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Vinyl Collective News

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Vinyl Collective Used Vinyl Sales Launches

After a handful of brave souls gave selling their records through Vinyl Collective a shot, we are ready to open up our doors and allow you to sell your records through our store. I have put together a Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully answer all of your questions. Read further, set up an account, and start getting us your listings. If you have further questions, please just post a comment on the site or message board. Thanks, I am so excited to see what records get listed:

How does selling my records through Vinyl Collective work?

Set up an account, start listing your records, and when they sell, we will email you the order. You ship the order, email us and the buyer the tracking info (if there is tracking info available), and depending on how you select receiving payment, you will see a statement for sales each week. The following week, you will receive a payment or store credit depending on what you select.

How do I set up a new user account?

Here’s the form to become a new user.

How do I submit my listings?

Here’s the form for submitting the releases:

Are the Used Records in a special section of the store?

The Used Vinyl will have the word Used at the beginning of the title and we have a special section in the store called Used Vinyl Sales. You can find those records here.

Can we list items other than vinyl like CDs, Books, and/or Cassettes?

Right now, we are only accepting listings of vinyl, but we may allow other items to be posted in the near future.

How do I know when someone has purchased one of my records?

We will email you when the order is placed, we ask that you please ship the order within 2 days. Please email us and the buyer the tracking info (we ask that you use delivery confirmation). Please package the record carefully.

What percentage does Vinyl Collective take?

We will take a 15 percent cut if you select payment by Paypal or by Check. We take 0 percent if you are using it for store credit. We will reimburse you for your shipping costs.

Shipping Costs will be charged in the following manner for Used Vinyl Sales (we take 15 percent if you select payment by Paypal or by Check, we take 0 percent if you select store credit):

$3.99 for media mail for all you can buy shipping

LPs in the U.S. – Priority $5.99 for one, $2 for each additional; Media Mail $3.99 all you can buy shipping
7″s in the U.S. – Priority $5.99 for one, $1 for each additional; First Class $2.99 for one, $0.99 for each additional

LPs in Canada – First Class International – $6.99 for one, $3.50 for each additional
7″s in Canada – First Class International – $3.99 for one, $2.00 for each additional

LPs in Europe,UK,Japan,Australia – First Class International – $13.99 for one, $7.00 for each additional
7″s in Europe,UK,Japan,Australia – First Class International – $6.99 for one, $3.50 for each additional

If my records don’t sell after a certain period of time, can I lower the selling price or remove the item?

You are welcome to lower prices at any time. Just email us the new prices and we can adjust the listings. We do suggest that you wait at least a week, maybe two. Also, if you ever need to remove an item from our Used Vinyl Sales, just email us and we can take it down.

What happens if the order sent is never received?

This is why delivery confirmation is so important. If the tracking says that the package has been delivered, the buyer must take up the lost parcel with their post office or postal carrier. If the package hasn’t been delivered after 30 days in the United States or 45 days overseas, we will be forced to refund the buyer full amount of the record and shipping and debit your account that amount. Since delivery confirmation isn’t available overseas, if you would rather not offer your records to buyers overseas, let us know.

What happens if the record arrives damaged or not as described?

We ask that you please carefully package the order preventing damage and to correctly describe the item’s condition. If the item arrives damaged or not as described, the buyer and seller must negotiate possible credit or refund.

How is shipping prices calculated for Used Vinyl?

Each seller is set up as their own distribution center and therefor has their own shipping prices. If you buy something from a Used Seller and from the normal part of the Vinyl Collective store, you will be charged 2 distinct set of shipping prices. If you buy more than one record from a particular used seller, you will benefit in shipping discounts. Buy from multiple used sellers and you will again have to pay multiple shipping fees. Even though you are able to put all of these items in one cart and experience one checkout, it is like purchasing from multiple sellers and since each seller is in different parts of the United States, each seller incurs a shipping charge.

If I live outside of the United States, can I sell records through Vinyl Collective’s used vinyl sales?

Currently, No. We would prefer to get all of our kinks worked out with sellers in the United States first before we consider offering sellers in other countries the opportunity to sell records.

In other news:

Vinyl Collective Top 40 Sales for October 2009

1 Vinyl Collective Raffle Ticket 377 copies
2 Suburban Home Chad Price Fall,Winter Sampler DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 326 copies
3 LAWRENCE ARMS “Buttsweat And Tears” 7? 156 copies
4 MICAH SCHNABEL (of Two Cow Garage) “When the Stage Light Goes Dim” CD 150 copies
5 WHATEVER 137 copies
6 CHUCK RAGAN “The Daytrotter Sessions” 10? white vinyl VC exclusive color 103 copies
7 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (5 Points,10 Free CDs) 80 copies
8 KUDROW “Lando” 7? mixed color vinyl 62 copies
9 COBRA SKULLS “American Rubicon” LP red w/ white marble vinyl 57 copies
10 “Under the Influence” Volumes 15-24 Subscription A (/500) 56 copies
11 NOFX “Cokie The Clown” 7? 43 copies
11 NOFX “My Orphan Year” 7? 43 copies
13 Suburban Home SHOTGUNATOR black 42 copies
14 CHUCK RAGAN/ BRIAN FALLON “Gospel Songs” 7? brown vinyl VC exclusive color 37 copies
15 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (20 Points,50 Free CDs,Free T-shirt) 35 copies
16 GOOD OLD WAR “Only Way To Be Alone” LP brown/gold swirl vinyl 30 copies
17 CONVERGE “Axe To Fall” LP colored vinyl 26 copies
18 12” Record Jacket Sleeve. Fits over album jacket. 24 copies
19 RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Geneva” dbl LP clear vinyl 22 copies
19 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 22 copies
19 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7? pink w/ blue haze vinyl 22 copies
22 LUCERO “1372 Overton Park” LP 21 copies
22 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” CD 21 copies
22 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7? pink/blue half and half vinyl 21 copies
22 CHUCK RAGAN/ BRIAN FALLON “Gospel Songs” 7? white vinyl 21 copies
26 V/A “Delicious Vinyl: Fest 08? DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 21 copies
27 HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW “Turtle Nipple…” LP brown/pink 19 copies
28 Suburban Home Pick 5 for $25 Sale + 5 FREE CDs (CDs, Vinyl, Pint Glasses) 18 copies
28 CHUCK RAGAN “Gold Country” LP gold vinyl 18 copies
30 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (10 Points,25 Free CDs) 17 copies
30 A WILHELM SCREAM “Mute Print” LP mustard yellow vinyl 17 copies
32 V/A “Wrecktrospective” 3xCD 16 copies
32 GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” LP 16 copies
32 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” LP Transp. Brown vinyl 16 copies
32 BROADWAY CALLS “Good Views, Bad News” LP green vinyl 16 copies
32 DEAD TO ME “African Elephants” LP 16 copies
32 JOEY CAPE / MIKE HALE “Under the Influence 11? 7? brown 16 copies
39 Vinyl Collective Custom Vinyl Art LP 15 copies
39 TIM BARRY/ FRANK TURNER split 7? blue vinyl 15 copies
39 APPLESEED CAST “Two Conversations” LP monster electric green vinyl 15 copies
39 DRAG THE RIVER “Primer” Collection CD 15 copies
43 LEMURIA “Ozzy” 7? black vinyl 12 copies
43 “Under the Influence” Volumes 15-24 Subscription B (/1000) 12 copies
43 PORTUGAL THE MAN “It’s Complicated Being a Wizard” LP 12 copies
43 CHUCK RAGAN “Live From Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions” 10? black vinyl 12 copies
43 CITY AND COLOUR “Sleeping Sickness” 7? 12 copies
43 THE MENZINGERS “Hold On, Dodge” 7? brown vinyl 12 copies
43 PORTUGAL THE MAN “The Satanic Satanist” LP german import white/blue marble vinyl 12 copies

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