Monday, November 19, 2007

Van Random- California Rockers Making Waves on the West Coast

I am kind of freelancing here with this band bio/review and welcome anyone to give them a listen. They are in the process of signing on with and should be approved shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the great music from this up and coming rock band!

Van Random

Based out of Los Angles, California, the power-rock trio of Van Random (Zac Moore-drums, Dave Ray-bass and Greg Gaston-vocals, guitar) are blazing a vapor trail across the west coast with a rare combination of fresh, tight, structured rock and roll with their self-titled/self-released EP.

Working with an eclectic repertoire, Van Random adroitly blends various influences (from the Clash, Bowie, the Stooges, Ramones, Green Day and the Beatles) to create their distinctive musical stamp for all to enjoy.

With cuts like the jumpy-pop meets the Clash sound of “Cloudless Night,” complete with catchy riffs, an infectious refrain and expert vocals, the song would be right at home on any new rock radio station. The synth-guitar wizardry of the cut “You,” with its thumping bass and drum lines, has you bobbing your head in approval as soon as the first note is heard and could be a progressive rock standard for years to come.

With its Lou Reed type delivery, the cut “Tear It Up,” quickly progresses into Nirvana-type anthem that you swear Kurt Cobain is singing. “Get Out Now” is pure garage-psych, complete with haunting vocals and a smart refrain to boot. The synth-based sounds of “One Track Mind,” with its sultry vocals, smart bass lines and infectious hooks, quickly explodes and emotes a refined disjointed pop sound.

Other cuts from Van Random, such as “Staring At The Ceiling”, would make any Ramones’ fan stand up and take notice of the trio’s unique, yet definitive sound. Their catchy hooks, blended perfectly with tight, punk-pop, expert bass lines and stalwart drumming make Van Random a rock outfit to be reckoned with for years to come. I can’t wait to hear more.

Van Random are:

Dave Ray-bass
Greg Gaston-vocals/guitars
Zac Moore-drums

Stop by and visit the band at: