Friday, August 6, 2010

Michael Fremer Album Review

Antill: Corroboree + Ginastera: Pancambi (reissue)
Sir Eugene Gossens/London Symphony Orchestra
Classic Records/Everest SDBR 3003 200g Quiex SV-P LP and double 45rpm
Produced by: N/A
Engineered by: Bert Whyte?
Mixed by: Bert Whyte?
Mastered by: Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Music & Sound

Classic Re-presses Sonic Spectacular, issues new 45rpm Box Edition on Clarity Vinyl

by Michael Fremer

July 01, 2010

World Music probably before there was such a term, this musical description of a dramatic, colorful Australian aboriginal dance ceremony told mostly with western classical musical conventions and instrumentation, though a ominous sounding primitive instrument called a bull roarer makes a dramatic appearance.

The music is brutal and sometimes violent, and as the liner notes predict, you will be reminded of Stravinsky and say to yourself “Austrailian “The Rite of Spring.”

The annotation suggests, however, that were you to listen to field recordings of the actual ceremony, you’d hear that the composer has capture that and not “The Rite of Spring.”

The cinematic music is populated by heavy percussive attacks and dramatic shifts in mood and dynamics as the New South Wales born composer John Antill brings the mysterious night time before the fire light conducted ceremony to life.

Side two switches hemispheres with the Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera’s relatively short ballet based on a South American Indian legend, written when he was but 20 years old. It too combines the classical with the primitive and will remind you of “The Rite of Spring.”

The recording is legendary and this reissue at 33 1/3 sounds one hundred times better than the original vinyl, The dynamic range and the depth charge bass attacks will almost have you running for cover. The double 45rpm box set version on Clarity Vinyl must be staggering.

If you’ve got full range speakers, this record will give them a real workout. An enormous soundstage, an intimate perspective, unrestrained dynamics and solid imaging and sense of three dimensionality combine to produce a memorable sonic spectacular that will grab and hold your attention with each play.

Like “The Rite of Spring,” or “Pictures at an Exhibition,” or some of the other great choices as introductions to classical music, this pairing offers fast moving, evocative musical excitement built upon a strong percussive bed that attacks and excites.

The first pressing at 33 1/3 a few years ago sold out. This re-press will most likely do the same in both editions. This record is highly recommended, whether you’re into Mahler or you’re a metalhead.

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Music News & Notes

Antony Covers Lennon, Dylan on New EP

It's been announced that Antony and the Johnsons are releasing a five track EP, featuring unique covers of the John Lennon classic "Imagine" and Bob Dylan's "Pressing On." The former is transposed into the first person and rearranged by ambient composer William Bansinski, while Antony is joined by guitarist Kevin Barker on the latter.

The five track EP takes its name from the track 'Thank You For Your Love', which will also appear on 'Swanlights' and will be released as its lead single. It also includes a bonus track from last album 'The Crying Light' called 'My Lord My Love' and a new song 'You Are The Treasure'.

You can listen to the whole thing below via, or download it for free from by signing up to their mailing list. The EP will get a physical release on August 27th.


KAMELOT Album Cover Revealed

KAMELOT is back and offering a glimpse of what is to come and they have unveiled the cover artwork for their highly anticipated 9th studio album, 'Poetry For The Poisoned.'

The strikingly dark, beautiful artwork is from Seth Siro Anton. He sums up his experience in working on Poetry For The Poisoned: “It was a great challenge for me as an artist to visualize the music of this new KAMELOT masterpiece. Really difficult, as I had to combine a Fine Art aesthetic and technique blended with a really dark, melancholic, poisoned atmosphere. I am really satisfied with the final result; it’s definitely the darkest artwork for KAMELOT so far…. A sweet poison for the eyes that successfully addresses their new poetry of music.”

Frontman Roy Khan assures that Poetry For The Poisoned will both please the band’s existing following and expose the universe of KAMELOT to a whole range of new fans. “Poetry For The Poisoned is our longest and toughest production so far, but when I hear the result I know it was well worth the struggle,” he says.


Yoko Ono Opposes Fresh Parole Bid From John Lennon's Killer

Yoko Ono has written a letter to the parole board at New York's Attica prison opposing the release of John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman, her lawyer has confirmed. Chapman, who was jailed for 20 years to life for killing the former Beatle in 1980, will find out next week if he is entitled to early release.

In her letter, Lennon's widow said parole would “bring back the nightmare, the chaos and confusion once again”, adding: “Myself and John's two sons would not feel safe for the rest of our lives.”

Chapman, 55, shot Lennon dead outside his apartment in New York. He is housed in a special unit apart from other prisoners at Attica and his daily tasks include cleaning up offices, reports the New York Daily News.

Let him out, he will get what is coming to him...........


The Charlatans Announce New Album And Tour Dates

The Charlatans have announced the North American release of "Who We Touch" on September 14, 2010, via The End Records. The 10-track album was produced by Youth (Killing Joke, Primal Scream, Paul McCartney) and the first single will be "Love is Ending." The band - Martin Blunt (bass), Jon Brookes (drums), Tim Burgess (vocals), Mark Collins (guitar) and Tony Rogers (keyboards) - will be heading to America a week prior to the album's release for a tour that begins September 7 in Atlanta, Georgia and wraps September 22 in Los Angeles, California. The tour marks the first time in over four years since The Charlatans performed in North America. Tickets are on sale now.


Poobah "Re-Unleashes" The 1972 Classic "Let Me In"

With the original 1972 "Let Me In" LP fetching upwards of $300 a piece at various auction sites, Poobah and Ripple Music decided it was time to "re-unleash" the album that started the madness. The fuzzed-out, psychedelic, proto-metal masterpiece is set to hit the streets on October 12th, 2010, and will be available in CD, digital, and deluxe double gatefold 12" vinyl versions.

Fully remastered by T. Dallas Reed (Stone Axe/Mos Generator) the songs have a fresh vitality while never losing the '70s edge that made them so endearing in the first place. The original six tracks will be accompanied by a ton of previously unreleased tracks and never before seen photographs. The CD edition includes twelve bonus cuts and an 8-page booklet that features live shots and of the band at some of their most candid moments, while the double LP edition includes 10 bonus tracks and is pressed on two-toned black and white vinyl.