Friday, January 29, 2010

Michael Fremer Review

I am very happy to continue our feature (look for this every Friday), music reviews that are written by the senior contributing editor of Stereophile magazine- Michael Fremer. It has been a pleasure to speak with Michael and learn more about audio sound and equipment. His DVD, "It's A Vinyl World, After All" is a must have for anybody who loves vinyl. Additionally, make sure to stop by his site, and bookmark it for further exploration. I certainly want to thank Michael for the exclusive rights to reprint his fantastic material.

Miles, Taj, Hooker, etc. Play Jack Nitzsche (reissue)
OST: The Hot Spot

Antilles/Analogue Productions AAPB 8755 2 180g 45rpm LPs

Produced by: Jack Nitzsche and Michael Hoenig
Engineered by: Pamela Neal
Mixed by: Pamela Neal
Mastered by: Kevin Gray at AcousTech

Review by: Michael Fremer

Drop John Lee Hooker off in the parched environs of Paris, Texas and tell him to do his mournful thing and that it’ll be okay because Miles Davis will be right behind him with his mute trumpet following his every musical move the way Ali Akbar Khan followed Ravi Shankar's.

That's the vibe of this soundtrack to the 1990 film "The Hot Spot" starring Dennis Hopper.

Add Taj Mahal on a few tracks, some slide guitar from Roy Rogers here, rhythm from bassist Tim Drummond and the late, great Earl Palmer, who drummed for everyone from Little Richard to Ricky Nelson to the Beach Boys there, and you have the late Jack Nitszche’s deliciously langourous musical game plan for the soundtrack.

There was no American vinyl issue of this back in 1990. In fact, there wasn’t much vinyl of anything back then and whether or not the original UK vinyl was sourced from analog is in doubt, yet original copies of it go for upwards of $100.00.

I’ve got a copy and take my word for it, that this double 45rpm reissue destroys the original. If you dig the Paris, Texas soundtrack album for its moody, desolate vibe and superb sonics, you’ll love this reissue. It’s outta the ballpark great!

Reprinted By Permission

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