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Top Selling Vinyl Records Sales at eBay - June 2010

Here is the month in review of the top selling ebay vinyl record sales, on a weekly basis, for June of 2010. First and foremost, a special thank you to Norm and Jane at http://ccdiscoveries.blogspot.com/  and Vinyl Record Talk for putting together this interesting data.

The honor of our top seller for the month of June 2010 is for an obscure hard-psychedelic rock LP (reportedly only 54 were manufactured for promotional use) by the Fresh Blueberry Pancake "Heavy" (Private Press Psych) which sold for an even $7,000. Next in line were a couple that sold in the $5000 range, including a jazz LP by Hank Mobley which came in at $5101, and a rare 78 rpm classical music boxed set (Handel: The Messiah-Columbia Masterworks), which sold for an even $5,000.

The Beatles are on the list as well, (in fact, they have a listing for every week this month) with an LP with Frank Ifield selling for $2,800, and another with Ifield LP selling for $3,000, the LP "Yesterday and Today" (Red Carpet Label) selling for an even $4,000, another LP "Please Please Me" (Parlophone UK Gold Black label 1st Stereo) which sold for $4,108.76 and a copy of the "White Album" (Apple compressed mix matrix A28/B28/A28/B29) which came in at $2000.

Three 78 rpm records also made our list (besides the aforementioned classical boxed set) with a Fury Lewis ("Judge Harsh Blues"/"I Will Turn Your Money Green") on Victor fetching $4,500, one by Kid Brown and his Blue Band ("Bo-lita"/"Saturday Night Hymn") on the Black Patti record label selling for $4,483 and Big Memphis Marainey with "Baby, No, No!"/"Call Me Anything, But Call Me" (Sun 184), which sold for $3,056.

Stay tuned to the CVR Blog for more eBay monthly sales reports!

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 06/05/2010

1. LP - Fresh Blueberry Pancake "Heavy" Private Press Psych - $7,000.00

2. LP - Hank Mobley "with Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan" Blue Note 1540 - 5,101.00

3. LP - The Beatles & Frank Ifield "On Stage" VeeJay Portrait Jacket - $2,800.00

4. LP - Velvet Underground & Nico self titled Mono Promo yellow label - $2,600.00

5. LP - John Heartsman And Circles "Music Of My Heart" Private - $2,550.00

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 06/12/2010

1. 78 - Fury Lewis "Judge Harsh Blues" / "I Will Turn Your Money Green" Victor - $4,500.00

2. LP - Beatles "Yesterday And Today" Red Capitol Label - $4,000.00

3. 45 - The Thought Criminals "Hilton Bomber / I Won't Pay" / "Fun / O. Bleak T.V." - $2,929.74

4. LP - Tinkerbells "Fairydust" Decca UK Pressing - $2,910.40

5. LP - Tina Brooks "True Blues" Blue Note 4041 Original Pressing - $2,800.00

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 06/19/2010

1. 78 - Kid Brown and his Blue Band "Bo-lita" / "Saturday Night Hymn" Black Patti - $4,483.00

2. LP - The Beatles "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK Gold Black label 1st Stereo - $4,108.76

3. LP - The Rolling Stones promotional album Decca UK Pressing - $3,199.47

4. 78 - Big Memphis Marainey "Baby, No, No!" / "Call Me Anything, But Call Me" Sun 184 - $3,056.00

5. LP - Music Emporium self titled Sentinel - $3,050.00

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 06/26/2010

1. 78 - Handel: The Messiah Columbia Masterworks Box Set MM-666 - $5,000.00

2. 12" - Chuck Chill Out "Chilling with Chuck Chill Out" Ultramagnetic acetate - $2,827.00

3. LP - Beethoven "String Quartets Op.135 & 18 #2" Aarton 8277 German Pressing - $2,572.99

4. LP - The Beatles "White Album" Apple compressed mix matrix A28/B28/A28/B29 - $2000.00

4. 45 - Bob Dylan "Blowin' In The Wind" / "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" Columbia 42856 w Pic Sleeve - $2000.00

5. LP - Hank Mobley self titled Blue Note 1568 - $1,925.00

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 07/03/2010

1. 45 - Piece Kor "All I Want Is My Baby Back" / "Words Of The Raven" Laray - $3,785.00

2. LP - The Beatles & Frank Ifield "On Stage" VeeJay Portrait Jacket - $3,000.00

3. LP - Brimingham Sunday "A Message From" - $2,850.00

4. LP - The Doors "self titled" Mono Promo - $2,576.28

5. 45 - The Elite U.F.O. "Now Who's Good Enough" / "Tarantula" MAI - $1582.77

More on this month's top sellers on Vinyl Record Talk, Tuesday 8:00PM Eastern / 4:00PM Pacific on Radio Dentata. http://shows.radiodentata.com/shows/accidental-nostalgia  

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Hassles

Keep on Turning

By Kyle Jarvis, The Keene Sentinel, N.H.

Aug. 28--In the midst of the digital music revolution, one local record shop remains a stalwart in Keene.

Over the years, Keene has seen its share of music stores. From Strawberry's to Coconuts to fye; it seems every major music chain has given it a go here at one time or another.

But one store continues to buck the trend.

Turn It Up opened its first store in Northhampton, Mass., in 1995, and followed with a store in Keene just a year and a half later.

Owner Patrick Pezzati soon discovered he'd tapped into a demand not yet met in the city at that time.

"We found that Keene has a lot of local musicians and people who aren't only interested in the top 40," he said. "You can go to a lot of towns comparable in size and not find the music scene Keene has, despite there not being a lot of venues."

The impact on the community hasn't gone unnoticed.

"Having an entity like Turn It Up is very important in the development of a vibrant local music scene," said Aaron Wiederspahn, co-founder and executive director of The Starving Artist on West Street. "Stores like that are all about the artist and the music. We love them, it's great having them around."

As a sponsor of the 10th annual Keene Music Festival next month, Turn It Up will be on location, selling albums by the concert's performers.

"We don't make anything off of what we sell at the festival," Pezzati said.

In day-to-day operations, however, the store has modeled itself as an alternative to the industry standard.

"We don't want to sell anything at full price," said Pezzati. "We try to cap out at $10 (for a single CD)."

That gives Turn It Up an advantage in the market.

"That's one of the main reasons people turned to downloading," Pezzati said. "They got tired of paying $18 to $20 for a CD. Why pay that much when you can buy recordable CDs for much cheaper? When the consumer feels overcharged, eventually they stop buying."

Despite a lagging economy, Pezzati said his store can actually benefit from difficult times.

"When people are struggling they look to save money, but they always want to be entertained," he said. "So instead of going and buying a $50 video game, they come here and buy a $5 CD or DVD."

Tougher economic times also means more people coming into the store to sell their CDs and DVDs, which results in a larger and higher quality selection, which brings in a continuous stream of customers who know they're getting the best bang for their buck.

"The price is probably the biggest factor," said customer Jim D. Trippodi, 37, of Keene. "Used albums are a lot cheaper than new ones, and they've got a lot of different stuff here."

And even though the Keene store took a hit when Pezzati opened a third store in Brattleboro seven years ago, he wouldn't trade his Keene location for anything.

"It's probably my favorite store of the three," he said. "It's a beautiful town. It's got one of the most beautiful downtowns in all of New England."

The 700-square-foot store in the basement next to the Colonial Theater typically maintains about six employees; two full-time and four part-time, Pezzati said.

"We've had great managers and great staff," said Pezzati. "I leave most of the decisions and details to them, and for the most part they've done a great job. I've had four managers in 13 years, and I've had some come back to work part-time."

Pezzati said he aims to hire staff who are knowledgeable about music.

"We're all very interested in music and the culture of music," said Chuck T. Vecchione, an assistant manager at Turn It Up. "I think that's really important for a music store in any area."

Vecchione believes there still are plenty of fans who prefer their music "in a solid, tangible format. "You're very connected to an actual record (as opposed to a digital download)," he said.

Pezzati agrees.

"You can't really collect MP3s," he said.

There's no question record sales have dropped sharply in recent years.

In a Billboard article this month, Keith Caulfield reported overall album sales for the week ending Aug. 15, totaled 4.95 million, "marking the lowest weekly sales figure since Nielsen Soundscan began tracking sales in 1991."

It was only the second time weekly album sales came in at under 5 million, the first time being the final week of May of this year, Caulfield said.

We haven't reached the point where we should write the industry's obituary, but there's been a clear shift in how and where the highest quality material is made, Vecchione said.

"I don't think music's dead quite yet," he said. "But the evolution of pop music being about instant financial gain, rather than developing someone into an artist, has hurt the industry.

"The dynamic has switched from major labels putting out great albums to independent labels and individuals putting out great albums," said Vecchione.

Unsettling sales statistics aside, Turn It Up maintains a stable corner of the market.

"We probably sell about 1,000 units a week," said Pezzati, who wasn't sure how much the store nets annually. "That's been pretty steady right along."

One way Turn It Up is able to accommodate serious music collectors is through its impressive vinyl collection.

"CDs used to be about 95 percent of all our sales," Pezzati said. "But now, vinyl accounts for 10 to 15 percent. I'd say our vinyl sales have tripled in the last four to five years.

"We get a lot of deejays in here looking for vinyl," he said. "Some deejays use an IPOD and a laptop and they're fine with that. But others want to be able to manipulate their medium."

For Keene native and deejay/producer Shalem Bencivenga, better known in the world of independent hip hop as DJ Shalem B, having a store like Turn It Up is invaluable.

"It's really been crucial to my career," said Bencivenga, 34. "I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in Turn It Up listening to records."

In addition to being a successful solo artist, Bencivenga has worked with some of the more notable names in "underground" hip hop, including rapper Sage Francis of Providence, R.I., and fellow Keene native and rapper Adeem (pronounced A-D-M), who, along with rapper Adverse, form the trio The Dorian Three.

"Vinyl is obviously important to me personally," he said. "I've bought hundreds of records there, and a lot of it ended up in my material."

The support he's received as an artist has been just as significant as the availability of quality vinyl, Bencivenga said.

"They've really supported everything I've ever done," he said. "I've sold hundreds of albums there over the years. It's kind of a no-brainer that whenever I have a new project that I'll be selling it there."

And although he, like so many artists, has noticed a drop in sales, Bencivenga plans to maintain the relationship.

"They buy my material on consignment and the artist gets the bulk of the money," he said. "It kind of becomes a storefront for the artist, which is great because I wouldn't have that exposure otherwise."

Copyright (c) 2010, The Keene Sentinel, N.H.  

Reprinted By Permission

This Date In Music History - August 31


Jerry Allison - Crickets (1939)

Wilton Felder - Crusaders (1940)

Roger Dean - English artist. Designed album covers for Yes, Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant, Greenslade, Steve Howe, Asia (1944) I had the distinguished honer of speaking with Mr. Dean last year and found him to be very engaging and friendly. He still dabbles in cover art, but most of his time was devoted to home design and working with his daughter on a myraid of projects. What a pleasure it was to talk to such an iconic artist.

Van Morrison - Them, solo (1945)

Rudolf Schenker - Scorpions (1948)

Anthony Thistlewaite - Waterboys (1955)

Gina Shock - Go-Go's (1957)

Glenn Tillbrook - Squeeze (1957)

Tony DeFranco - DeFranco Family (1959)

Gerard Love - Teenage Fanclub (1967)

Jeff Russo - Tonic (1969)

Debbie Gibson (1970)

Craig Nicholls - The Vines (1977)

Del Marquis (Derek Gruen) - Scissor Sisters (1977)

They Are Missed:

In 2004, Carl Wayne the singer with The Move died from cancer. They had the 1969 UK #1 single "Blackberry Way." Wayne also worked with The Hollies.

In 2007, Hilly Kristal, founder of the New York punk club CBGB, died from complications arising from lung cancer at the age of 75. Kristal was credited with discovering Patti Smith and The Ramones and his club became a breeding ground for punk rock. The New York City venue, whose full title CBGB OMFUG stood for 'country, bluegrass, blues and other music for uplifting gourmandisers', was originally launched to showcase country music. Hmmm country music or punk....I'll take punk anyday...


The top 10 songs in the UK singles chart in 1956 were all by American artists including Elvis Presley, The Platters, Doris Day, Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers and Gogi Grant. An American invasion?

In 1957, Elvis Presley appeared at the Empire Stadium in Vancouver, Canada. This was only the third time ever Presley had performed outside of the US and for Elvis it would be the last. 26,000 fans attended the show with tickets costing $1.50, $2.50 and $3.50.

In 1963, the girl trio Angels started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart with "My Boyfriend’s Back." The writers of the song Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer were a trio of Brooklyn songwriter/producers who went on to write the hits "Sorrow" and have the 1965 US #11 single as The Strangeloves with "I Want Candy."

Also in 1963, the Ronettes first entered the US singles chart with "Be My Baby" the girl group’s only top 10 hit. Lead singer, Veronica Bennett who became Ronnie Spector, took producer and ex-husband Phil Spector to court in the late 1990s for unpaid royalties.

During a North American tour in 1965, the Beatles played two shows at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California to a total of 28,700 fans.

Recorded virtually live in the studio in 1966, the Doors finish work on their self-titled debut album. Released the following January, the classic set features "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" and “Light My Fire."

In 1967, following manager Brian Epstein`s death, The Beatles announce they will handle their own business affairs. But soon control of the group`s business interests devolves into a struggle between Allen Klein (representing John, George & Ringo) and Lee and John Eastman (representing Paul).

Danny Kerwin joined Fleetwood Mac in 1968.

Cream`s debut album "Fresh Cream" entered the LP charts in 1968. With Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, the group is heralded as the first Rock 'supergroup.' The album is known for "I Feel Free" and Baker`s five-minute drum solo on "Toad."

In 1968, The Move, The Pretty Things, The Crazy World Of Aurthur Brown, Orange Bicycle, Jefferson Airplane, Fairport Convention and Tyrannosaurus Rex all appeared at the first Isle Of Wight Festival held over two days. Tickets, 25 shillings, ($3.00).

During a North American tour in 1969, Led Zeppelin appeared at the Texas International Pop Festival in Lewisville. Also on the bill: BB King, The Incredible String Band, Sam & Dave and Janis Joplin. Wow, what a bill.....

A security guard was stabbed to death at a Who concert in Forest Hills, NY in 1971.

The Rolling Stones released "Goat's Head Soup" in 1974.

In 1974, in federal court, John Lennon testified the Nixon administration tried to have him deported because of his involvement with the anti-war demonstrations at the 1972 Republican convention in Miami, FL.

Carole King's "Jazzman" was released in 1974.

Rolling Stone Keith Richards was quoted as saying in 1974; 'I gave up drugs when the doctor told me I had six months to live.' He's still with us!!

The final episode of the Partridge Family aired on ABC-TV in 1974.

Rod Stewart and the Faces, Loggins & Messina, Fleetwood Mac and Lynyrd Skynyrd all appeared at Balboa Stadium, San Diego, California in 1975. I'da skipped Loggins & Messina.....

In 1976, George Harrison was found guilty of 'subconscious plagiarism' of the Ronnie Mack song "He's So Fine" when writing "My Sweet Lord." Earnings from the song were awarded to Mack's estate; The Chiffons then recorded their own version of "My Sweet Lord." Interesting and I did find the music on YouTube.....

Pat Benatar`s "Crimes Of Passion" hits the charts in 1980. The album contained her signature song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

In 1984, 'Purple Rain' the movie-starring Prince opened at cinemas across the UK with special late night previews.

'Brothers In Arms' by Dire Straits started a nine-week run at #1 on the US album charts in 1985. The album also topped the charts in 25 other countries and went on to sell over 20 million worldwide.

The largest pre-order of albums in the history of CBS Records occurred in 1987 as 2.25 million copies of Michael Jackson's ‘Bad’ album were shipped to record stores in the US. The LP followed the Jackson album, ‘Thriller’, the biggest Jackson-seller of all time (over 35 million copies sold). ‘Bad’ went on to sell over 13 million copies.

Michael Jackson's "Bad" video was televised for the first time on CBS-TV in 1987.

The Rolling Stones kicked off the Budweiser sponsored 61-date North American 'Steel Wheels' tour at the Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia in 1989.

In 1990, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Wonder sang "Amazing Grace" at a memorial service held for guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan who had been killed in a helicopter crash 4 days earlier.

Guns N' Roses, Skid Row and Nine Inch Nails all appeared at London's Wembley Stadium in 1991. Nice.....

Metallica started a four-week run at #1 on the US album chart in 1991 with, 'Metallica.' The album featured "Enter Sandman," "Sad But True," "The Unforgiven" and "Nothing Else Matters" went on to sell over 10 million copies in the US alone.

In 2002, NASA announced that Lance Bass, singer with *NSYNC, was to become the first celebrity astronaut. His $23.8 million, place on a Russian Soyuz module would make him the youngest person at 23 years of age to go into orbit. Bass ended up not taking part in the flight after failing to pay for his $20 million ticket on the craft.

Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee were at #1 on the US singles chart in 2003 with "Shake Ya Tailfeather." Neptunes were at #1 on the US album chart with ‘The Neptunes Present Clones.’

In 2004, UK medical magazine Thorax issued a warning to music fans saying that listening to loud music in the car can give you a collapsed lung. One 19 year-old had been treated in Bristol after his left lung collapsed as his 1,000-watt bass box boomed out in his Fiat Panda.

In 2005, Toby Keith announced that he was starting his own label named Show Dog Nashville Records.

Blondie, Public Enemy and Institute, with former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, performed at a rally in New York in 2005 to support a campaign to save CBGBs. "It's such a legacy, it's insane," Rossdale says of legendary Punk club. CBGBs landlord says the lease has expired and will not be renewed.

In 2006, The Times ran a story on the demands of rock stars when on tour. Ozzy Osbourne insists on an eye, ear, nose and throat doctor at each venue. The Beach Boys require a licensed masseur, Meat Loaf a mask and one small tank of oxygen. David Bowie requests that the dressing room temperature is between 14c and 18c and Paul McCartney must have a large arrangement of white Casablanca lilies in his dressing room. Mick Jagger must have an onstage autocue with the lyrics to all the songs, it would also tell him the name of the city in which they were performing. And all I want are brown M&M's!!

Rob Zombie’s remake of the ’78 horror classic Halloween was in theaters in 2007.

Bruce Springsteen performed at Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee in 2008. The show culminates with a cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." Perfect and much, much better than the 'surprise' guest Elton's John a few years back....

John Fogerty's 12-track “The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again” was released in 2009. Fogerty (ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman) says he covered songs that "influenced me and helped form who I am as a musician and certainly as a songwriter." Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles' Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt are heard on the album.

In 2009, "She Loves You" was recognized as the best-selling Beatles single of all-time in the U.K. Official Chart Company, which compiles the weekly list of the Top 40 songs in England tallied a Top-10 of the Beatles' best-selling singles. "She Loves You," released in ‘63, was the band's second #1 hit (following "From Me To You").

Disturbed releases their fifth album, “Asylum” in 2010.

“Red Velvet Car," Heart's first album in six years (following '04's "Jupiter's Darling"), is out in stores now. The 12 song set includes a reworking of the Lovemonger’s “Sand.”