Monday, November 2, 2009

Beatles Vinyl Remasters On The Way!

I'd like to thank friend Norm at and Counter Clock Records for bringing this to my attention. I would guess we were all wondering not if, but when, this blessed event would happen. Now, in my opinion, I would hope that they just leave everything alone, no changing the cuts, leave them as is. Any thoughts?

The Beatles' back catalogue will be reissued on vinyl, says Jeff Jones, Chief Executive of Apple Corps.

Speaking exclusively to MOJO, Jones revealed that work on the next stage of the Beatles Remastered campaign is currently underway:

"We're working on them now," said Jones, "I don't have a release date. To put a release date next to them forces us into a situation where we're releasing something that might not be ready. "

The vinyl remasters will follow this year's stunning Mono and Stereo CD reissues, with the engineers at Abbey Road and Apple already hard at work:

"They are incredibly complicated in terms of getting the masters right and getting the packages right," added Jones. "How do you assemble them? How do you put them in a box? How much do they cost? We want to make sure we're doing it right and that people get real value from it."

Recordheads - you may officially begin salivating now. The Beatles vinyl remasters are on the way. No wait...Beatles vinyl remasters BOXSETS are on the way!


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