Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'NCIS' Soundtrack Features New Songs From Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and More

The second soundtrack from one of nation's highest rated TV shows will feature exclusive music by Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Joss Stone and John Mellencamp, CBS Records announced Monday. 'NCIS: The Official Soundtrack -- Vol. 2' will highlight the songs used in this season of the CBS show, which stars Mark Harmon as a Naval detective.

"People really pay attention to music that's good on television shows," Larry Jenkins, the head of CBS Records, tells Spinner. "In a lot of ways it serves the purpose that radio used to serve."

The blend of music and drama is expected to help both 'NCIS,' which features music from top acts as a major component of the show, and the performers, who gain exposure to a wide audience -- an estimated 20 million viewers per week.

"You have the sort of unveiling going on week after week on the show," Jenkins says. "Before the season even begins, CBS Records trolls its artists to see who has new music they can offer "NCIS. We send the tracks as we get them."

Here is the tracklist for the compilation, which is scheduled for release on Nov. 3.

1. Bob Dylan, 'California'
2. Norah Jones, 'That's What I Said'
3. Joss Stone, 'Every Time I Turn Around'
4. Sick Puppies, 'That Time of Year'
5. Sharon Little, 'Genie in My Dreams'
6. John Mellencamp, 'Someday the Rains Will Fall'
7. Sheryl Crow, 'Murder In My Heart'
8. Keaton Simons, 'Grim Reaper'
9. Otis Redding, 'I've Got Dreams to Remember'
10. Michael Weatherly, 'Bitter and Blue'
11. Saosin, 'Move Slow'
12. Tom Lehrer, 'The Elements'

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