Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Buy Vinyl !

According to the New York Post, Best Buy is thinking about selling vinyl records again in their stores.

The reason, as we all know, is that vinyl sales are growing. (As much as 15 percent up in 2007 and 89% in 2008). The 2009 forecast gets even better. The numbers are so good that mega giant Best Buy started a vinyl record pilot program in 100 stores. The results are so encouraging that the third largest music seller after iTunes and Wal-Mart is thinking about using as much as eight square feet in each of its 1,020 stores to sell vinyl records.

Apparently, vinyl records are becoming a cult object, with an audience seeking the appeal of the physical format and the special sound of analog (which in the case of the classics, could be more attractive than the digital productions). The interest, although minimal considering the rest of the industry, is big enough that big labels are re-releasing old records in the vinyl format. Many established record companies (i.e. Capitol Records) are jumping on the 'vinyl bandwagon' and I would think that many more will be doing the same thing in the upcoming months. Why? It's all about the music (and profit) and there is money to be made. Hail Vinyl !

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