Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NYLVI - Your Place for Vinyl

Well, it is official, I am in contact with co-founder Ivar Lien and NYLVI has officially launched. Check out the specifics:

A Market Place for Vinyl Records

NYLVI will be a marketplace, which will support independent artists, labels and record stores, and will act to help spreading musical innovation to a global community of music lovers and record collectors, by letting users easily sell, buy, share and discover music on vinyl. We want to build a community around the act of buying and selling vinyl records by preserving the related social aspects.

Open, Fair and Participatory

We are committed to creating an open, fair and participatory service. All members are treated equally and are given the same opportunities to promote themselves and benefit from the service.

It's All About Vinyl Records

NYLVI will focus exclusively on vinyl records. We believe the vinyl format is highly compatible with the digital future of the music industry, and offers a listening experience which cannot be matched by any other format.

Our Ideals and Values

NYLVI's core values are equal to the values and ideas of the local independent record store: knowledge, love of music, support of artists and musical communities, contribution to local variations and musical diversity.

Supporting Local Music Scenes

NYLVI will be located at the intersection between local and global, and will be a place to discover music from around the globe by drawing on the expert knowledge of local scene members. By structuring our service in accordance with the world's music scenes and the activities taking place inside these, we believe we have found a great way to support independent artists and scene participants, and to make local musical innovation globally available.


At NYLVI we work hard to build a service we hope you will enjoy using. NYLVI will launch with the core features listed below:

Customizable Profile and Shop Page

You will be able to easily create a customizable profile and shop page, which will fit perfectly together with your existing online activities, and thereby improve your online presence.

New and Easy Inventory Uploading

NYLVI is in the process of developing a new and easy-to-use inventory uploading system. You will be able to easily upload your entire inventory by using spreadsheets or text files. Records can also easily be added one at a time.

We promote the Service

NYLVI is highly committed to promoting the service, and thereby increasing the number of potential users who will view your profile, shop and records, and hopefully improve your chance of making a sale.

No Financial Risk

Listing your records is free. You only pay a small commission if a sale is made. However, we won’t charge any commission in September and Oktober.

Easy Handling of Shipping Options

Handling of the various shipping options is made easy by enabling the creation of different shipping profiles for different shipping zones.

Release Information and Pictures

NYLVI works hard to build a high quality vinyl database in order to improve the accuracy of release information and pictures. As you keep uploading releases, this will help us at getting it right.

Scene Pages

The Scene Pages, with collective blogs and user-generated content, will give users easy access to information about local artists, events, and news. We will start out with , , , , and , and will continue to add scenes based on both geographical location and music preferences.

We are committed to continuously developing the service, and we plan to add more functionality. We would love to hear more about what you would like from our service. Please feel free to contact us at any time at:

Vinyl Record and Music News

Nada Surf will drop a five-disc boxed set that puts its entire catalog on vinyl Nov. 25. The set, which is released through Barsuk Records, is limited to 1,000 copies, and also contains a repressing of the band's original 7-inch debut.

Eels Issue Deluxe Blinking Lights Vinyl Box, Free EP

Limited edition box includes 17-track live LP

The CD incarnation of Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, the 2005 double-disc offering from Eels, is a sizeable undertaking for any listener. But things just got a whole lot bigger in darn near every way possible, as Blinking Lights and Other Revelations will hit vinyl for the first time in a massive limited edition 4LP box set that's available for preorder now.

In addition to the original album splayed out over three 180 gram LPs, there's a 17-cut bonus slab of vinyl entitled Manchester 2005 and exclusive to the release. Each of the 2,500 autographed boxes also comes with a hardback book of lyrics and photos, and the whole self-released kit and kaboodle is expected to ship October 28. These puppies are numbered, and being sold in ascending order, so if that sort of thing makes a difference to you, you'll want to act fast.

And if it doesn't, well, you might as well hit up the Eels website and download the four free MP3s from Manchester 2005 they're giving away in conjunction with the release of the box set. Eels are calling it an EP, and so shall we. The EP is available for the price of one email address now through next Tuesday (October 28), and it's the only way other than forking over the dough for the big box that you'll get to hear any of Manchester 2005.

Those Eels have no live dates scheduled at present, though frontman Mark Oliver "E" Everett hits Book Soup in West Hollywood October 28 for a signing of his recently released tome Things The Grandchildren Should Know. And, if you happen to be close to a telly tonight (October 21), hit up PBS and take in an eyeful of Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives. The documentary about E and his father, quantum physicist Hugh Everett III, will appear as part of the "Nova" series. Look at you, all smart and stuff, watching PBS.


The Zappa Family Trust has announced that they will begin a project of commemorating the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa's albums with the November 25 release of Lumpy Money. The three-CD set will include two separate mixes of the albums Lumpy Gravy and We're Only In It for the Money along with the first official release of Zappa's instrumental "ballet" version of Lumpy Gravy.

A second release with further recordings from the sessions for the two albums will follow along with an individual expanded version of Cruising with Ruben and the Jets, a live album from the Roxy in Los Angeles and Zappa's interpretations of compositions by composer Edgar Varese.


Vinyl Record Releases

October 28, 2008

Band - The Band
Band - Music From Big Pink
Beach Boys - Endless Summer (2-Disc)
Clash - Live at Shea Stadium
Cure - 4:13 Dream
John Lennon - Rock 'N' Roll
Paul McCartney & Wings - Band on the Run
Megadeath - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Megadeath - Rust in Peace
Metallica - And Justice For All (2-LPs)
Metallica - And Justice For All (4-LPs at 45 RPM)
Queen - A Day at the Races
Queen - A Night at the Opera
Queen - Queen II
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
Queen + Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
Roxy Music - Roxy Music
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
Slayer - Haunting the Chapel
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Live Undead/Haunting the Chapel
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Bruce Springsteen - Dream Baby Dream (Single)
Stray Cats - Built for Speed
ZZ Top - Live From Texas


More vinyl releases:

Beach House: Used To Be (single)
Bloc Party: Talons (import single)
Brett Dennen: Hope for the Hopeless (vinyl)
Brother JT3: Jelly Roll Gospel (vinyl)
Danielson: Our Givest (Remix) (vinyl)
The Dears: Missiles (vinyl)
Dears: Money Babies (import single)
Deep Vibration: Vera Cruz EP
El Guincho: Alegranza! (vinyl)
Electric Six: Flashy (vinyl)
Eric Copeland: Alien In A Garbage Dump (vinyl single)
Gang Gang Dance: Saint Dymphna (vinyl)
Grails: Doomsdayer's Holiday (vinyl)
Hank Williams III: Damn Right, Rebel Proud (vinyl)
Heavy Hands: Smoke Signals (vinyl)
The High Strung: Moxie Bravo (vinyl reissue)
Jack White & Alicia Keys: Another Way to Die (import single)
JeJimi Hendrix: Axis: Bold as Love (vinyl reissue)
Jolie Holland: The Living and the Dead (vinyl)
Keane: Lovers Are Losing (import single)
Lake: Oh, the Places We'll Go (vinyl)
Last Shadow Puppets: My Mistakes Were Made for You (import single)
Libertines: Time for Heroes: The Best of the Libertines (vinyl)
Night Horse: The Dark Won't Hide You (vinyl)
Of Montreal: Skeletal Lamping (2-LP vinyl)
Parts & Labor: Receivers (vinyl)
Pit Er Pat: High Time (vinyl)
PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love (vinyl reissue)
Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese (vinyl reissue)
RTX: JJ Got Live RaTX (vinyl)
Sam Taylor Wood: I'm in Love with a German Film Star (single)(vinyl)
Sea and Cake: Car Alarm (vinyl)
Sebastian Grainger: Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains (vinyl)
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins: Clutch of the Tiger (vinyl)
So So Glos: Tourism/ Terrorism (vinyl)
White Hinterland: Luniculaire EP
Yo Majesty: Futuristically Speaking: Never Be Afraid (vinyl)

Classic Rock Videos

The Ronettes- Baby, I Love You

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales

Week Ending 10/18/2008

1. LP - Velvet Underground & Nico Verve Mono Promo - $4,050.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 19

2. 10" - Bob Dylan studio acetate "Gospel Plow" - $3,500.00 Start: $3,500.00 Bids: BIN

3. LP - Richard Marrero & The Group "A Taste" TSG - $3,449.00 Start: $24.99 Bids: 26

4. 45 rpm - Flowers "For Real (Vocal)" / "For Real (Instrumental)" - $2,750.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 21

5. LP - Johnny Burnette "Rock 'N Roll Trio" Coral Canadian Pressing - $2,500.00 Start: $2,500.00 Bids: BIN

A promo copy of the original Velvel Underground & Nico LP with Warhol banana peel tops the list this week at over $4k. This sale closes at $100 less than a similar copy sold for in 2005. A one-of-a-kind takes the #2 spot, John Hammond's own acetate from Dylan's first album recording sessions, selling at its asking price of $3.5k on a Buy-It-Now.

Next, a rare Jazz-Funk LP from the seventies bids up past $3.4k, and in the #4 spot a modern soul 45 from Flowers sells for more than $2.7k.

Last, another Johnny Burnette "Rock 'N Roll Trio" LP, a list topper from two weeks ago, gets it asking price at $2.5k, this one a Canadian pressing.


Week Ending 10/11/2008

1. 45 rpm - Junior McCants "Try Me For Your New Love" / "She Wrote It - I Read It" King 6106 WLP - $15,099.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 25

2. 45 rpm- The Primers "How Does It Grab You" / "Roll Around Heaven" Hale 101 - $5,310.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 27

3. LP - Jackie McLean "New Tradition" Ad Lib - $2,501.00 Start: $20.00 Bids: 12

4. LP - The Chantels "We Are The Cantels" End - $2,326.99 Start: $750.00 Bids: 11

5. 45rpm- Elvis Presley "Good Rockin Tonight" / "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine" Sun 210 - $2,150.00 Start: $2,150.00 Bids: BIN

Wall Street sucks, The City strains, but we got soul! The highest selling record of the year closes a dollar below $15.1k the week that the worlds economy chokes on its own vomit. As my grandmother used to say, "There'll always be somebody with money."

The top spot this week goes to 100 club member Junior McCants with his legendary "Try Me For Your New Love" King 45. The story, and those outside Northern Soul circles likely don't know it, is that Junior McCants died suddenly of a brian tumor, causing King to pull this record before it was ever released, it some years later becoming a club rarity.

Next, another Northern Soul 45 from The Primers gets a good price at over $5.3k. A jazz LP from Jakie McLean places in the #3 spot closing a dollar over $2.5k.

The Chantels "We Are The Chantels" LP bids up over $2.3k for the number 4 spot. On a Buy-It-Now, an Elvis Sun 45 sells for halfway over $2.1k and gets the number 5 spot.


Week Ending 10/04/2008

1. LP - Johnny Burnette "Rock 'N Roll Trio" LP Coral US Pressing - $2,830.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 26

2. 45 rpm - Devotions "Do Do De Dop" / "Can You Explain It" National - $2,225.00 Start: $999.00 Bids: 7

3. LP - The Beatles self titled 'White Album' UK Parlaphone (for export) - $2,025.00 Start: $999.00 Bids: 8

4. 45 rpm - David Bowie "Changes" / "Andy Warhol" Japanese Picture Sleeve - $1,850.00 Start: $1,850.00 Bids: BIN

5. 45 rpm - Wayne Williams "Red Hot Mama" / "Tell Me What To Do" Sure - $1,580.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 18

A popular LP collectible tops the list this week, Johnny Burnette's "Rock 'N Roll Trio" in near mint condition sells for over $2.8k. This record is not all that rare, as the graph shows, however manufacturing practices at Coral in the fifties make a near mint version like this one (and others on the top peaks of the graph) a rare and valuable find. By comparison, UK versions in near mint condition tend to sell at about two-thirds their US counterparts, as UK jackets used glossy material and wide tabs to hold the jacket together.

In the #2 spot a Northern Soul 45 from Devotions closes past $2.2k.

The #3 spot goes to a Beatles' White Album, this one a UK pressing on Parlophone. The Parlophones of Apple days are pressings that got exported to Commonwealth countries. This one sells for a little over $2k. Just to note, the rarest of these Parlophone pressings is Yellow Submarine, which typically fetches $10k.

A David Bowie Japanese 45 gets the #4 spot, selling on a Buy-It-Now for over $1.8k and the #5 goes to another Northern Soul 45. This one from Wayne Williams, and it sells for over $1.5k.

SOURCE: As always, I want to thank Brian over at this valuable information.

This Date In Music History- October 22


Mountain's Leslie West was born in New York in 1945.

Birthday wishes to Country singer Shelby Lynne (1968).

Eddie Brigati of The Young Rascals was born in 1946.

Beach lover Annette Funicello ("Tall Paul") turns 66.


The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" made its debut on the US singles chart in 1966. It was a song that Brian Wilson and Mike Love wrote and Brian spent six months working on. The tracks were recorded in seventeen different sessions in four Los Angeles studios, at a cost of over sixteen thousand dollars. The recording engineer would later say that the last take sounded exactly like the first, six months earlier. The record would reach number one on December 10th 1966, and be nominated for Song Of The Year at The Grammy Awards, but lost to "Winchester Cathedral" by The New Vaudeville Band.

The late Bobby Fuller ("I Fought The Law") was born in 1943. Fuller died on July 18, 1966 mysteriously from gasoline asphyxiation, while parked in a car outside his apartment.

Chubby Checker performed a medley of "The Twist" and "Let's Twist Again" on CBS-TV's "Ed Sullivan Show" in 1961, sparking chart revivals for both tunes ("The Twist" even returned to #1).

In 1964, EMI Records in Britain rejected the Who (who are calling themselves the High Numbers at that time) after the group's audition.

Tommy Edwards, who originally recorded the smash "It's All in the Game," died in 1969.

The soundtrack to Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same was released in 1976 and the concert film opened nationwide.

Producer Jimmy Miller died in Boulder, Colorado in 1994. He gave the rock back to the Rolling Stones when he produced "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and worked on their finest records, as well as albums by Traffic and Motorhead.
"Get Off My Cloud" was released in the U.K. by the Rolling Stones in 1965. Two weeks later, it will be number one.

The Supremes became the first female group to have a number one album on the US chart when the L.P. "Supremes A-Go-Go" reached the top in 1966. It knocked The Beatles' "Revolver" from the head of the list.

Elton John sold out Madison Square Garden for a record 26th time in 1988.

Phil Collins's cover version of "Groovy Kind Of Love" topped the Billboard singles chart in 1988. The song had also been a US number one hit for The Mindbenders in 1966.

Sales figures released in 1996 showed that The Beatles sold 6,000,000 albums from their back catalog and a combined total of 13,000,000 copies of "The Beatles Anthology 1" and "The Beatles Anthology 2". A poll showed that 41% of sales were to teenagers who were not even born when The Beatles split up in 1970.

Pearl Jam played their first concert when they appeared at the Off Ramp in Seattle in 1990.

"Hotter Than Hell" was released by KISS in 1974. It was the second album to be released by the band.

Building on their debut earlier in the year, “Led Zeppelin II” was released in 1969.

Album Cover Art

Moving along, we now explore's #7 most controversial, weirdest, best and worst album covers as put together by their crack staff:


7. The Coup: ‘Party Music’ – The Coup, part of the sub-genre of political hip hop, is politically radical and Marxist in their music, and align themselves with other radical hip-hop groups like Dead Prez. Their music is characterized by electronic sounds and bass-driven backbeats overlaid by humorous, cynical and sometimes violent lyrics criticizing capitalism, American politics, pimping as a form of patriarchal exploitation, and police brutality, among other things.

In 2001, The Coup released Party Music to widespread praise. However, in part due to distribution problems, sales of the album were low. The original album cover art depicted group members Pam the Funkstress and Riley standing in front of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as they are destroyed by huge explosions; Riley is pushing the button on a guitar tuner. The cover art was finished in June 2001, and was scheduled to be released just after the September 11, 2001 attacks. In response to the uncanny similarity of the artwork with the Sept. 11 attacks, the album release was held back until alternative cover art could be prepared.



7. Jim O'Rourke: 'Eureka' Uh, what is that rabbit doing? An odd cover indeed, I think the less said the better. Eureka is an album by American musician Jim O'Rourke. It was released on Drag City in 1999. It is named after the 1984 Nicolas Roeg film of the same name. It is one of three albums recorded by O'Rourke that are named after Roeg films.



7. Tino – ‘Por Primera Vez’ He seems super concerned that you notice the wedding ring on the left hand. Wonder why. A super terrible cover, the main claim to fame for this release is that it makes many, many lists for the worst cover.



7. The Beatles – ‘Abbey Road’ Abbey Road is the eleventh official album released by The Beatles. Though work on Abbey Road began in April 1969, making it the twelfth and final album recorded by the band; Let It Be was the last album released before the Beatles' dissolution in 1970. Abbey Road was released on 26 September 1969 in the United Kingdom, and 1 October 1969 in the United States. It was produced and orchestrated by George Martin for Apple Records. Geoff Emerick was the engineer, Alan Parsons was assistant engineer, and Tony Banks tape operator. It is regarded as one of The Beatles' most tightly constructed albums, although the band was barely operating as a functioning unit at the time. Rolling Stone magazine named it the 14th greatest album of all time.

At some point, the album was going to be titled Everest, after the brand of cigarettes I used to smoke", recalls Geoff Emerick. The idea included a cover photo in the Himalayas, but by the time the group was to take the photo, they decided to call it Abbey Road and take the photo outside the studio, on 8 August 1969. The cover designer was Apple Records creative Director Kosh. The cover photograph was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan. Macmillan was given only ten minutes around 11.30 that morning to take the photo. That cover photograph has since become one of the most famous and most imitated album covers in recording history. The man standing on the pavement in the background is Paul Cole (d. 13 February 2008), an American tourist who was unaware that he was being photographed until he saw the album cover months later. The zebra crossing today remains a popular destination for Beatles fans; see the Abbey Road webcam.

The Beetle
The Volkswagen Beetle parked next to the zebra crossing belonged to one of the people living in the apartment across from the recording studio. After the album came out, the number plate was stolen repeatedly from the car. In 1986, the car was sold at an auction for $23,000 and is currently on display at the Volkswagen museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

imitations and parodies
The front cover of Abbey Road has become an icon within popular culture and has been imitated and lampooned repeatedly. The zebra crossing at Abbey Road is also a popular tourist destination, with visitors making their own recreation an extremely common sight.

In music
Many record covers have imitated the cover of Abbey Road, many using photographs shot at the same zebra crossing. Some of the best known of these include Red Hot Chili Peppers' The Abbey Road E.P. (in which the band appear nude, apart from tactfully placed socks), Paul McCartney's live album Paul Is Live, Beatles parody The Rutles's Shabby Road, The Shadows's Live At Abbey Road LP, Booker T. & the M.G.s's LP McLemore Avenue, Kanye West's Live Orchestration DVD (recorded at Abbey Road studios) and Sttellla's A.B. Rose (recorded live at the Ancienne Belgique, with the band dressed in rose).

Only the Beatles could have an image of the band crossing a street and have it recognized as one of the best covers of all time.