Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Indie Distributor Upbeat After Warehouse Fire

Independent music distributor Pias UK stated that they are optimistic that upcoming release dates will not be affected by the Sony warehouse fire. Sony has put a contingency plan into place and is back up and running from a new office with a temporary distributor ready to pack and ship orders over the next week.

Chief executive officer of Pias UK Nick Hartley told Sky News Online: "The focus is to work with the labels to get remanufacturing under way, starting with their the biggest sellers then working our way down, which should take a fair few weeks."

============= has a few musicians' opinions on the fire

Musicians React to London Riots

by Cameron Matthews

Over the past four days, riots in London have rocked the British capitol with vandalism, fires and violence. Since the start of the troubles, artists have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their dismay.

"Where the f--- are the Bullingdon boys? What's wrong you c---s? Would you only end your holidays if it were Fortnum & Mason being looted?" Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos asked of his country's leaders, (via NME) while M.I.A. brewed contention with a riot-sympathizing tweet "I'm going down to the riots to hand out tea and mars bars."



and has even more information:

Behind the music: How the Pias fire affects labels, artists and record stores

The stock may be insured, but what about labels with cashflow problems or record stores awaiting stock? We talk to them ...

A few days after the Sony DADC warehouse was set on fire during the riots in London, destroying a catastrophic amount of records, the independent music industry is counting the cost. The warehouse held stock to be delivered by independent distributor Pias, and for some labels, artists and retailers the future looks unsure.

Dance label Ninja Tune lost 120,000 records in the fire, including vinyl. "We're hoping our stock was insured, but we don't know at the moment," says the label's CEO, Pete Quick.

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what a wonderful and insightful interview at

Tommy Ramone Talks About the Ramones' Vinyl Reissues and Their Enduring Legacy

In 1976, the most important and influential album in punk history was released. The eponymous debut album from the Ramones changed the music landscape forever, influencing generations of musicians in the process. 2,263 concerts and 20 years later, the punk pioneers were no more. Within eight years, three of the band's founding members - lead singer Joey Ramone, guitarist Johnny Ramone, and bassist Dee Dee Ramone - had died.

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what makes a record label tick?  find out at

LP Interviews: Mightier Than Sword Records

written by Thomas Nassiff

The following is an interview with R.J. Crowder-Schaefer, owner and operator of Mightier Than Sword Records. It’s the first in a monthly series of interviews with Limited Pressing store owners.

In the interview, we talk to R.J. about his stance on preorders, how he normally goes about his label’s business and, of course, MTS’s well-known licensing of the Blink-182 discography. Enjoy!

For starters, let’s get a basic introduction out of the way. Who are you, what company do you run, and what do you do?

Hey, my name is R.J. Crowder-Schaefer, I run a company called Mightier Than Sword Records and I do a bunch of stuff, including A&R, mailorder/customer service, and most of the social media stuff.

Mightier Than Sword has been known for putting out its own releases as well as bringing older records to vinyl. What made you decide to go out and put some older records on vinyl, including some represses?

For the first couple years the label was a hobby for me, and we started licensing new releases to vinyl from labels that were only doing CD and digital.

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sounds like a great little film, wish i could be there to see it

Film: “Under The Covers”

By Kathie Gibboney

The small, Old Center office converted into the El Coyote venue for the Topanga Film Festival, came complete with sawdust on the floor. The compact room was chilled, dark and promising, with about 30 seats.

A commercial space at the Old Center was transformed into an intimate screening room for documentaries about Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, American Renegade, The Canoe Way —The Sacred Journey, and others.

The 3 p.m. Friday screening of “Under The Covers” compellingly captured the professional and personal relationship between two old campaigners from the world of rock and roll album covers, now a vanished art.

Back in the day, photographer Henry Diltz and art director/artist Gary Burden collaborated on album covers for, Crosby, Stills and Nash; Joni Mitchell; The Doors; The Eagles; Jackson Brown; America; and Jimmy Webb, amongst many others.

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Capitol 6 Release Limited Edition 10" Vinyl

Light Organ Records has recently announced 'Captain Rehab, the debut release from chain-gangers Capitol 6. The 5-song EP is now available and is limited to 500 10" vinyl records,

Capitol 6 is a psychedelic folk-rock quintet based out of Vancouver BC, Canada. Their use of off-kilter rhythms to create hypnotic pop music is influenced by 60's bands like The Velvet Underground or 13th Floor Elevators, but their songwriting owes more to Neil Young or Big Star.

Their debut self-titled EP was recorded in one over-night session with Tanis Gibbons at The Hive Creative Labs. It ranges from surf-garage rockers like 'Sure Can Pretend' and the Basement Tapes-esque 'Captain Rehab' to downer ballads like closer 'This World Goes By So Slow'.

Track List:
1 I Sure Can Pretend
2 At Your Fingers
3 Captain Rehab
4 Too Little Too Long
5 This World Just Goes By So Slow


BUSH: 'The Sea Of Memories' Artwork Unveiled

Reformed British alternative rock band BUSH new album, "The Sea Of Memories", is scheduled for release on September 13. Recorded with producer Bob Rock (AEROSMITH, METALLICA), the CD is the seminal band's first studio effort in 10 years and the first to be made available via BUSH's own imprint, Zuma Rock Records, through an exclusive partnership with eOne Music.

The cover artwork for "The Sea Of Memories" was created by popular Los Angeles street artist Retna and can now be seen below.

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Thrill Jockey has announced that the re-mastered 'Futureworld' LP will be available in a limited edition on September 13 and is available now for pre-order. The LP will be packaged in a high gloss jacket with high gloss inner sleeve, and for the first time will include a download card for the album and two digital bonus tracks:

Thrill Jockey will also be repressing and reissuing other classic vinyl in 2012 as part of their 20th anniversary, including albums by Tortoise and The Sea and Cake.


i found this interesting, maybe we wouldn't have had a ringo if things had stayed the same......

Original Beatle Pete Best Opens Elvis Week in Memphis


and our friends at Vinyl Record Talk have just posted a new shipment of rare 45's they have found. check them out!

300+ 45's Added - Lots of 60s Soul and Psych


and music history for the day:

In 1962, Booker T. and the MG's instrumental song, "Green Onions," was released.

In 1966, John Lennon held a press conference in Chicago to apologize for his comment about the Beatles being "more popular than Jesus." Earlier in the day, they had arrived in the city to start their final American tour.

In 1968, the first Beatles single on their own Apple Records was released. The single was "Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution."

In 1969, 350 special guests were invited to see Motown Records’ new signings, The Jackson Five, play at The Daisy Club in Beverly Hills.

After seeing KISS play at a New York hotel in 1973, producer Bill Aucion offered to become their manager and promised a record deal.

The Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride" was released in 1973.

The Knack started a five-week run at #1 on the US album chart in 1979 with 'Get The Knack.'

In 1986, the Monkees' first four albums returned to the Billboard charts.

In 1996, Mel Taylor, drummer for Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Herb Alpert and The Ventures, died only two weeks after having been diagnosed for cancer. He was 62.

In 2002, Bruce Springsteen started a two-week run at #1 on the US.album chart with The Rising, the singer’s fifth U.S. #1.

birthdays today include Bob Mothersbaugh (aka Bob 1 of Devo) (59), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) (35), Joe Jackson (57), Richie Ramone (born Richard Reinhardt) (Ramones) (54)