Monday, January 4, 2010

Music News & Notes

Josh Klinghoffer Unveiled As New Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist

Josh Klinghoffer has been unveiled as the new Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist by one of the band's leading fan sites. A posting on confirms that the 30-year-old will replace long-serving guitarist John Frusciante, who announced his departure last month.

An editor of the site wrote: “I've managed to establish contact with Josh through the previous owner of, Katrina, who has personal contact with him, and was able to get him to reply to an e-mail asking if he was in the band. He confirmed that he is in the band earlier today! now has direct contact with Josh and will be able to bring you updates from him personally in the future!”

It's expected that Klinghoffer will make his live debut with the band on January 29 at a MusiCares show in honour of Neil Young.

Kilnghoffer, who toured with the Chili Peppers in 2007, has worked as a studio musician with an array of acts including Beck, The Butthole Surfers, Neon Neon, Sparks, Gnarls Barkley and PJ Harvey.


New Jackson Song?

Rolling Stone is reporting that 2010 kicked off with a potentially new unearthed Michael Jackson song. A snippet of a track called “Another Day,” reportedly sung by the Jackson, hit the Web over New Year’s weekend. “Another Day” appears to be Jackson’s version of Lenny Kravitz’s “Storm,” a song that appeared on the rocker’s 2004 album Baptism and featured a guest spot by Jay-Z. The Huffington Post writes that “Another Day” was reportedly a duet between Jackson and Kravitz, but Kravitz doesn’t seem to appear on the 90-second snippet.

In the days following Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death, Kravitz penned a letter to Spinner about Jackson, writing, “I got to work with Michael on a track that has not been released and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in the studio. He was funny. Very funny and we laughed the whole time.” It remains unclear whether Kravitz worked with Jackson on “Another Day,” or whether their collaboration resulted in another song. Sure sounds like MJ!


Kanye West Back in the Studio, Inspired by “True Poets”

According to Rolling Stone, in his first blog post of the new decade, Kanye West revealed he’s back in the studio working on new music. West also expressed a desire to avoid the usual career trajectory of a hip-hop star, writing, “It’s funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out but true poets get better. We will follow in the footsteps of Maya Angelou, Gill Scott Herron [sic] and Nina Simone. Their work improved with time.”


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is considering changing their eligibility requirements.

To get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you have to have been recording for 25 years or more. The problem is that they are now entering a period in music where the newly eligible acts are, for lack of a better word, quite lackluster. As Friedman points out, next year's new crop will include Sting (solo, he's already in with the police), Chris Isaak, Suzanne Vega and Simply Red.

Hall head Jann Wenner is considering moving things up a bit so that artists who have been recording 20 years or more could be placed on the ballot. That would make Guns N' Roses, Green Day and Nirvana eligible. Or Wenner could do what many consider the right thing and induct the many missing names from Chubby Checker, Billy Preston and Mary Wells to Chicago, the Moody Blues, Todd Rundgren, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Carole King, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Rufus & Carla Thomas and so many more it’s hard to list them. But that’s unlikely.

Whatever the Hall does, something needs to change.

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