Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Bachman, Turner shifting into overdrive
Aging rockers working on new album, planning to head out on world tour

You ain't seen nothing yet from Randy Bachman and Fred Turner.

The former members of Bachman-Turner Overdrive are teaming up for the first time since 1991, but the reunion isn't just a trip down memory lane: the duo are working on a new album and planning a 2010 world tour.

"The great part about it is we've got new songs. That's the kicker. That's what brought me back," Turner said yesterday at a press conference, confirming the reunion three months after it was first reported in the Winnipeg Free Press.

"I was retired for five years and I thought, 'It's over. This is done, just enjoy yourself (and) go fishing.' I'm surprised to be back. It's like being reborn. It feels really good."

Because of legal issues surrounding the old name, the pair will tour as Bachman & Turner. They are in the process of recording about 16 songs for a new album, which will be released by E1 Records (formerly Koch) on vinyl, CD and MP3. They hope to have the album finished in January before heading out on the highway for tours of North America, South America and Europe. They will be backed by Bachman's regular band.


U2 Could Gross $750 Million From Tour

Paul McGuinness, manager for U2, has told the Financial Times that he expects the 360 Degree tour to gross around $750 million by the time it ends later next year. To date, the band has played 44 sold out dates for 3.2 million people and grossed $320 million.

The Vertigo tour brought in $389 million, so 360 Degree will almost double the amount grossed. Much of this is due to the "claw" which allows most venues to seat 20% more people. Unfortunately, tour costs, mainly because of the staging, runs around $750,000 per day (EVERY day), so the amount the tour will profit is still way up in the air.


McCartney Writes Song for DeNiro Movie

Paul McCartney has written and recorded a song for the new Robert DeNiro film Everybody's Fine. McCartney felt compelled to write the song after seeing a preview screening of the movie. "The De Niro character inspired me. I can very much relate to a guy who's got older children, who happens to have lost his wife, the mother of those children, and is trying to get them all together at Christmas. I understand that."


Bruce Springsteen Pledges Support For Gay Marriage Bill
In home state of New Jersey...

Bruce Springsteen has pledged his support to a gay marriage bill in his home state of New Jersey. Politicians are due to vote on the bill on Thursday, but Democrats fear it could fall short of the 21 votes needed to pass the Senate.

In a message on his website, Springsteen said he agreed with Governor Jon Corzine that the marriage-equality issue should be recognized as a civil rights issue.

“I've long believed in and have always spoken out for the rights of same sex couples,” Springsteen said.

He called on “those who support equal treatment for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to let their voices be heard”.

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