Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vinyl Records Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Records come in all colors and various shapes and sizes. My love is the picture disc, some sound good, others not so much. However, some of these were manufactured to look at and to be collected. Let's look at some great looking vinyl shapes:

Talk Talk’s 1986 single Living In Another World features on their successful third album, The Colour of Spring. Despite being later celebrated for pioneering post-rock, the band were initially compared to Duran Duran. The Colour of Spring saw Talk Talk take a more experimental direction. This shaped single was strictly limited edition, available only in the UK.

Grace Jones's Party Girl, released in 1987 on Manhattan Records, is from the album Inside Story, the eighth by the Jamaican visionary. The single only reached No 82 in the UK charts, but was massive in the US dance scene.

The rare glow-in-the-dark edition of Kraftwerk’s 1981 single Pocket Calculator came in a polythene picture cover that was issued in several different language editions – including the German version, Taschenrechner, and the French version, Mini Calculateur. It only reached No 39 in the UK charts, but the album it featured on, Computer World, charted at No 15

Marc Almond’s A Lover Spurned, released in 1990, only reached No 29 in the UK charts. But the artwork on this limited-edition single by notorious French artists Pierre et Gilles – most famous for their heavily stylized photography with Kylie and Madonna – makes it highly collectable. The song was a cover, originally sung by Gloria Jones in 1964

Judy is a Punk was the first Ramones single to be released on saw-blade, the vinyl cut unique to German label, Musical Tragedies (MT). Other artists who’ve released things in saw-blade format include Mudhoney, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Motörhead, Frank Zappa, Suicide and Can, among others. This split single, released in 2001, was shared with New York Dolls’ Human Being

Toto named themselves after the Latin phrase "in toto", meaning "completely" or "totally". Toto had huge success – releasing 19 albums and selling over 30m records worldwide. This shaped pressing of their 1982 single Africa was a UK limited edition, released by CBS Records

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