 4. “Immigrant Song”
 5. “Misty Mountain Hop”


album cover art of the day:

SINISTER Reveal Album Cover Artwork

Dutch death metallers SINISTER have completed work on their new album called 'The Carnage Ending,' which is scheduled for a summer release via Massacre Records. The band also recorded five cover songs for a bonus disc which will be included with the upcoming album.


1. Defamatory Content
2. Regarding The Imagery
3. The Carnage Ending
4. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
5. My Casual Enemy
6. Crown Of Thorns
7. Blood Ecstasy
8. Unheavenly Domain
9. The Final Destroyer
10. Oath Of Rebirth

MOS GENERATOR 10th Anniversary Re-Issue Test Pressing to be Auctioned Off for Wounded Warrior Charity


Continuing with the company tradition of giving back to the community, Ripple Music will auction an extremely Rare Original Test Pressing of the Mos Generator 10th Anniversary vinyl, with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warriors as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury – from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.

Only 5 of these test pressings exist, and this is the only one made available to the public.  You can jump into the auction, win a cool heavy rock collectible and benefit the guys who throw their lives on the line every day so that we can have the liberties that we do at the same time. To do so, just visit us at the Ripple Music Ebay Store! The auction will start on Monday, April 23rd and end on Monday, April 30th.

The Mos Generator test press auction is the latest in a growing line of charity auctions that Ripple Music has created.  Previously, rare JPT Scare Band, Stone Axe, and the Heavy Ripples test pressings were auctioned with proceeds going to Gulf Disaster, Japan Tsunami and the Joplin Tornado disaster relief agencies.  With the sacrifices made by the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, Ripple founders John Rancik and Todd Severin thought the time was right to release another rare test pressing from their vault and raise money for a worthwhile effort.

Donations can be made to the charity outside of this auction by visiting

For further information, please contact:
John Rancik
Ripple Music

Record Store Day A Vinyl Success

As I report that there are 2,081 results found for 'record store day 2012' currently up on eBay, the importance of record stores cannot be discounted, fans of vinyl should remember that the stores are there everyday.  RSD does a great job with this 'vinyl holiday,' however when most of them show up on eBay anyway, why not offer the goodies to online shops?  on to the news.....

Stats released by the Entertainment Retailers Association show that vinyl sales were up 50% from last year, while some of the 230 participating stores have reported more than 100% increases over 2011.  Additionally, seven of the 450 exclusive releases made available for the event appeared in last week’s top ten vinyl chart, while the entire top ten for physical singles is made up of Record Store Day releases, despite them only being on sale for one day.

Record Store Day coordinator and manager of Rough Trade East Spencer Hickman stated: “I can’t believe just how busy RSD was again this year, there were queues round the block with fans both young and old enjoying the unique atmosphere indie stores provide ensuring that RSD has become the date music buyers are marking in their diaries. With vinyl sales again on the rise for the fifth year in a row indie record stores and RSD are proving to be more relevant than ever for the discerning music buyer”.

this from our friends at

Record Store Day Vinyl Top 50 Sellers At Grimey's:

1. The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends
2. The White Stripes - Hand Springs 7"
3. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Live From Sun Studio
4. JEFF The Brotherhood - Upstairs At United Vol. 3 12"
5. PUJOL - Reverse Vampire 7"
6. Paul McCartney - Another Day 7"
7. The Black Keys - El Camino RSD Edition (45rpm w/ 7")
8. Arcade Fire - The Sprawl II 12"
9. Caitlin Rose - Piledriver Waltz 7"
10. St Vincent - KROKODIL 7"
11. Dr. John - Locked Down
12. M Ward - Primitive Girl 7"
13. Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Gonna Change 7"
14. Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out 7"
15. Jimmy Fallon - Tebowie 7"
16. The Civil Wars - Billie Jean 7"
17. Mastodon / Feist - Feistodon 7"
18. The Black Angels - Watch Out Boy 7"
19. Sigur Rose - Hvarf - Heim
20. Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal 12"
21. Miles Davis - Forever Miles
22. Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros - One Love To Another 7"
23. Ryan Adams - Heartbreak A Stranger 7"
24. Paul Simon - Graceland
25. M83 - Mirror 7"
26. Captain Beefheart - Diddy Wah Diddy 7"
27. Phish - Junta (Pollock & Deluxe LP combined)
28. Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World 7"
29. Foster The People - Broken Jaw 7"
30. The Grateful Dead - Dark Star LP
31. The Flaming Lips / Mastodon - A Spoonful Weighs A Ton 7"
32. Little Richard - Here's Little Richard
33. Sufjan Stevens - Hit & Run Vol. 1 7"
34. Metallica - Beyond Magnetic
35. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
36. Karen Elson - Milk & Honey 7"
37. Eddie Vedder - Love Boat Captain 7"
38. Dave Brubeck - Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals
39. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die 7"
40. Farrar/Johnson/Parker/James - Let's Multiply 10"
41. James Brown - Live At The Apollo 7"
42. Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power
43. Beach House - Lazuli 7"
44. Mississippi John Hurt - Last Sessions
45. Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
46. Devo - Live In Seattle 1981
47. Uncle Tupelo - No Depression
48. Mynahbirds - It's My Time 7"
49. Carolina Chocolate Drops / RUN-DMC - You Be Illin' 7"
50. MC5 / Afrika Bambaataa - Kick Out The Jams 7"

i close this post with an inspiring article, highly recommended reading and why record stores and music should never go away.......

Record Store Day Recollections By Alfred Howard

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Vinyl Record and Music Releases - April 24, 2012

Actress - R.I.P.
Adaliah - Broken Families
Anathema - Weather Systems
Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno (reissue) 
Astra - The Black Chord
Bad Veins - The Mess We've Made
Becoming the Archetype - Celestial Progression
Bereft - Leichenhaus
Bermuda - The Wandering
Bonnie Prince Billy - Greatest Palace Music (reissue) (vinyl)
Brad - United We Stand
Brendan Benson - What Kind of World
Brendon Small's Galaktikon - A High Stakes Intergalactic Extreme Rock Album 
CFCF - Exercises
Call Me No One - Biggest Fan
Cancer Bats - Dead Set On Living
Carole King - The Legendary Demos
Cheers Elephant - Like Wind Blows Fire
Clock Opera - Ways To Forget
Code Orange Kids / Full of Hell - split (EP)
Cradle of Filth - Midnight in the Labyrinth
D & M - Wait For Me (EP)
DNF - Hurt
Dandy Warhols - This Machine
Davy Jones - The Bell Recordings 1971-72
Death Grips - Money Store
Deuce - Nine Lives
Diamond Rugs - Diamond Rugs
Disfiguring The Goddess - Sleeper 
DragonForce - The Power Within
Electric Guest - Mondo (vinyl)
Ellen And The Escapades - All The Crooked Scenes
Eve6 - Speak In Code
Fear Factory - Recharger
Feeder - Generation Freakshow
Fixers - Pop Meat/Your Corrupter (EP) 
Frames - In Vi
Gemma Hayes - Let It Break
Greg Laswell - Landline 
Haste The Day - Best Of The Best
High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
Hollow Earth - We Are Not Humanity
Horisont - Second Assault 
Horns 7 Eyes - Throes Of Absolution
Jack White - Blunderbuss
James Blackshaw - Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death
Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star
Jerry Bertram & the Golden Bicycles - Neon City
Jerry Jeff Walker - Walker's Collectibles and Ridin' High Plus
Joe Pug - The Great Despiser
Joe Satriani - Satchurated: Live In Montreal
John Zorn - Nosferatu
Johnny Bertram - Neon City
Julian Ovenden - If You Stay
Kip Moore - Up All Night
Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) - 51 
LP - Into the Wild
Lee Brice - Hard 2 Love
Loquat - We Could Be Arsonists
Love & Death - Chemicals 
Loyal To The Grave - Against The Odds
Maccabees - Given to the Wild
Magic Wands - Aloha Moon
Marty Stuart - Nashville 1: Tear the Woodpile
Megan Reilly - Well
Mickey Avalon - Loaded
Monkees - Pool It!: The Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)
Motor - Man Made Machine
Moving Mountains - New Light (EP)
NOFX - 126 Inches of NOFX (18-disc box set) (vinyl)
Neon Trees - Picture Show (vinyl)
Obey The Brave - Ups & Downs (7") 
Orcas - Orcas
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
Peter Gabriel - New Blood Live in London (2 CDs)
Pigeon Toe - The First Perception
Prong - Carved Into Stone
Quantic and Alice Russell - Look Around the Corner (vinyl)
Rasputins - How We Quit the Forest (reissue)
Reks - Straight, No Chaser
Richard James - Pictures In Morning
Rufus Wainwright - Out Of The Game
Running Wild - Shadowmaker
Ryan Adams - iTunes Session 
Santigold - Master Of My Make Believe
Sarah Jaffe - Body Wins
Sic Alps - Pangea Globe (7") 
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Radio Salone
Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos 
Smog - Forgotten Foundation (reissue) (vinyl)
Straight Lines - Freaks Like Us
Struck By Lightning - True Predation 
Suckers - Candy Salad
Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Crown and Treaty
Terror - No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days (LP/CD/DVD)
Testament - The Dark Roots of Earth
The Chieftains - The Voice Of Ages
The Darlings - The New Escape
The Hudson Branch - World Kid
The Memories - The Memories
The Raveonettes - Into the Night (EP)
The Tower and The Fool - How Long
The Wanted - The Wanted
Theresa Andersson - Street Parade
Tic Tic Boom! - Before the Sun Rises
Tiesto - Club Life - Volume Two Miami
Tom Williams & The Boat - Teenage Blood
Torche - Harmonicraft
Toro Y Moi - June 2009 (box set)
Twin Trip - Twin Trip
Ty Segall and White Fence - Hair
Tyketto - Dig In Deep
Ufomammut - Oro: Opus Primum
Umphrey’s McGee - Death By Remix (EP)  
Uneven Structure - Februus
Various Artists - Mercyland: Hymns For the Rest of Us
Various Artists - Listen to Music: Caltone's Jamaican 45's
Various Artists - Lullaby Renditions of the Smiths
Various Artists - Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984
Various Artists - Putumayo Presents African Blues
Various Artists - Eastbound & Down 
Various Artists - This Must Be the Place 
Waco Brothers and Paul Church - Great Chicago Fire
Walter Trout - Blues for the Modern Daze
War Of Ages - Return To Life
Warren Haynes Band - Live At The Moody Theater (2 CDs)
Will Oldham - Lost Blues & Other Songs (reissue) (vinyl)
Yuna - Yuna
Zomby - Where Were U in 92 (reissue) (vinyl)


Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Have a great Record Store Day?  I didn't, since I don't have any money to spend on all the goodies.  But for those who do, there were plenty of vinyl specials sure to satisfy any collector.  However, there are some flaws in the celebration and I'll tell you what I think.  At 6pm Sunday there were 2,116 results found on eBay for record store day 2012, which brings this question?  Is this the intent of RSD, for people to snap up these exclusive releases, only to sell them on eBay?  Certainly, not the intent, but in reality the end result.  Why then exclude online retailers from RSD?  Sure, nothing beats going into a 'brick and mortar' store, but if the releases wind up online anyway, what is the point?  I know of many online retailers who, are in essence - record stores.  Their main purpose online is to sell vinyl, so I think they should be included.  SoundStageDirect, RecordsByMail, ShopRadioCast, BurningShed, why the list is endless. Why not give these vinyl vendors a chance, they could register at the RSD site and order up some of these goodies and sell them to the public.  This way, any profits could go to the people who care about vinyl and its place in the music industry, instead of lining the pockets of the eBay machine and greedy resellers.  Just my opinion....

another view:

Why I Gave Up On Record Store Day

and some vinyl stories to enjoy:

Record Store Day brings back a fading tradition

Fort Collins record stores celebrate independence

Platter lovers flock to Record Store Day in Wilmette, Evanston

Vinyl buffs enjoy the groove at Record Store Day events

A banner day for the region's vinyl freaks

National Record Store Day attracts Cleveland-area buyers looking for old-fashioned vinyl

Coachella 2012: Record Store Day comes early

The black plastic magic that is the vinyl record

Boise's 'Record Exchange' Still Alive at 35


Asia Announce New Album, Reissue and World Tour for 30th Anniversary

Asia are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and plan the release of a new album, a world tour and collectors' edition of their debut.  Asia, features the original line-up of Geoff Downes (keyboards), Steve Howe (guitar), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (bass, lead vocals)

ASIA will release its new studio album, 'XXX' (pronounced Triple X) via Frontiers Records on June 29 in Europe and July 3 in North America. The new record, produced by Mike Paxman, which is being hailed as ASIA's best album since its classic early '80s releases, will be made available as a CD, collector's-edition CD/DVD (featuring new music videos and behind-the-scenes footage), and on vinyl (limited edition Europe only). Original artwork for "XXX" was created by Roger Dean.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vinyl Record Revival Continues

Happy Record Store Day! I will hop over to eBay tomorrow and see how many of these 'special releases' are up for sale...... I still say that online vinyl record sellers should be included!

Top Monthly Vinyl Record Sales on eBay April 2011 - March 2012

a yearly update from our friends Norm and Jane at and Vinyl Record Talk

April 2011 / 10" - Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" Acetate - $23,805.30

May 2011 / LP - Michelle Auclair "Bach Violin Sonatas" Discophiles 209/210 French Pressing - $6,100.00

June 2011 / LP - Nirvana "Hormoaning" Clear Marbled Blue Red Purple Press - $6666.66

July 2011 / 45 - J D Bryant "I Won't Be Coming Back" / "Walk On It" Shrine 108 - $8,001.00

August 2011 / LP - Michelle Auclair "Bach Violin Sonatas" Discophiles 209/210 French Pressing - $7,500.00

September 2011 /  LP - The Beatles "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK STEREO black & gold label matrix 1R/1G Dick James credits - $18,692.52

October 2011 / 45 - Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" / "No Feeling" A&M AMS-7284 - $17,179.47

November 2011 / 45 - The Beatles "Please Please Me" / "Ask Me Why" Parlophone UK Signed Authenticated - $12,631.20

December 2011 / 45 - The Beatles "Love Me Do" / "P.S. I Love You" Parlophone Demo with sleeve - $17,338.20

January 2012 / 45 - Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" / "No Feeling" A&M AMS-7284 - $11,710.08

February 2012 / LP - Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims "self-titled" Blue Note 1530 Original - $5,117.00

March 2012 / 45 - The Combinations "What 'Cha Gonna Do" / "Good Bye" Kellmac - $8,500.00

The top seller for the year for the first time does not come from The Beatles.  In the last year a studio acetate of The Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" sold for almost $24k, the highest selling price of any recorded auctioned on eBay between Record Store Day 2011 and Record Store Day 2012.

Northern Soul reappeared on the list twice this past year, after being absent all of last year.  The Beatles topped the list three times this last year, down from four times from last year.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

This from the folks over at jack white's  As a collector, I have mixed feelings, although this is a fantastic stunt, the making of these discs does serve some valuable purposes.  It draws attention to vinyl (which is always a good thing) and makes a instant collectible, but it won't be in my collection because of the cost.....

Jack White Balloon Record Breaks Record to Become Highest Priced Flexi Disc of All Time

On April 17th, an eBay auction for a copy of Third Man’s balloon-launched “Freedom at 21” flexi-disc realized a price of $4238.88. As far as can be discerned, this is the highest price ever paid for a flexi-disc record, topping out usual benchmarks from obscure Japanese hardcore singles of the early 80’s and Beatles fan-club Christmas offerings. Of the 1000 balloons launched, only a handful have been discovered so far. This release will surely continue to rival such rarities as hand-painted Dead Weather singles, 3rpm LPs and Triple-Decker records as yet another in a long-line of collectible, investible, hard-to-find vinyl from the folks at Third Man Records.


always liked the band, now we have a treasure of music!

Blur 21 - Celebrating 21 years of Blur


Two-disc Special Edition boxes of all seven studio albums, with the first five albums now also remastered. Each album comes with an entire disc of bonus material that includes a wealth of Blur extras, exclusive Blur artwork postcards and an expanded booklet with unseen photos and liner notes based on a brand new interview with the band

Blur 21: The Box Includes:

  •All seven newly expanded two-disc studio albums

 •Four discs of rarities, exclusive to this set. Includes 3½ hours of previously unreleased material

 •Three DVDs including over 2 hours of previously unreleased footage. Includes two pivotal live shows and an exclusive disc of video rarities.

 •Collectable 7" single of the rare and previously unreleased live recording of the Seymour-era track Superman.

 •Deluxe hard-bound book telling the story of Blur's 21 year career with extensive liner notes based on a brand new interviews with the band, illustrated with imagery of the era, including some previously unseen photos.

freaking cool, send me one!


now if i can get to chi-town in september (hint, send me tickets!)

Rush Announce Tour Dates

In anticipation of the Canadian icon's upcoming album, 'Clockwork Angels,' which is due out on June 12, Rush have now announced tour dates to promote the LP.

The tour kicks off September 7 in Manchester, New Hampshire and will travel to 30-plus cities before closing out December 2 in Houston, Texas.

Rush 2012 Tour Dates:

 9/7 -- Manchester, NH, Verizon Wireless Arena
 9/9 -- Washington, D.C., Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheater
 9/11 -- Pittsburgh, PA, CONSOL Energy Center
 9/13 -- Indianapolis, IN, Bankers Life Fieldhouse
 9/15 -- Chicago, IL, United Center
 9/18 -- Detroit, MI, Palace of Auburn Hills
 9/20 -- Columbus, OH, Nationwide Arena
 9/22 -- St. Louis, MO, Scottrade Center
 9/24 -- Minneapolis, MN, Target Center
 9/26 -- Winnipeg, MB, MTS Centre
 9/28 -- Saskatoon, SK, Credit Union Centre
 9/30 -- Edmonton, AB, Rexall Place
 10/10 -- Bridgeport, CT, Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard
 10/12 -- Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center
 10/14 -- Toronto, ON, Air Canada Centre
 10/18 -- Montreal, QC, Bell Centre
 10/20 -- Newark, NJ, Prudential Center
 10/22 -- Brooklyn, NY, Barclays Center
 10/24 -- Boston, MA, TD Garden
 10/26 -- Buffalo, NY, First Niagara Center
 10/28 -- Cleveland, OH, Quicken Loans Arena
 10/30 -- Charlotte, NC, Time Warner Cable Arena
 11/1 -- Atlanta, GA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
 11/3 -- Tampa, FL, 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre
 11/13 -- Seattle, WA, KeyArena
 11/15 -- San Jose, CA, HP Pavilion
 11/17 -- Anaheim, CA, Honda Center
 11/19 -- Los Angeles, CA, Gibson Amphitheatre
 11/23 -- Las Vegas, NV, MGM Grand Garden Arena
 11/25 -- Phoenix, AZ, US Airways Center
 11/28 -- Dallas, TX, American Airlines Center
 11/30 -- San Antonio, TX, AT&T Center
 12/2 -- Houston, TX, Toyota Center


heard from Liz Wittman of the Detroit-based synthwave band called Lettercamp.   Check out their new single called "Buy In."  The single is being released through Swedish label, Substream, on April 23rd, along with some amazing remixes. This is the second single leading up to our new record to be released later this year.

Listen to the single HERE

For more info on the band visit:


album cover art of the day:

BLODHEMN: New Album Artwork 


Norwegian black metal band BLODHEMN will release its new album, 'Holmengraa,' on May 18th on Indie Recordings.


Balyios Reveals Debut Album Artwork

South African folk metallers Balyios have recently revealed the cover art and track listing for their upcoming debut album, 'Homeward.'  The album is expected to be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012.


1. Initiation
2. Niflheim
3. Elder Bliss
4. Old Man Maiden
5. Land Van 'n Duisend Mere
6. Valhalla
7. Witches' Betrayal
8. Autumn Moon
9. Earth Reborn
10. Homeward
11. Enter Euphoria
12. Conclusion


this sad news...

Levon Helm (1940 - 2012)

Levon Helm, who played drums for The Band and eventually had a critically acclaimed solo career, has lost his battle with cancer. He was 71.

Prior to the Band, Helm played with Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks.  Among his bandmates were Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson. In 1963, they parted ways with Hawkins and went on the road as Levon and the Hawks, The Canadian Squires and, finally, the Hawks.

Read more at our friends at VintageVinylNews


Ian Rankin: It would be a crime to kill off vinyl

By Tom Bailey

As one of the world’s best-selling authors – and creator of the TV series Rebus – Ian Rankin has made millions by writing about ‘the adventures in his head’. But his fascination with crime is matched by an obsession with vinyl and classic hi-fi. Humans Invent asked him why, despite the rise of digital downloads, he continues to champion 33s and 45s…

“Vinyl is seductive. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s tactile and the best album covers are works of art. They contained plenty of information and if you’re my age – which is 51 – you can actually read the lyrics on the back of the sleeve. I can’t read anything in a CD booklet, it’s too small. Forget it. I’d also say that – for a certain generation – the ability to roll a joint on an album cover is worth mentioning. Try rolling a joint on an MP3…

Read the rest at


hundreds of record store day articles out there, here's a couple I liked:

For the record — groovy shopping day in store for music lovers

Gallery: Record Store Day’s Coolest Vinyl Collectibles

Record Store Day Drops the Needle on 300 Exclusive Vinyl Releases

this from Jeff Palmer over at

A RECORD STORE NEAR YOU, April 18, 2012 – From Abba to Wilco, exclusive vinyl recordings of all genres, shapes, sizes, colors, and speeds will be released on April 21 to commemorate Record Store Day for 2012.

To celebrate and promote independently owned record stores throughout North America and Europe, Record Store Day was founded in 2007 and takes place the third Saturday of every April. 

Many record labels are honoring the day with the release of more than 300 vinyl recordings, most of them unavailable any other way. 

More than 1,700 independently owned record stores and shops in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and 25 other countries are participating in the event, from the world’s oldest record shop, Spillers Records in Cardiff, England, which first opened in 1894, to Chicago’s Hydrogen Plus Records which opened last fall.

Special vinyl releases will be sold solely at participating stores, and store owners will choose which titles they plan to stock, including:

 •James Brown – unreleased performances from his 1962 Apollo Theatre concert

•The Civil Wars – a 7-inch 45 of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

•Miles Davis - Forever Miles, an album of previously unreleased performances

•Flaming Lips – a double-album collaboration with various musicians

•The Kinks – re-issues of three late 1960s albums on colored vinyl

•Branford Marsalis – the latest release of his jazz quartet

•Metallica – previously unreleased recordings on 12-inch silver vinyl

•Katy Perry – her song “Part of Me” on pink vinyl

•Iggy Pop – a 7-inch release on lime green vinyl

•The Supremes – a 7-inch release of their early hit “Baby Love” on heart-shaped vinyl

•Tegan & Sara – their Get Along album on white vinyl

•Peter Tosh – re-mixes of his Legalize It music on a picture disc

•Widespread Panic – Live Wood, an album of recordings from its recent tour

Music lovers of all ages continue to discover or return to their love of analog music on vinyl, describing it as “richer,” “warmer,” “more natural,” “more durable,”  and simply “cooler.”  In addition, about half of all recorded music has only been released on vinyl. 

Critics of digitized music complain mid-range sounds are compressed and distorted, while higher frequencies are missing.  At a media conference in January, rock musician Neil Young said digital music only provides 5 percent of the data of music created in a studio, and that even digital guru Steve Jobs preferred listening to analog recordings on vinyl. 

Vinyl-philes revel in the ceremony of taking a record out of its sleeve, gazing at the album cover art, and playing the record through one side, then flipping it over, claiming that is the way the music was meant to be heard.  Vinyl listening can be a social event, with music lovers gathered in clubs and dorm rooms to play their favorite albums.    

Nielsen Soundscan continues to rank vinyl as the fastest-growing musical format, with 3.9 million new long-playing vinyl albums sold in the United States, up 39.3 percent from 2010.   And the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) noted sales of new vinyl singles, typically played at 45 revolutions per minute and containing one song on each side, nearly doubled last year in retail dollars, from about $2.3 million in 2010 to more than $4.5 million.  

“Vinyl as a format has shown remarkable staying power,” said Joshua P. Friedlander, RIAA Vice President, Strategic Data Analysis.  “Although it remains only a small part of the music market today, vinyl album sales have been growing for the past few years.  In 2011, more than five million vinyl albums were shipped, the highest level since 1990.”

While most long-playing vinyl spins at 33 1/3 rpm, rock mavericks such as Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and Tom Waits have all recently released records to be played at 78 rpm, since many new turntables have resurrected the vintage playing speed, a music format virtually extinct by 1960.

Extinction, the word used to describe the fate of vinyl records when CDs began usurping their shelf space in music stores in the 1980s and 1990s, is now being used in relation to CDs, as retailers strive to provide customers what they want – more vinyl. 
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Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a big party coming up on Saturday, and you’re invited. Everyone’s invited, in fact, because everyone belongs at a record store. And the fifth annual Record Store Day is nothing if not a worldwide celebration of the culture of the record store.

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Are you heading out in the afternoon to the store? Chances are you can expect to find bands, food, prizes, and a great party going on, no matter where you are. There are hundreds of in-store events and signings, from local band marathons to bar-b-qs and special signings with some really big name artists. Check with your local store to find out what kind of party they’ve got planned.

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