Friday, September 6, 2013

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

in contact with the folks who run the project, will have more information coming soon, in the meantime, here is what they say about themselves on their website:

Feedbands - Monthly Vinyl Friendly Project Caters To Indie Music Fans

Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record company. Musicians submit their music and your vote helps determine who gets pressed to vinyl. Each month, subscribers to our service receive a first pressing of a vinyl record from an independent artist.

Our model is different from traditional record companies in that:

• Artists keep all the rights to their music
• We pay the artist up front when we press their record
• We let our listeners from all over the world vote on who we should press next, via our apps

We at Feedbands believe that music is essential and should be shared. We also believe that musicians should be able to make a living without losing their artistic integrity.

Our mission is to provide rich, vibrant, independent music to the world in a way that supports our artists. We want to develop an arena, online and off, where musicians can come together to create, write, jam, express, perform, record, and share their music, and where music lovers of all kinds can find amazing new tunes and easily give back.

What started as a small group of collaborative musicians has grown into a collective of artists, producers, engineers, and fans, and this is just the beginning. At Feedbands, we're openly embracing the digital age and the opportunities our website, app, and social media outlets allow us, and we're striving to extend our reach, but we also never want to lose our roots or lose the roots of music itself: analog sound. Music is, at it's core, analog. It starts in the soul and it should always stay there.

We're constantly on the lookout for new, innovative, unsigned artists to help make Feedbands even bigger and better. If this sounds like you, check us out!

how many times have you seen a band play and wonder why they haven't 'made it big'?  well, Feedbands cuts through the red tape, PR men and women from record companies and lets the music public vote on the bands they want to hear.  what a groundbreaking process and one that we will learn more about in upcoming posts. so take time today and find out what they are all about at


from our friends at StormingTheBase

Marnie - Crystal World (2LP)

Double black LP in gatefold jacket with one side containing Marnie's etching.

Crystal World is a glittering electronic pop album by Marnie, the moniker adopted by Ladytron lead singer Helen Marnie for her debut solo project, produced by Daniel Hunt and co-produced by Bardi Johannsson.

Recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, in August 2012, Crystal World comprises ten original songs written by Marnie while Ladytron enjoy a temporary sabbatical. Crystal World evokes the collision of two spheres. In the midst of a volcanic electronic landscape, the heart and soul of Marnie merge to create a glacial pop affair. Frequently Marnie laments the sea, itself so suggestive of change and movement, a feeling which ebbs and flows across the record, luring the listener in despite the gathering emotional storm.

Focus track The Hunter was issued as a download single in May 2013. Hearts On Fire is another dark anthem with a pop chorus that builds until it's close. Venturing further into Crystal World, Submariner is a fragile tale to warm the coldest of hearts, while closing track Gold inspires just the right amount of melancholy, at the same time ending with soaring guitars and synths and an immense feeling of hope.

The cover design is by Laura Hussey, with photography by Lisa Devine, assisted by Mack Photography.  We expect this item to be in stock on October 1, 2013.

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Cabaret Voltaire - Red Mecca (Remastered)

Mute are delighted to announce a series of Cabaret Voltaire releases, starting with the vinyl issue of Cabaret Voltaire’s iconic 1981 album Red Mecca.

Remastered and available here on vinyl for the first time since Mute’s reissue in 1990, Red Mecca features the line up of Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson, and is Cabaret Voltaire’s third album, and the final full album with co-founder Chris Watson.

Red Mecca was produced at Western Works, Sheffield, and, although rioting at this time hadn’t reached Cabaret Voltaire’s hometown, it was a particularly incendiary time across Britain and the tension was explicit through the news media. Explains Kirk, “that insurrection on the streets found its way into the music” and the album was seen by many as the alternative soundtrack to the unrest on the streets.

With Middle Eastern musical influences and a title that reflected the beginnings of long running tensions stemming from the Islamic Revolution and the resulting Afghanistan conflict and rise in fundamentalism, the buried vocals and large instrumental passages are a wonderful bridge between the punkier ethos of earlier releases, Mix Up and The Voice Of America and the more dance minded 2X45 and Yashar EPs that followed.  We expect this item to be in stock on September 17, 2013.

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Damaged Goods are proud to present the Talulah Gosh retrospective. With recordings, radio sessions, archive photos and extensive liner notes by The Legend! (Everett True), Was It Just A Dream? celebrates DIY indie pop at its happiest.

Formed in Oxford in February 1986, with a name taken from an NME interview with Clare Grogan, Talulah Gosh married their love of Sixties girl groups, punk rock and the speediness of the Ramones, to jangly guitars, layers of backing vocals and a defiantly anti-macho stance. Adored and reviled in equal measure, the band were truly hated by many, and in a way the band even courted the antagonism.

The initial line-up featured Marigold (a.k.a. Amelia Fletcher) guitar/vocals, Pebbles (a.k.a. Elizabeth Price) violin/guitar/vocals/tambourine, with Mathew Fletcher on drums, Peter Momtchiloff on guitar (Razorcuts, Marine Research, Would-be-goods) and Rob Pursey on bass (Marine Research, Sportique, Tender Trap). Chris Scott took over bass player duties when Rob left, and Eithne Farry took over vocals and tambourine when Elizabeth decamped in December 1986.

One of Talulah Gosh’s earliest recordings was released as a flexi on Matt Haynes's Sha La La label for the influential Are You Scared to Get Happy? fanzine. Around that time, the band had signed to Edinburgh-based 53rd & 3rd label where they scored two UK Independent Top 5 singles with 'Steaming Train/Just A Dream' and 'Beatnik Boy/My Best Friend'. The band recorded two Radio One sessions (one for Peel, June '88, the other for Janice Long, May'86) which were collected on THEY'VE SCOFFED THE LOT (Sarah604).

The group split in early 1988. Amelia, Peter, Rob, and Mathew subsequently formed Heavenly, worldwide ambassadors of indie pop in the 1990s.

Elizabeth went on to win the 2012 Turner Prize, Peter is philosophy editor at Oxford University Press, Amelia is a Professor at the University of East Anglia, Eithne is books editor at Marie Claire and an author of low fi craft books, Rob is a TV producer, and Chris is travel counsellor. Mathew Fletcher died in 1996.

This collection features all known Talulah Gosh recordings including the first demo tape, which was originally sent to Stephen Pastel in a plasticine-covered cassette box. It secured the band their recording contract with 53rd and 3rd and was eventually made available for the first time as a very limited release 7" for Record Store Day in 2012. The album also includes a free extra download of one of the later Talulah Gosh gigs at the Old Fire Station in Oxford, with Eithne singing but notable for the fact that you can hear Elizabeth heckling in the background.

Every on-line purchase comes with a free download of the album PLUS a extra live set as well.

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from our friends at

AMERICAN SHARKS - 4 LP Vinyl bundle


-American Sharks brand new studio album on 4 different colored vinyls (Black, Green, Pink & Yellow)


The breakneck pace provided by Nick Cornetti (Drums), the primeval-punk vocals of Mike Hardin (Bass, Vocals) with Will Ellis’ slick technical guitar accentuated by a savage amount of fuzz and volume (Guitar) creates the signature sound of American Sharks. Collectively, American Sharks have hollowed out the standard body of stoner rock aspects, replacing the engine with the intensity of modern metal techniques. The volume is always set to auditory annihilation and the foot is always on the gas, firing through songs until their (and most times, the crowd’s) tank is empty.

The American Sharks’ origins lie in Houston, Texas where Mike Hardin and Will Ellis formed the band with an alternate drummer and fourth man in 2007. Creating a following from detonating at house parties, a consequent move further south into Austin slimmed the band to a three piece replacing the original drummer with Nick Cornetti. Cornetti recorded and released the debut EP “WeedWizard” through his indie label, Pau Wau Records. The single “Indian Man” and the accompanying music video grasped the attention of renowned Austin retro-metal group The Sword, leading to an opening slot in their 2012 tour. In 2013 American Sharks were an official SXSW artist, headlining the Volcom Showcase as well as headlining the Pau Wau Records showcase. Their debut LP was recorded with Bryan Richie of The Sword and will be released via The End Records. A tour is scheduled to promote the album in the fall alongside Clutch and The Sword.

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