Thursday, August 2, 2007

As I stated in an earlier post, I am enjoying writing band bio's for bands for the Internet Radio station and I want to tell you about a couple of new bands that I see a bright future for. Here are the band bio's:


Saara Jarvinen’s influences can be heard in the song “I Remember You,” (The Cranberries) and Deborah Harry (in the song “You Should Have Seen”) as band mate Dean Belcastro (and many friends) combine the elements of transcendent and lucid guitar work with a mixture of ambient synth-folk rock and sensible backing instruments to create their distinctive sound.

With intelligent lyrics, the music weaves through life’s journeys with flawless instrumentation to accompany them. Angel-like vocals with sweet emotion gain steam in the song “Universe Inside” and the dreamy beat and perfectly placed vocals accompany the song “Apathy.” “All Of The World” evokes an acoustic-laden dreamy pop sound that is as infectious as it is intellectually stimulating. One can actually feel what Saara is singing, an intrinsic trait that only brings her music to the forefront and a gift not many song writers possess.

Although the band has persevered through many line-up changes, the core of the group, the duo of Saara and Dean created a masterpiece with their debut CD “Luna.” Put your ear to the ground and remember the name Hyske (pronounced High-Sk), as the sky is the limit for this angel of songs.

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A new artist out of L.A. named Jeriko brings a refreshing sound and a sweet attitude to match her catchy pop-rock melodies in her new EP “From Me To You.” Finding her inspiration on an extended trip to Europe, she has hooked up with the Swedish brother team “The K-Bros” and has produced an EP that is quickly turning heads.

The hit single and title track, “From Me To You” is a hard edged, Debbie Harry-like track that probably has her giving a wink to everyone as she sings the retaliatory lyrics. “All Thumbs Up” is a song with a quirky Lou Reed-like riff and is something that Pat Benatar could have easily released in her prime. The tune “Happy” is pure, seductive pop complete with reflective lyrics and infectious rock riffs.

Internet Radio is blasting this sultry pop-rock goddess’ music at full-throttle and MTV has licensed the entire release for their catalog and it is just a matter of time before Jeriko and her masterful music is a household name.

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