Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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D7i Records and Doomsday Machine Records will issue a split EP featuring Austin, Texas punk-metal stalwarts BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA and Quebec City's mad thrashers BOMBNATION. This release will be made available on 12-inch vinyl and cassette in March 2010.

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA features the premier crossover drummer, Felix Griffin from D.R.I., while BOMBNATION includes members of FISTFUCK and MESRINE.

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA's contribution will come in the form of tracks from the "Hatred For The State" EP, while BOMBNATION's songs will be all-new stuff and more crossover-oriented.


THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN: New Album Release Date Announced

Critically acclaimed rockers THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN recently finished recording their highly-anticipated new album, "Option Paralysis", and are readying it as the debut release for their brand new label Party Smasher Inc./Season Of Mist. The opus, recorded in Orange County, California with longtime collaborator/producer Steve Evetts (THE USED, GLASSJAW, EVERY TIME I DIE) , will be officially available on March 23, 2010.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN vocalist Greg Puciato previously stated about the band's new songs, "Wait 'til you hear what we've got for you now. The vibe when we recorded 'Ire Works' was defined by a feeling of struggle and hope and just staying alive in the face of almost falling apart, feeling triumphant in making it through the previous couple of years, and now the vibe is OK, now we're just gonna fuck everyone up.'"

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN guitarist Ben Weinman told U.K.'s Rock Sound magazine about the band's new material, "The music we are writing is influenced by the feelings I get when I hear and see the real evils of this world. Horrible things that make me really question if there is a God or not. This shit is not comfortable, the world is not comfortable, babies are getting raped in your town for God's sake. Young girls are being sold as sex slaves, but most people sitting at their computers downloading music don't want to know. They want to sit on a message board or play fantasy football while their mommy makes them a sandwich."

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will embark on tour in December with THURSDAY and FAKE PROBLEMS.



RCH ENEMY and LEAVES' EYES are among the confirmed bands for the Metal Female Voices Fest VIII, set to take place October 23-24, 2010 at Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


For more information, visit www.metalfemalevoicesfest.be.


Cave In announces CD/DVD reissue of Planets of Old EP

The Boston-based rock outfit Cave In is making the most of its recently unveiled EP, Planets of Old. On January 26th, 2009, the band will package the four-track effort as part of a brand new CD/DVD combo available through Hydra Head Records.

The idea for the double-disc release came about when the Boston natives became impressed with the footage from their July 19 reemergence concert in Allston, MA. Wanting to share this experience, they put together a 13-track DVD. The release will also mark the first time that Planets of Old will be available on CD, as it was originally released strictly as a 12? vinyl back in July.


Cover Match Album Art Memory Game Now Available on iTunes

Album Cover Art is making a comeback from the days when buying an album was more than just the music inside, but also the artistry on the outside. Back in the day, musicians believed that album art was just as important to their fans as their music was. Well, those days are back. Saying “Music as Art“ takes on a whole new meaning as Cover Match, the game, pays tribute to the album artwork of all musicians and the fans who love them in an exciting memory game.

Williamsburg, VA, November 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Hunter Research and Technology announces the worldwide availability of Cover Match 1.0 in the iTunes App Store. Cover Match is a mesmerizing new match game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that uses album art from a user’s music library.

“Since the era of CDs and the advent of online music downloads, album cover art has lost a lot of its prominence” says Todd Hunter, Cover Match co-developer. “Gone are the days where people spent hours flipping through album collections, looking at the gorgeous art. We wanted to recapture some of that magic in Cover Match. Using album cover art as the basis for a match game results in a rich, nostalgic visual experience and makes for very compelling game play.”

Graphically mastered and engineered, Cover Match is no ordinary match game. Crisp OpenGL graphics and special effects accompany each level, enhanced by the beauty and exquisite detail of album art. Using a classic arcade format, Cover Match starts off slow with just a few album covers to match, then heats up with unlimited levels of randomly sorted cover art. Cover Match offers billions of memory-testing game possibilities.

Players can choose from fun and scored modes. Fun mode has no limits, no timers, and no pressure. Scored mode tests memory and matching skills using a timer and tap counter. Points are awarded for matches, and a bonus is given for any time or taps leftover at the end of each level.

Other features include portrait and landscape play options and an extensive help section. The game offers a built-in soundtrack, but will also let iPod music play through for a custom soundtrack. If a game is interrupted for a phone call, Cover Match will automatically save current progress and score. Players can compete for high scores to win a place on the online Cover Match Top 25 list. Finally, Cover Match includes built-in album art to augment small music collections, and contains an iTunes shop where free and paid music and podcast cover art are available for download.

Pricing and Availability:

Cover Match works on any iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.1.1 or later and is available for $0.99 (USD) on the iTunes App Store. More information, including screenshots, is available on the Hunter Research and Technology website. Media professionals interested in reviewing Cover Match can request a promotional code to download the app from iTunes at no cost.

For more information, see: Cover Match


Metallica, Slayer & Megadeath To Tour

Back in September, it was reported reported that Metallica's Lars Ulrich was trying to put together a tour with Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Well, Lars didn't get his wish, but Slayer and Megadeth will be hitting the road starting January 18 and a 19-date tour.

Slayer recently canceled European dates because of back surgery on frontman Tom Araya. He is reportedly recovering well and will be ready for the January start of the tour.


Queen And Foo Fighters Drummers To Team Up For 2010 Tour

Roger Taylor speaks about plans...

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has revealed he's planning to collaborate with Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins.

Taylor described the US band's drummer was “one of my best blood brothers” and said he hoped they could tour together.

"I’ve been thinking about doing a tour next year - a very quick tour - with Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters," Taylor told BBC 6 Music.

"He’s like one of my best blood brothers! So we might do that. That sounds like fun.”

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