Monday, October 12, 2009

Vinyl Collective Top 10 Sales of the past week

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1 Vinyl Collective Raffle Ticket 123 copies
2 MICAH SCHNABEL (of Two Cow Garage) “When the Stage Light Goes Dim” CD 108 copies
3 Suburban Home Chad Price Fall,Winter Sampler DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 68 copies
4 LAWRENCE ARMS “Buttsweat And Tears” 7″ 50 copies
5 COBRA SKULLS “American Rubicon” LP red w/ white marble vinyl 36 copies
6 WHATEVER 30 copies
7 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7″ pink/blue half and half vinyl 21 copies
8 LUCERO “1372 Overton Park” LP 20 copies
9 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7″ pink w/ blue haze vinyl 19 copies
10 CONVERGE “Axe To Fall” LP colored vinyl 16 copies
10 CHUCK RAGAN/ BRIAN FALLON “Gospel Songs” 7″ brown vinyl VC exclusive color 16 copies
10 Suburban Home SHOTGUNATOR black 16 copies

A few interesting numbers. The Raffle got off to a great start. 221 more tickets and we will be picking some winners. Micah Schnabel’s CD got off to a good start and should be sold out by next week as we are only getting 200 copies. The Lawrence Arms 7″ is again sold out, just asked if we can get more. The Cobra Skulls “American Rubicon” got off to a solid start, but seriously, everyone should own this album. And the Swellers are keeping strong. ~ Virgil

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