Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NYLVI - Your Place for Vinyl

Well, it is official, I am in contact with co-founder Ivar Lien and NYLVI has officially launched. Check out the specifics:

A Market Place for Vinyl Records

NYLVI will be a marketplace, which will support independent artists, labels and record stores, and will act to help spreading musical innovation to a global community of music lovers and record collectors, by letting users easily sell, buy, share and discover music on vinyl. We want to build a community around the act of buying and selling vinyl records by preserving the related social aspects.

Open, Fair and Participatory

We are committed to creating an open, fair and participatory service. All members are treated equally and are given the same opportunities to promote themselves and benefit from the service.

It's All About Vinyl Records

NYLVI will focus exclusively on vinyl records. We believe the vinyl format is highly compatible with the digital future of the music industry, and offers a listening experience which cannot be matched by any other format.

Our Ideals and Values

NYLVI's core values are equal to the values and ideas of the local independent record store: knowledge, love of music, support of artists and musical communities, contribution to local variations and musical diversity.

Supporting Local Music Scenes

NYLVI will be located at the intersection between local and global, and will be a place to discover music from around the globe by drawing on the expert knowledge of local scene members. By structuring our service in accordance with the world's music scenes and the activities taking place inside these, we believe we have found a great way to support independent artists and scene participants, and to make local musical innovation globally available.


At NYLVI we work hard to build a service we hope you will enjoy using. NYLVI will launch with the core features listed below:

Customizable Profile and Shop Page

You will be able to easily create a customizable profile and shop page, which will fit perfectly together with your existing online activities, and thereby improve your online presence.

New and Easy Inventory Uploading

NYLVI is in the process of developing a new and easy-to-use inventory uploading system. You will be able to easily upload your entire inventory by using spreadsheets or text files. Records can also easily be added one at a time.

We promote the Service

NYLVI is highly committed to promoting the service, and thereby increasing the number of potential users who will view your profile, shop and records, and hopefully improve your chance of making a sale.

No Financial Risk

Listing your records is free. You only pay a small commission if a sale is made. However, we won’t charge any commission in September and Oktober.

Easy Handling of Shipping Options

Handling of the various shipping options is made easy by enabling the creation of different shipping profiles for different shipping zones.

Release Information and Pictures

NYLVI works hard to build a high quality vinyl database in order to improve the accuracy of release information and pictures. As you keep uploading releases, this will help us at getting it right.

Scene Pages

The Scene Pages, with collective blogs and user-generated content, will give users easy access to information about local artists, events, and news. We will start out with , , , , and , and will continue to add scenes based on both geographical location and music preferences.

We are committed to continuously developing the service, and we plan to add more functionality. We would love to hear more about what you would like from our service. Please feel free to contact us at any time at:

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Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed by nylvi. Best looking marketplace by far and really simple to use.