Sunday, July 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Art

"Michael Jackson" by Andy Warhol.

It was created in 1984 as a cover for Time magazine. This is classic Warhol capturing MJ in his prime before things turned goofy and wierd.

Andy Warhol's name is synonymous with the Pop Art movement in America. Like other Pop artists, he often chose to use objects appropriated from popular culture as imagery for fine art. These were often photographs, which were then reproduced onto a canvas through a silkscreen process by assistants. Warhol then retouched them. As he put it, "I sort of half paint them just to give it a style." The choice of Warhol as Jackson's portraitist for the cover of Time was appropriate, given the artist's fascination with heroes of popular culture.

Oil on silkscreen on canvas, 1984
Time cover, March 19, 1984


Image posted in 2007 on Deviant Art by yoma82. He's a 24 year old digital artist from Poland and uses color brilliantly to expose MJ in all his glory.


This is a fascinating painting by Thomas Cale of the infamous Michael Jackson mug shot taken by police following his November 2003 arrest for child molestation. Part human-part alien, Jackson's appearance had made the transformation by this time.

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