Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Beatles ~ Box Of Vision

Here's an interesting and resourceful way to organize yoru Beatles CD collection. What I like is that they 'blow up' the artwork and lets fans that are stuck with the small CD covers for artwork, get a taste of what the album cover art was supposed be like. Here are the specifics form the site:

Built to store THE BEATLES newly REMASTERED CD's and their DIGIPAK BOXES

THE BEATLES Box Of Vision is a unique new product. The elegant linen-covered box, with silver embossed BEATLES logos, and 'faux' BEATLES LP spines, contains three never before available books:

1) An LP sized book containing all of THE BEATLES UK and US album artwork, collected together for the very first time.

2) The brand new Catalography guide to THE BEATLES catalog of albums.

3) The patented BoxOfVision storage book for organizing and displaying your collection of BEATLES CDs -- including the digipak boxes for the upcoming Remastered CD's. CD's and digipaks not included -- insert your own collection, originals and/or remasters).

They are also hawking a new book on Beatles album cover art, I'd love one!

For the first time ever -- all of THE BEATLES LP artwork in a single hard cover coffee table book.

•Close to 200 pages of newly restored, pristine LP art prints.

•Front covers, back covers and gatefold artwork for all of the original UK studio albums, from PLEASE PLEASE ME to LET IT BE. All of the unique US studio albums from MEET THE BEATLES to HEY JUDE.

•The complete LP size booklets from Magical Mystery Tour, as well as the rarely seen LP size booklets from LET IT BE... NAKED, and LOVE.

•And some additional surprises.

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