Saturday, November 29, 2008

Album Cover Art

Let's continue our look at's list of the top 50 dirtiest and sexiest album cover art, this time #24 (Gigwise comments in quotes):

24. Casanova: ‘All Beauty Must Die’ - "A naked woman on a bed of roses, a sexual fantasy of many a man and even better when the lady is question is as hot as the model on the cover of ‘All Beauty Must Die’. A pretty apt piece of cover art for a band called Casanova, then."

Michael Voss - Vocals, Guitars
Stephan Neumeier - Guitars
Jurgen Attig - Bass
Michael Eurich - Drums


1. On My Love 3:52
2. Happy 4:12
3. Not Over You 3:59
4. Would I 3:29
5. Lying 4:50
6. Dreamer 3:48
7. Last Of The Runaways 3:23
8. Under My Skin 3:35
9. Psycho Lisa 5:17
10. After The Love Goes 3:57
11. The Guitar Man 3:38

Excellent comeback album! German melodic hard rock band Casanova was founded by two Michaels at the beginning of the 90s Michael Voss, former vocalist and guitarist of Mad Max and Bonfire and Michael Eurich, the original drummer of Warlock.

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