Monday, November 10, 2008

Album Cover Art

We are all the way to #43 on the top 50 most sexy and dirtiest album covers (as put together by their staff):

43. Queen Adreena: ‘Drink Me’ – (here is what Gigwise had to say) "Katie-Jane Garside is naked in fetal position, not exactly sexy but with the album title of ‘Drink Me’ a different connotation could be suggested for the image. Are we being encouraged to consume Garside in a sexual manner?"

Sophomore album for UK indie rock act formed from the ashes of Daisy Chainsaw. 'Not since Jane's Addiction has a rock band combined such a strong artistic bent with such unpredictability' - Kerrang!. 'With songs that are sharp stabs of guttural punk-devil rock dementia - Queen Adreena's star is emphatically born' NME.

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