Thursday, July 9, 2009

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WOE: LP Version Of 'A Spell For The Death Of Man' Now Available

Philadelphia-based black metal band WOE has announced the official release of the long-awaited LP edition of its debut full-length, "A Spell for the Death of Man". A mid-July release is planned as a collaborative effort between Creeping Vine Productions and WOE frontman Chris Grigg's own label, Subvert All Media.

Originally released on CD by American label Stronghold Records in 2008, "A Spell for the Death of Man" received universally positive reviews, and was hailed as one of the "most important black metal releases in years" by a number of publications.

With an initial pressing of 500 copies on red wax, the album features entirely new cover art courtesy of artist Justin Miller, whose artwork for the CD version has been described as "the final song" by Grigg, as well as a printed inner sleeve. The music comes straight off of a brand-new master taken from the original HD recording. Commented Grigg, "This is the album I recorded, the album I wanted to hear. This is WOE as it was intended."

WOE's "A Spell for the Death of Man" LP can be pre-ordered directly from and now. Additionally, a pay-what-you-want, DRM-free, high-res digital version of the CD master (with artwork) is available through


Killswitch at #7 on Album Charts

Killswitch Engage’s fourth album, titled "Killswitch Engage," debuted at #7 on this week’s Billboard Top 200, shifting over 58,000 copies. It is the highest charting album of the band’s career. Killswitch Engage also debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Hard Music chart. The album, which is the band’s fourth effort for Roadrunner, was produced by noted knobsman Brendan O’Brien (AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine) and co-produced by guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz.


KISS Are Alive!

Rock legends KISS has confirmed that they have finished work on their brand new studio album. A message from vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley reads as follows:

"If you been reading KISSOnline, it's no surprise to you now. We ARE done recording our new album.

"What might well be a surprise is that at the least, the album is right up there with our best. As much as we may have tried at some other times to achieve this, the chemistry, line-up or lack of total commitment from everyone might have been cause for it being impossible. Not now. Not this time.

"I know that when you hear it you will agree.

"Before we began the album, I said I was only interested in doing it if I produced and we followed set ground rules; Total commitment by everyone, pure guitar driven KISS, no outside writers, no outside players and my opinion and say would always be final.

"All said yes and I know we'd all say we've never had more fun together.

"All four of us made this our priority. Everyone was involved everyday. From the first day of writing to the last day of recording everyone was there giving 100% to making this the album we knew we had in us. I've never seen Gene more selfless (yes... Gene!), focused or harder working. His bass playing, songs and overall contribution help to make this the album you've wanted for so long. Without his spirit, this wouldn't have been possible.

"As far as Tommy's guitar playing, he took this chance at bat to consistently hit it out of the park. His playing is fiery and rooted firmly in our history, while making his own mark. Tommy's singing, writing contributions and total involvement made clear what's been missing for so long.

"In the twenty years I've known Eric, I've never seen him this relaxed or creative. His playing is the foundation of our next step forward. Relentless and full of spit and swagger. Many lead singers don't have Eric's chops or range. He's singing great on his track and all over the album.

"Wait till you hear what we've got for you.

"Do I sound proud of everyone and what we've done together? I am, and I should be.

"Eleven songs. Eleven winners.

"This IS KISS. Classic KISS.

"It's been a long time coming."


Velattore Reveals New Album, "Answers"

Chili's Velattore has revealed the tracklisting from their upcoming album, "Answers," which is as follows:

01. You'll Burn
02. Recalling The Fear
03. Turning Of Life
04. I Belive
05. Heir Of The Sorrow
06. Make It Real
07. Behind The Cross
08. We Are One
09. Erased Line
10. Fake Kings

Answers was recorded by ElĂ­as Martinez at Black Sun Studios and mixed by Jorge 'Gato' Esteban at miau studios (Los Tres, Los Prisioneros, La Ley, The Ramones).


Squash Bowels Reveals New Album Details

Polish grinders, Squash Bowels, have announced the tracklisting for their upcoming album, "Grindvirus," which is due out in September via Rotten Foetus Records. The album was recorded and mastered at Hertz studio in Bialystok, Poland in May and June 2009. The artwork was done by Lukasz Jaszak (Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Blood Red Throne, Emperor, Gehennah).


At Vance Announces New Album Details

German metal band, AT VANCE, has announced that their new album, “Ride The Sky,” will be released on the 18th of September. The album was produced by AT VANCE mastermind Olaf Lenk. The cover art can be seen at this location.

At Vance will be touring South America in November. Currently scheduled dates are as follows:


Great cover art.


The Audreys Reissue Albums On Vinyl

South Australian folk legends The Audreys are re-releasing both of their ARIA award winning albums on limited edition vinyl. The records will be in stores this weekend, or you can order them directly from the band’s website by clicking here.

"Honestly, it's because we are all total audiophiles and we loved the thought of owning our own records on vinyl,” vocalist Taasha Coates told Undercover when asked why they’re going with vinyl.

Vinyl releases aren’t just a case of ringing up the vinyl cutters and sending off the tapes either, things have to be redesigned and remastered.

“It's been a long process and we are all getting our copies in just a couple of days, which is really exciting,” Coates explains. “Maybe we’ll just fondle the artwork and listen to a track or two.”

“All the artwork had to be re-designed to suit the new layout which was quite a lot of work,” Goodall said. “Album covers used to be a real art form but it's hard to get as worked up about a 5 inch CD case. Next record we'll release on vinyl at the same time as the CD version, assuming people dig it of course.”

Great music by a fantastic band from down under.

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