Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Beatles Story LP

I recently answered an email question as to the worth of the album called "The Beatles Story" from 1964. Apparently this record album set is still sealed. There are a few versions of this album (2-album set) and the one in question was STBO-2222. Now if you have this set in "monaural" it could be worth from $300-500 depending on condition. But if you have STBO-2222 in stereo/black label and it does NOT have "Subsidary of Capitol Industries" at the bottom, the set could be worth from $800-$1,200 again depending on the condition.

The Beatles have so many variables when trying to ascertain a price, it is best to make sure you check all of these (i.e.- color of label, year of release, record label, specific writing on the record label, and other factors) before putting a price on your record(s).


Anonymous said...

I have about 700 vintage LPs - the ones after about 1970 are in decent shape for two reasons: I had a better needle and turntable by then, and also because I typically converted the LPs to audio cassettes, so I could listen only to the cuts I wanted in the order I wanted. My copy of "The Beatles Story" is STBO-2222 but has an Apple label and nothing about "subsidiary" on either the jacket or the label. I've been playing the some of the LPs using an ION USB turntable and it seems that the older mono LPs have less groove damage than the stereo LPs. By the way, is the needle on the ION OK?

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of The Beatles' Story LP it is STBO-2222 stereo, however has the apple label. Have you any idea how much this album would be worth and where is the best place to advertise it for sale.